Mar. 28, 2018

He sent me a message. Beating around the bush in a long message he says he and his girlfriend are experienced in "this and that" and would like to try new things in a threesome.

Getting to the point I asked: What exactly are the new things you would like to try?

Into a long reply he finally spits out He would like to be "intimate" with a cock for the first time; She would like to be DPed for the first time. From my profile they figured I would be a good, kinky candidate. A few messages later... Then we met.

We were all nervous at first but we clicked right away. It did not take very long for the three of us to get all dressed kinky and start playing. In the dining room... Kisses led to fondling, fondling led to mutual masturbation, masturbation to oral.

I licked her pussy and sucked his cock simultaneously. While down on her pussy the guy grabbed my cock and started sucking me. I must admit he was pretty good for a first time. She pulled aside to watch him. A few minutes later... I had both of them taking turn to suck my cock.

Then later; He had his cock sucked by her and me.

We moved to the living room. We kinda took turn sitting on the couch or kneeling in front to lick/suck each other's privates. In doggy style, the lady got fucked by him first, then me, and so on, switching.

We then all took a breather. While enjoying a smoke and a drink... I see strap-ons, dildos and butt plugs appearing on the living room table. Needless to say... The party sure turned up a notch!

It was electric. There were no more boundaries! I got different butt plugs up my ass and she pegged me with her strap-on from small to biggest. I sucked and licked them while receiving.

She's a squirter. She gushed and showered me numerous times.

One thing leading to another... I got to rim his ass. First time ever he had his anus licked and tongue-fucked! Fondling his cock at the same time; it was so hard! Precum dripping; I went in front of him to lick it all, wasting no drop. I gently fingered his ass with one, then two digits. Not long after I stood up and made him bend over the couch. I was surprised to feel my cock penetrating his ass so easily. He moaned happily as I fucked him for his first time. What a privilege! I carried on until cumming while his girlfriend watched avidly.

She was horny; she wanted to be fucked too. We walked into their bedroom.

Her pussy got fucked numerous time by the two of us. In the heat we got to lay on our sides and finally give her what she fantasized about: DP (Double penetration). I was in her pussy while he rammed her ass.

The lucky girl: She got two cocks at the same time for the first time. She was in ecstasy!

Many things happened that night. Among others:

I had the pleasure to rim both of them at the same time while they leaned onto the kitchen table. With the help of a make-up mirror, they watched me licking their ass simultaneously. Never happened to them!

I had the girlfriend pegging me while I gave him a blowjob. He never witnessed that.

For breakfast, he ate her pussy... dripping of my cum. His first taste of cum!

So many first times!