Written by Straight male for couple

Dec 29, 2016

K tighten her garder and peered into the mirror and seemed quite pleased, sexy she said and smiled. She had the excitement race into her tummy and hips, as she thought herself the main attraction. Her husband W and her had talked over doing this, the more she thought about the more she liked the idea of being pleased by two men. They met T the week before over coffee, he was handsome and had a nice ass. She liked his laid back attitude and for certain in her former single life she would consider a one night stand. W liked the choice as well, having a good looking guy enjoying his beautiful wife made him think of her hotter than ever. He thought he'd join in at first, then perhaps doing a little filming to watch his wife being pleasured, at that was at least the plan.

The knock came on the door on the room. Early afternoon smells filled the air, as the couple welcomed the stranger in. K was dressed beautifully in her best with a silk house coat. Hubby was in his normal jeans and white t, as was T. The couple sat on the bed and sipped the wine and offered T some, which he took and sat in the chair across from them. The wine had given K a little buzz and she asked T to sit on the bed with them. As he moved next to her, she blurted out is this what you came for. Standing up she undid the belt of her robe and it slid to the floor. Both men stood up and fondled her breast, her nipples hard and stiff with anticipation. W in did the clasp of her bra releasing K's beautiful breast free. T's hot breath traced across her neck until his tongue and lips found her hard nipple as hubby worked on her other breast. Her thighs became moist and she was hot. She reached down the front of both men to feel the hard growing in both men. She freed both men's hard cocks from there jeans. She stroked both until they were rock hard, turned and kneel, she stroked her hubby and took T into her mouth, slowly she skillfully pleased two men jumping from one to another, like having two ice cream and tasting both when ever she wanted. She laid down on the bed, and continued slurping on her hubby's hard cock . T kissed down her neck stopping at a breast and then moving slowly to her hips. Small kisses and tongue trailed as he moved between her thighs, she gasped as his tongue met her clit. She enjoyed being pleasured as she sucked hubby this made hubby erupt in her mouth. W moved to the side table and grabbed his camera, he wanted to get this for them to watch later . He closed in on K with her mouth wide open as she enjoyed T's tongue and mouth on her warm wet tingling pussy. W was interested in getting in close to record his hot wife getting pleasured by T. K felt it build up as she started pushing hard into his face coming in a huge release. She came all over her face and released a deep breath. T was still down on her when she pulled him under her. And slammed down on to his stiff cock, she was so horny and wanted him in her now. She wriggled and bounced , slide like a pro riding her new found 2nd. She groaned and moaned as she felt it ride in and out of wet hot pussy, she played with her breasts and nipples until she came all over stiff cock, T turned her on her back and with strong arms drew her close to the edge of the bed and slid slowly into her, she lifted her elbows because she loved to watch herself be filled, she moved one hand and began playing with herself as T started to fuck her a little faster and harder. She fingered to another orgasm and gushed all over his hard cock. T grabbed her hips and bent her over the bed. Her ass in the air, T slid into her slowly as she gasped, she had become more vocal and demanding fuck me from behind hard. She loved the feel of being taken hard from behind. The sound of slapping flesh echoed in the air, T let her know he was close, and she was ready to come with him as she could feel his hot load release into her as his cock spammed and strained in her. T pulled out and Hubby handed the camera to T to finish wife .....