Written by P

Feb. 8, 2020

My BF, my best friend Lynn and I have had a few gangbangs together. A couple times with my black friends but more with white guys, my BF has a group he calls his poker buddies. Lynn has never joined us for a gangbang with both black and white guys so we set one up for New Year's eve.

We rented a 2 bedroom hotel suite and the adjoining suite because we weren't sure how many of the invited the guys would join, both groups, but knew the married guys wouldn't be able to be there. Check in time was 11:00 AM so BF, Lynn and I headed out early to be there for check in. We packed a couple sexy lingerie outfits, and headed out. Lynn is submissive to my BF so on the way to the hotel he told her his cock needed to be sucked, her head was in his lap right away lol.

When we got to the hotel we got things ready, set out the outfits in the one bedroom, got the alcohol ready, stocked the fridge, typical party stuff. Then the three of us headed out to the hotel bar to start the celebration while we waited for the guys. The 3 of us grabbed a drink and a table, sat discussing what the evening was going to be like(pretty sure we were just all getting each other horny lol). Time for next drink, BF went to get a round and I could see him chatting up a woman sitting by herself at the bar. He can be a charmer but I don't mind, he always comes home to me lol.

Five minutes later he brings us our drinks, and Apri...the pretty red-head from the bar. She was petite like Lynn and I but a little more busty lol, she also had bright green eyes. We chatted for a bit and she was recently separated and definitely flirting with my BF. It was also his birthday so when she had to go to the ladies room I told him to invite her back to the room...I knew he wanted to fuck her. She readily accepted his invitation so off we went. It was almost time for the guys to show up anyway. We had told the black guys to show up 2 and the white guys at 5.

We barely finished our first drink and my BF led her off into the bedroom, it wasn't long and we could hear her moaning. Meanwhile Lynn and I got ready for the guys. The black guys showed up shortly after so we invited them in and made them drinks. My contact guy that I arrange everything through looked around and asked where the BF was. I told him he was in the bedroom fucking a different woman. That was it, they weren't waiting for him, he pulled his cock out, grabbed my hair and shoved it in my mouth. Immediatly all the guys had thier cocks out and Lynn and I were on our knees sucking. Six black guys and Lynn and I.

When my BF and April came out of the bedroom, I'm not sure about Lynn, but I was air-tight with hard black cock...mouth, pussy and ass. I heard her gasp in surprise as to what was going on. My BF said he was going to join in on the fun but she said she'd never even seen a black cock let alone touched one. He joined in but she didn't leave, just sat in the corner and watched. After a bit my BF whispered in my ear that April had amazing throat skills. My BF is well endowed but a couple of the guys have even longer cocks. So I told one of the hung guys to go over and see if he can get her going. It was hard to do because I had a black cock in my pussy and my ass and BF had his cock in Lynn's ass, but I was trying to pay attention to her when he went over so I could intervene if she didn't want him. He asked April if she wanted to touch her first black cock, she reached out lightly and just had her fingertips on it. Then she had her hand around it stroking him, he looked at me and I gave a nod to keep going. As I said this guy was well hung...10 -11 inches, then he asked her if she wanted to taste a black cock. She hesitantly licked the head of his cock, then she wrapped her lips around it. I was watching close because I didn't want any problems. In one smooth motion she grabbed his ass and his cock disappeared down her throat. I can only get about 3/4 of his cock down my throat but she took it all with no problem. One of the other guys who was just as long heard him say she took it all down her throat so he went over to get some. She swallowed his cock too and a couple minutes later she was naked, on her hands and knees and being spit-roasted by both of them.

I didn't need to worry about her anymore...left 4 black cocks and BF for Lynn and I. One thing the guys know really makes me orgasm is when they pick me up and DP me in a standing position. I no longer have any control, the can bounce me up and down and hard or as fast as they want. We were fucked many different ways and lots of orgasms. Then the rest of the guys showed up...the white guys. Lynn and I were waiting for them but April had no idea until she had a new cock in her mouth. She relished it, the guys relished it, they had a brunette a blonde and a red-head lol.

It went on for a while and I heard April say stop...I looked to see what was wrong and she was riding a black cock...had a black cock in her mouth and BF was trying to go in her ass. He was the first guy ever in my ass...he was the first for Lynn and made her beg for more, he knows what to do. I told her to relax he'll be gentle and she'd love it. I watched as he pressed the head of his cock into her ass, she whimpered a bit but he slowly pushed deeper. Her moans told him to keep going, he was balls deep in her her ass, pulled out slowly and back in, her moans increased with each thrust so every time it was harder and faster. A few minutes later she went into a heavy moan as he pumped her ass with a cock in her pussy, the moan turned into a squeal and her body started to shake. She rolled off the guys and was mortified. Started apologizing because she peed, the guys were soaked...L looked at her and told her she just had the best orgasm of her life.

The guys were just filling any open hole they could find or hand, even April was taking different guys in her ass. Black, white it didn't matter. She just needed them to stop and give her ass a rest now and then. A couple of the guys have thick cocks which Lynn and I have gotten used to but it took a few tries before they could fully penetrate our asses, of course they thought they could with April too but she couldn't handle it.

This went on for a few hours with some times to rest in between. When Midnight rolled around the guys were dumping their loads of warm cum deep inside all 3 of us women, and we were all willing to swallow lol. Lynn and I will also lick the cum out of each others pussy's which the guys really enjoy watching...April was laying on her back still shaking from her last orgasm when Lynn went over and started to finger her and then lick the cum of her fingers. She also started sucking on her tits, in between moans she said she'd never been touched by a woman in that way. Her squeal of pleasure when Lynn went down and slid her tongue into her pussy told me she was enjoying it completely. I went over to join in and started sucking on her tits, I already knew the answer when I asked her if she liked the taste of cum, guys had already filled her mouth with cum and some was still on her face. She said in a soft voice "I love it", her eyes went wide when I placed my cum filled pussy over her mouth but she didn't hesitate to start licked the cum out.

After the guys had a good show they were good and horny again so they fucked us for a couple more hours untill we were too exhausted to go on. The suite had 2 bedrooms, one with a king bed and the other with a couple queen size beds, plus a pull out couch and we had got a couple roll-away beds. Us women went to take a shower and go to bed so we all took the room with the king bed with my bf and immediately went to sleep.