Jan. 30, 2014

One boring Ottawa night hubby and I decided to check out one of the swinger clubs as we've been invited on several occasions. We got to the club and the music was surprisinglt really good, the dacefloor was alive and the bar had very little open seats. Hubby found a seat at the far corner of the bar where conviniently there was a TV with the basketball game on. We sat down at the bar and had a couple drinks while watching the game and being approached by other couples and singles. We both felt very comfortable and welcomed. After some time, I started feeling a little upbeat as the music was gettin more and more dancable with the every sip. Hubby on the other hand got right into the game, I got up and made my way to the dancefloor and it didnt take long at all for me to be aproached by a dance partner, a few of them actually, but there was just one that caught my attention, maybe it was his chocolate colored, muscular body. While having a great time on the dance floor, hubby looked over to see that i was indeed enjoying myself, each tiime we would both give eachother the thumbs up to indicate comfortability. As the dancing progressed, it got dirtier and dirtier, hand were all over eachother like it was havan nights. there was grinding and groping and grabbing, till i was wet enough to introduce my new found friend to hubby. We made our way over to the bar and the boys did their introduction thing. I told hubby how much fun i was having and he was happy to hear, got us some more drinks and my new friend and i started dancing again at the bar. Hubby watched as i gave my best grind and smilled as i winked at him. i steped closer to hubby and started playing with his crotch, saw how turned he was and decided to take it a step further. i tolled into hubby's eyes and nodded toward the basket of condoms on the table, immidiatly he knew that i was ready to be fucked and since i was pointing at condoms, it was not gonna be with him. he gave me the ok and i reach over him really sexy like, grabed a condom and handed it to our friend over my shoulder. I then bent over, unziped hubby's pants and pulled his dick out, went down and started sucking his rock hard dick. our friend took the hint well, he got his dick out, put the condom on, felt under my skirt that i was wet and ready for him, he lifted my skirt up and slipped right in, gave me a couple good thrusts and went back to the motions of the music as if we were still just dancing. it felt so good as his hard dick rubbed my walls in all the right ways!. hubby was enjoying his blowjob and our friend was enjoying my pussy as well, i was so turned on. we started gettin more an more of an audience, with offeres for more drinks coming from every direction, i few other hands joined in and i was in bliss!. my moans got louder and i started really backing up on that dick. before long he was ready to erupt. he pulled out, took the condom off and glazed my ass with his hot load.

after he was done and the round of aplause calmed down, he kindly wiped me off and pulled my skirt back down. now it was just hubby and i and i was still going at that blowjob. i got another femal to come up to him and started licking his nipple, at that point he couldnt hold it any longer and let off a huge load in my mouth. i sawlloed every drop and washed it down with my drink. gave hubby a huge kis and we sat down for the rest of the game.

it was really nice to see how many ppl had stopped to watch us, really turned me on, we got introduced to so many couples and have dates set for every weekend starting this weekend.

we are looking forward to our next club visit, and hope to see you there!