Written by Straight_male_for_couples

Jan. 5, 2017

Ashley and Travis opened the doors of the restaurant, making their way inside out of the cold. They took a day off to make their way to Niagara Falls. Travis was a little excited as this was as much his fantasy as hers. Ashley was a slim girl with a geeky aire about her, she wasn't used to wearing platform stilettos and a short skirt, not her usual garb. Travis wanted his shy geeky girl to bring out her naughty self. Travis wanted that part to come out of her. He thought Tim would be the perfect guy to bring that out of her, he wanted her to get naughty and slutty as he watched. They never met Tim in person, but from his pictures and responses, he seemed handsome enough and experienced. She was hoping against hope that he was as real as he seemed. They saw him from across the room and recognized him from his pictures. He waved them over to the table and they moved slowly toward his side of the room. Ashley was a little nervous and let out an audible sigh. He really was nice looking and had a nice smile. They sat next to him and ordered lunch, with a glass of wine. Travis was pleased and thought this would do for sure. Ashley was sitting next to Tim with Travis on her other side. Tim knew what they wanted and was ready to give them exactly what they desired. Travis mentioned what part he wanted to play. Ashley was pleased, Tim was handsome, intelligent and funny. Ashley was not used to dressing in tight dresses, things and lacey bras. They had a few more glasses of Merlot and Tim whispered in her ear " I'm a great kisser" and he put his hand on her thigh. She shifted over a little towards him and carefully put her hand on his upper thigh and uncharacteristically squeezed and whispered " oh really?" Travis didn't mind this flirting at all, it was his idea. This is what he wanted out of his wife. Tim made her feel comfortable and safe. She wasn't quite sure how to be naughty in public, but it was subtle. All the flirting made her horny and she noticed Tim had a lovey face, strong arms, nice body and a great ass. They finished off their wine and it was time to move upstairs to the room where Travis and Ashley had booked. The room was modest and consisted of a bed desk and chairs. Travis took of his coat and sat in the chair to watch his wife turn from a geeky, sweet wife to a sexual, hot woman giving into carnal desires. She was a little submissive and liked directions, which Tim could easily help with. Tim knew he needed to draw it out of her, inside she had all she needed. It was like leading in a dance she just needed to follow him. Tim helped her take off her coat, which he laid on another chair in the corner, Ashley watched as he crossed the room and felt a little excitement. Tim came close to her and put his hands on her waste, he had nice lips, great for kissing. She looked over to Travis and gave a little smile. Tim pressed his lips on to hers, she hesitated a little but pressed hers on his. His lips were warm and his tongue moved onto hers, he was an amazing kisser and that got her heart racing and a stirring between her thighs. His hands caressing the small of her back and ass. She started kissing him back harder. Tim moved to her neck and made her gasp, as he undid her dress leaving it to fall to the floor. She looked over Travis and the shy smile turned into a sly smile. Tim kissed down her chest moving slowly behind her, undoing her bra as it too fell. She was facing Travis as Tim kissed her neck from behind, his hands fondling her breasts and playing with her nipples. His hard cock was pressing against her ass through his jeans. His one hand slowly moved down her stomach and slid into the thin material of her thong and started exploring her wet shaved mound, playing with her stiffening clit. He whispered something into her ear and she turned to him and started undressing him shirt off, and undid the button on his jeans, freeing his stiff cock, as she knelt in front of him pulling the jeans to the ground. He had nothing on underneath and she began stroking him looking over slyly at Travis, She licked the length of his stiffness before taking him in her mouth, glancing over at Travis on occasion. He was pleased with his wife and the inner slut that was coming out as she slurped on his cock. Tim pulled her up and pushed her back onto the bed, spreading her legs wide and buried his face into her sopping wet pussy. He was as good a licking and sucking pussy as he was at kissing, his tongue and lips brought her to orgasm at least twice as she wreathed and moaned as she came. She was bitting her lips as she looked over at Travis and smiled. She had become much more vocal as Tim moved over her and kissed her again. With his strong arms he pulled her to the edge of the bed and guided his hard cock into her, he leaned over and whispered into her ear again. Tim started moving slowly into her and she began to tell him "fuck me harder,"over and over again. Has the excitement grew she spasmed as she came and tightly gripped his cock inside her. Tim grabbed her hips and turned her on her stomach to face her obviously turned on husband. He pulled her ass into the air and entered her from behind. She groaned as he filled her nicely and began thrusting into hard hearing the slapping of his hips on her ass. She looked at Travis as he watched intensely as his wife was being enjoyed from behind and how she was enjoying it like with a smile. He watched as her face changed as she climaxed again. Tim turned around and told her to ride him. She straddled him and slid herself down onto Tim all the way. She work her soaking wet sweetness up and down, looking behind her to smile at Travis as he watched her ass falling up and down. She leaned over and started kissing Tim as she worked herself on him, she was pounding down on him as she felt him tightening and his load exploded into her. Tim pushed her onto her back again and his tongue made it slowly down again onto her clit again. Ashley motioned over to Travis and asked " are you going to bring that hard cock over here and join in, she had that lustful look in her eye. That's the look he was hoping to see..... For P and D from T