Written by Straight Male for Couple

Dec 30, 2016

They walked slowly into the restaurant; she was dressed to the nines with her stilettos. He was in awe of how beautiful his wife was. This was something they had always spoken about, but never got around to. They enjoyed swinging with other couples, it gave them a rush and they enjoyed every minute, but this was a little different. He loved the idea of another man sharing his wife and his wife could seduce the other man to their bed, easily. He took some pride in knowing what his wife could do and the reaction men would have towards her. She thought a little upon her experiences and how she enjoyed when there were two men servicing her needs, it excited her. This time it was one of her choosing, that hubby approved of, the only distraction in the room would be her. They met him at a table sipping on a glass of red wine, he was handsome and as she noticed when he stood up, had a great ass. He fit into her taste, and as the three talked and sipped wine, she would now and again lean over and whisper like “ I’m not wearing any panties” or “ I like it hard from behind”. Hubby watched and chuckled as he watched wife skillfully seduce this man, she had him when they walked in the door. The two swirled their wine and decide it was time to invite him up to their room. They stepped through the door, to find a nice room with a large bed in the centre. They sat on the bed and she stood up, as she lifted her skirt over head to reveal beautiful breast cupped by a tight red bra and below nothing, she wasn’t joking that she was naked underneath. She felt a rush as she stood in front of two men that wanted nothing more than to please her. She unclasped her bra and sat between the men, he went straight for her neck making small licks and kisses, his hot breath tracing towards her nipples. Hubby kissed her and played with her other nipple, she started getting moist between her thighs. She reached over and undid both mens zippers and buttons and started stroking both at the same time, as the men played with her breasts. She watched both mens hard and tried to see how hard she could get stroke by stroke. Hubby laid her down on her back, and moved to place his cock in her mouth that she licked and sucked. He instantly, had his tongue to between her legs which she spread wide open. She wreathed and wriggled, to his tongue and lips. She liked a man that loved to like pussy well. As he licked, she could feel the pressure build in her groin, he moved two fingers in about 2 inches and massage as sucked onto her swollen clit. She gasped and groaned as she came on face, with Hubby firmly in her mouth. Hubby had her move to all fours and he slid into soaking wet pussy from behind. He moved to the front of her and she stroked and took his cock into her mouth, trying to deep throat as Hubby’s hard cock pounded her from behind. She was so horny now, Hubby pulled out and he switched places and continued have his cocked sucked by his wife. He moved up behind her and slowly slid it in, with her ass in the air. He went slow at first stopping to rub the head of his cock on her clit, she loved this idea, she had two cocks to her very own and planned to have them used well. He started fucking her harder, as she felt him slid in and out faster, she slowed him down by pushing back, she was ready for him yet. She flipped onto her back and moved to the edge of the bed and spread wide. She liked when she could see the hard cocks disappearing into her hot wet pussy. She watched as they took turns, her hubby sliding in hard and making her cum was too much and he exploded into her, she gasped. She got up and with her finger called him to the centre of the bed and had him lay down. She felt so naughty and she liked it, she wanted to cum on top of him riding his hard cock. She moved over him and guided his cock just under her dripping wet pussy and she slammed down onto him, she worked her ass up and down and rode his cock, playing with her clit as he cupped her breast. She finally took him all in and started grinding which was getting her off, he could tell she was close and he came with her as they, both tightened and released around each other. As she looked up hubby was stiff again, as they would take turns pleasing her this night. She was hoping to play out some other fantasies, she had that night and was sure he would be eager to bring it to life……..