Aug. 22, 2016

I'm imagining your legs over my shoulders and my head between your thighs with my face buried in your pussy. Nothing would bring me greater joy than to bring you to orgasm.

Your wet pussy would feel so good wrapped around my cock. Folding your legs back so I can pound you deep. I'd switch between fucking you and eating you out.

I would suck on your clit and pussy lips. Kiss you up one thigh, stop in-between to lick your pussy and proceed down the other. Kiss my way up your body and suck on your nipples. As I suck on them i'd slip my dick inside you. Start thrusting you slowly but firmly. One hand grabbing your ass, the other holding your arms above your head. Each time I thrust I go faster and harder.

Just as you are about to go over the edge I stop and work my way back down your body. Starting at your neck, slowly caressing you with my lips and tongue. I grab a breast in each hand and work my way down. I can feel you shaking with anticipation as my mouth heads towards your pussy. You can feel the heat of my breath on your skin as I get closer. You cant wait anymore so you grab my head and pull me in, forcing my face deep between your thighs. You body is trembling in ecstacy.

I grab you and bend you over. I tease your clit with my cock from behind you. It's soaking wet from rubbing up against your pussy. I slide it in you, you moan from the pleasure. One hand on each hip I fuck you, pulling you into me as I push towards you.

You push me away and throw my to my back. you climb on my hard cock, your hands bracing yourself on my chest as you ride me. I reach around and grab your ass directing you to go faster. I'm on the brink of cumming. You push down harder and start grinding on me with your hips. You're going to drive me over the top. You sense I'm about to climax. I'm cumming. You feel my dick throbbing as I cum inside you. My whole body is tensing up as I orgasm. The warmth floods your body.

The rush drives you over the top. I feel you clench down on my dick as you climax. Your back arches and you grab your breasts. Ripples of pleasure flow through your body. You colapse over me, laying on my chest, embraced in each other's arms. You have never experienced such an intense moment as this, laying there you pretend this moment will never end