Mar. 18, 2015

I personally think everyone should have a bucket list or something like it .

I was on a social group one day when a guy asked me what I and to accomplish this summer sexually . I thought about it a but before I answered but I did answer. First on my list was very precise I want two blk men in my bed or other place mostly a public place like a sex lounge. Then they also had to be brothers both with glorious cocks , well built and good looking . Then I threw in twins ! Why not ? Lol. Next on the list was a gang bang with about 4 guys, and possibly a Mrs.Robinson scene kinda young man and a novice at sex , this sooo bad but what the hell its a fantasy.

My bestie and I had been talking about going to Swingers Lounge for a little while but the timing was just not right until now . Its Friday night and we are revving to go everything is right . We head out for dinner and start over . Once in we relax and chat with a few people . This very young guy( Curtis) is hovering over my left shoulder and is really friendly .We get along just fine but I'm feeling a little old for this boy lol .

We head out at this point to an other bar as its really not happening for us. Maybe a little dancing is in order to help expend some energy and have fun with some local guys.

We head back to Swingers Lounge and well things are ok but not great . Curtis is still there with his friend and few others . He's happy to see us back which is awesome to be greeted with friendship . Chatting with my bestie and one Curtis's friends when all of a sudden Curtis is missing so I go looking for him and what do I find ? Curtis in the back sitting beside two blk guys with a young woman on the lap of the first guy and she is just about to cum !! Custis has his cock out and masterbating , the other blk guy is getting a hand job from the young woman ... Holy hell!!!! I want in on this ! I'm hitting about 4 points on my list in one shot ! I whisper in her ear to cum for me " cum for me babe , cum now " oh shit she crests and cums in a gush ... After a couple seconds she giggles and dismounts her stallion. I see his cock and my sexuality goes through the roof ... Not only are these boys good looking, well built but well hung as well, I want it and I want it now!! I kneel down in front of him and put my hand on his chest /abs and say " stay that's mine " both blk men look at each other then me and nod . I really look at them and said " you guys look alike " they grin , shit they are brothers!!! . YES!!! Score!!! I slide that very shiny and wet cock in my mouth , take Curtis cock in one hand and the other brothers cock in my other hand ...as I'm trying to fit every inch of this yummy cock into my mouth I can feel Curtis's cock and he's not very hard at all .Think someone is feeling a little intimidated by the blk guys .. Curtis then gets up and informs my gf of what going on . He is also asked to grab a couple condoms . I come up for air and I'm switched to the other brothers cock in my mouth as this one wants inside badly ;) .. At some point my boobs are out and surrounding a beautiful big blk cock and my mouth working the end. My nylons are brought down and thong pulled aside and I feel him start to push inside me ....Holy Fuck I'm going to explode !!! Now I did give these guys a heads up on the squirting and as predicted that's what happened just about then . They had me on both ends getting pounded I was screaming into a cock every time I came... They gave me a seconds notice as they traded places and where at me again !! The second guy was having trouble being on his knees do we all transfered to the bed .That's when I saw Bestie with Curtis friend , he was undressing her which in its self was hot!! Left her in her thigh high boots and walking her to the bed . My first blk guy was laying down and so was Curtis , I thought I would try to get Curtis going by using my mouth , then there was Bestie beside me giving head to the first blk guy !! My ass was in the air and second blk guy was finger fucking me , had me cuming yet again!! Curtis was still flaccid so I helped Bestie with the blowjob ,each of us taking turns on his cock .All of a sudden she's flipped over and pulled down to Curtis friends mouth causing her to gasp and moan .. I take my self up to sit on the first blk guy once condom is on and go for a ride ...giddy up !!! Got second blk guys cock in my hand and off I go again !!... And that's about when we are told to get dressed :( .. Crap ... I think I was tbe only one that got to cum in that little fuck fest ...lol

oh i did tell the bouncer/staff there was a wet clean up on isle 5 , he LOL'd somehow i don't think he was surprised..