Written by P

Jun. 24, 2017

My boyfriend and I got into swinging some time ago, but to give you a little background about it, at first I always said only one other guy, and he always said no one else would have my ass. That changed one night at a party, we both had a lot to drink and I ended up with him and 2 guys from the party, and he let them both have turns with my ass. Which brings me to my current real life story.

We had met a guy online and had been with him before, he knew that I was willing to fuck a few guys and he had a cabin, so he asked us to join him for a week at his cabin. He had 4 friends he was going to invite as well, BF and I talked about it and decided it sounded like fun. I had been with 3 before and figured what the hell...I'll have fun.

We got there and it's a huge place with with plenty of bedrooms, so BF and I were given a bedroom to ourselves. Once we settled in we joined the guys, socializing...having drinks...getting to know each other. That didn't last long and they started kissing and caressing me, next thing I'm naked and on my knees with every guys cock pulled out. I do love to suck cock...just don't cum in my mouth. We also always have a strict condom rule for fucking.

After that first time he let another guy fuck my ass, I got to like that feeling...a new guy in there. It turned out a couple of the guys were married and their wives had never let them go in the ass, you can figure out what they wanted... I also figured what I wanted, I love a good tongue. So I told BF even tho we had a room to ourselves...if a guy was good with his tongue, he would join us in our room for that night. This went on for a couple days, me being pleasured and pleasing all the guys, day and night, 3 or 4 at a time.

Now for what BF doesn't know....as I said, I don't like cum in my mouth and we had a strict condom rule.

After a couple days of non-stop fucking I needed a break so seeing how the cabin was on a huge wooded lot I went out for a walk. Out to enjoy the trees and the view. It ended up I ran into 3 of the guys while I was out there. We got playing around, kissing, caressing and they had hands all over me. I ended up so horny that we started fucking right then and there...but none of them had condoms with them so they went bareback. They had me air-tight, the guy fucking my ass called out he was about to cum...that must have turned the others on because the guy in my mouth shot his load as well....I spit it out and said you weren't supposed to do that. He just said we weren't supposed to fuck you without condoms either...by then I was far to horny and wanted more. They had already cum in my ass and pussy, they changed positions and the next guy fucking my mouth said he was about to cum, then grabbed my head and just pushed it in deeper....I had no choice but to swallow. They fucked me bare for about an hour and I swallowed each of them at least once.

BF never knew that happened, but after that week I would let guys cum in my mouth.