Written by Alan_Rhodes

May 16, 2013

I was chatting to a friend this morning on the internet, saying that she was just getting up. Of course the idea popped into my head of her in her sexy nightie, so I said should I come round and we should have a quickie just to start the day off well! (She lives in the next town about 15 minutes away).

She made some weak excuse about not even having been in the shower yet, so I said you can do that as I am driving over. Finally she agreed and said "ok come in, the door will be on the latch, and I will be waiting for you naked!".

Well true to her word, she was naked on the bed still damp from the shower when I got there. Lying face down and relaxing. So I thought that I would treat to a little massage. I gentle rubbed my hands all over her back and legs and bottom, and in between her thighs. I made sure just to keep clear of her pussy, just to tease and tantalise a bit.

After a while, as I got near to her pussy lips, she would shift her position a little and almost try to meet my fingers, as the sensations built up, and I could see she was ready to take it to the next stage.

She turned to me and we both lay facing one another, naked and stroking and caressing one another. I was truly hard, (I had been for ages) and she held and stroked my penis, while I kissed her breasts and lightly stroked her pussy lips. Soon it became clear from the slippery juice oozing from them that she was needing more.

I moistened my finger tip and separated the labia and teased the "little man in the boat". Instantly she reacted with gutteral moans and arching her back to press against the still very light pressure on my fingers. Soon, I was bringer her near to her climax, but not yet.

I rolled onto my back and directed her attention to my erect penis, and she willingly obliged by paying it some close attention. Alternately flicking the end with her tongue and sucking it into her mouth, she was keen to repay some of the attention that I had so recently lavished on her pleasure centres. She has a trick which is guaranteed to excite beyond belief, simply to hold the glans in her mouth, and use little pulses of pressure. At just the right frequency this acts like a pump, and the erection becomes stronger and stronger to the point where it is nearly painful. (an exquisite pain though).

I could bear no more, so I told her that I wanted to lick her pussy. (I had been gently stoking it the while). She moved upwards and straddled my face. I breathed in the musky odour of woman and tasted the sweet slippery lubricant that was clinging to her lips from the earlier fingering. This is my favourite part. In the dark confined space between her legs, I can concentrate on her pleasure to the exclusion of all else. I start by running my tongue the length of her labia, from above the apex where her clitoris nestles between the closely shaved folds of puffy female flesh, down the slit - probing and sliding until the tip of my tongue discerns the dimple that is her urethra, and beyond into the vaginal opening.

At the limit of my tongues insertion I can feel the ridges and ripples of the muscular walls almost trying to grip my tongue. I retrace the journey towards her clit, and repeat the trip a few times. In this position, there is no need for verbal communication as the body conveys all the information that there is. I can feel the subtle change as her clitoris becomes more erect, and slight tensions as her climax comes near. We are not ready yet. I slow the flicking of my tongue to a lanus easy pace. I move my attention away from the clitoris, and more to the vagina. She tells me the front wall of the vagina at the maximum depth of my tongue provides an exquisite, although different sensation. The tension eases slightly, and I know we can again return to the "main event".

I bring her close and back of several times, and this seems to heighten the effect when it does finally occur. She can take it no more, she is now super sensitive to touch. not just between her legs, she is tingling all over, and cannot stand even a light touch on her legs or belly. We lie together and let the sensations subside.

I went on to fuck her and she sucked me to climax, swallowing a large portion of semen and grinned broadly as she leaned forward to kiss me, still tasting of the salty fluid. The last bit was brief, co that was really just for my benefit. It is giving pleasure that I get the most from.

Can I treat you to such a session?