Nov. 1, 2016

You have captured my heart my imagination and my desires to be with you.

Last night I imagined we were together in the shower with the warm

water streaming all over our naked bodies. There I sand behind you

gently caressing your breasts with slippery soapy hands and feel your

nipples becoming hard and pert. You can feel my hard-on begin to grow

between your legs and press gently against your eager pussy slowly and

gently moving slightly back and forth. You turn around and with both

hands stroke and coddle my cock and balls as I lean down to suck and

tease you nipples now firmly hard and erect. My hands slowly move down

your belly to find your pussy now hot with anticipation. I encourage

your pussy with gentle stroking as I bend down onto my knees pressing

your body against the shower wall, kissing every part of you until my

tongue and fingers find you exactly where you want. Your one leg comes

over my shoulder allowing full sucking, licking and slow deep fingers

probing finding those special places inside of you. I hear your quite

moans and feel you now so hot and full and wanting. I start to stand

up sliding my full hard on all along your legs and up to your anxious

pussy as I kiss your breasts and fondle you bum. Now you go down

kissing my chest, belly and slide your lips over the top of my cock

while stroking my hard on making it even harder yet. I can feel the

rush and tingle as you encourage me to cum but you don't let me cum,

not quite yet. You stand up and lift your leg over my hip inviting my

hard on deep into your hot swollen gripping pussy. We move gently,

slowly kissing each other passionately. You feel my cock sliding in

and out, in and out. I feel you becoming tight and wet and I know it

is a matter of moments until you explode gushing all around me. I too

am holding on as best I can not wanting the moment to end. I love the

feel of your naked breasts rubbing my chest and the heat of your pussy

gripping my cock. And then ... there is that gush as you cum, your

head tilting up as you moan with sensuous pleasure. I can hold on no

longer and explode over and over again deep within you. Our knees now

weaken, we both are shaking just a bit as we kiss each other

everywhere and slump to the shower floor letting the warm water ease

our pleasure. We need to go to the bed and further explore every inch

of each other naked content bodies. And it begins again.