Aug 22, 2015

I had an open invitation and I found myself with some free time so I stopped by. What a pleasant surprise they said, come on in for a drink. It was a lazy Saturday and they had been having a garage sale. But, as usual, even in weekend casual clothes they both looked great and sexy as hell. He poured me a drink (they had wine already) and we sat on the couch to chat. I could tell they were pleased i had dropped by, we were becoming ever closer friends.

We talked about our previous get together and how erotic it had been to kiss her soft lips and lick her shaved little pussy. She expressed not only how much she enjoyed sucking our cocks but what a turn on it was for her to watch when we sucked each others cocks and came with her mouth sharing in the hot ejaculation. He had filmed a bit of our last encounter and asked if I would like to see it. While I don't think I am photogenic I must say that her sexy and fit body was the highlight and the sight of me sucking her nipples while my fingers sought out her very damp pussy caused my cock to start straining against my shorts.

With that my friends asked if I had time for play. I will admit I had been hoping they would ask, I was excited to play with his cock again and definitely had a hot desire for her soft kisses, beautiful breasts and tight little pussy. With my "yes" they went off to shower. He finished showering first and when he came out of the bath I was naked and sitting in the bedroom chair. He laid on the bed and as she came out I asked her just how much of a turn on it was to see two guys suck a cock. "It is very erotic" she said and with that I began giving him a blowjob. She joined me and we kissed gently as we licked his cock and balls.

I felt her soft and wet pussy and moved to her supple breasts. He moved to suck my cock and she joined him. Knowing I was ready to cum I pulled away a bit...I really wanted to cum in her pussy this time. She turned so that she was sucking his cock and I entered her from behind. The view of her gorgeous ass and her sucking his cock was so erotic...he asked me if I wanted to cum in her pussy. I said yes and he said "honey, do you want him to cum in your pussy?" As soon as she said yes I exploded!

With that she moved on top of him and put his cock in her now drenched pussy. I began kissing her ass and continued down her beautiful crack until I was able to lick his balls and cock as he pumped in and out. With that he gave her his powerful orgasm.

Afterward we all hugged and kissed and it was time for me to go. I know from past experience that after a good 3some the 3rd partner leaves and the couple continues...sharing all the eroticism that comes from a discussion about how another man came in his wife's pussy, how he sucked her husbands cock and all the "private" things that make swinging so great for a strong couple.

We want to find another respectful woman or guy to join us. She has a fantasy of 3 or more guys sucking each others cocks and then enjoying the pleasure of her warm damp pussy. He and I are eager to fulfill that fantasy. Even a couple might meet the criteria. But it isn't just anyone we want...key criteria are polite, respectful and discreet. Are you the one(s)?