Oct. 10, 2017

As the clock struck 5 p.m., I quickly picked up my messenger bag, tucked in my computer chair, and left my desk as quickly as I could; It had been a tiring Friday...and a very long work week.

On the way out, I passed some co-workers who tried to engage with me to see what my weekend plans were and if I wanted to go for a drink or two to unwind, but I was so exhausted I just wanted out of there and away from the mundane work environment, so I did my best to suggest I had other plans.

However, just as I was stepping out of the building and into the parking lot, a female co-worker asked me about drinks and so I obliged by saying “ya, sure - I’ll catch you there, but I am only staying for a short while”; it was my way of letting them know in advance that I wasn’t going to stay long.

So, even though I was dead tired, I made the short drive over to a bar called ‘The Silver Nail’ (your typical pub, right beside the rail line); all your normal pub-style food was available at The Silver Nail, so they had things like: deep fried this, deep fried that, burgers, wings, oh and...crispy chips with some of their feature creamy dill sauce on the side.

Of course, since I had rushed out of the office, I was the first one there, but that gave me just enough time to look over the menu and to pre-order a couple of pitchers of beer for the crew (my treat, and my way of not having to stay long cause who’d balk at me leaving early, now that I bought them beer, right?) .

When everyone finally arrived, they quickly guzzled the pitchers I bought and continued to order more while they waited for their food, but since I was driving I only had a bottle of beer and there was no way I wanted to wait for heavy greasy food that day….just no way I wanted to do that.

So I made pleasant conversation with my co-workers and did the whole “team work” thing, but after about 45 minutes or so, I made the best clean exit I could, by giving everybody the wave goodbye instead of the round table hugs, and said “see you all Monday!”.

Just as I had my hand on the door to leave the pub, I felt the light silky smooth touch of a female’s hand on my broad shoulder; I quickly turned around and it was my friend Jessica, the same person who convinced me to make it for drinks, and who I’ve always had an attraction to; that always made me enjoy working in the office as our paths crossed often on the same floor.

Jessica said “Oh, you are leaving so soon?” to which I replied, “Ya….I’ve just had such a rough day and week, you know how it is. I just need to find a nice quiet spot to relax”. She then proceeded to hold out her arms so that I could embrace this petite sexy blonde with the sparkling hazel blue eyes (they always pulled me right in although I never acted on it as I knew she was married, and I didn’t want to overstep any boundaries, especially since I had never met her husband Mark; for some reason, he never attended our work parties).

As Jessica and I embraced and since I was a bit taller than Jessica, even with her 3” work heels on, my chin was just over her shoulder as she really gave me a good tight squeeze; as she did, the fresh flowery perfume hit my nose and my eyes peeked over to see how short her skirt was; it was short and I could tell she was wearing some royal blue laced panties that made her snow white skin glow.

I smiled at Jessica as I pulled away and quickly folded my coat with my arms, so that I could try to hide the physiological symptoms I was experiencing, as Jessica got me horned up with that perfect embrace. Then I wished Jessica a good weekend and I exited the pub and started walking down the road to my car.

On the way down the street, I saw a little European style cafe, and I remembered how Jessica used to always rave about how quaint and quiet it was, and since my head was still buzzing from all the noise at the pub and the work week, I decided to go in and check it out.

As I stepped inside, I realized Jessica was right! The cafe had an old crank style coffee grinder, and a big brass cappuccino/espresso machine in the corner; you could smell the fresh arabica beans and the slight hint of cocoa in the air.

Looking up at the menu board, there was not only a plethora of coffees, but it also showed about two dozen specialty & exotic teas in various colours on the slate chalkboard; a true barista (not one of those hippy casual pt baristas - you know) greeted me in a sultry european accent, which put me at ease and made me feel like I had finally found a quiet place to relax.

So, I ordered a nice lavender mixed tea to further relax my mind, and as I sat down at a tiny bistro table, I felt like someone was peering over at me, so I gave a glance and saw a lovely short haired brunette; she had this grey skirt on with a white crisp blouse that was oh so low cut, and you could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra - the a/c was on (wink wink).

She then pushed her hair out of her face, gave me a little smile, uncrossed/recrossed her legs and then went back to reading the paper that was in front of her.

I thought ‘wow, what a sexy lady! - is this my lucky day?’.

After that, I thought nah, and then quietly read the newspaper section that was in front of me (probably left from another customer). However, every once in awhile I would peek up from my paper to check out the lovely specimen that was oozing beauty across from me.

At one point, I just had this feeling like it was meant to be, so I finally got up the courage and went over to introduce myself to her.

I put my news section down on her table and said “hi, I couldn’t help but stare at you, as you are a very lovely lady...do you mind if I have a seat? I mean it’s just so quiet/peaceful and I noticed how our eyes locked a few times”. Just then she unlocked her legs, kicked the chair in a good sweep and said “sit - my name is Katrina”.

Whoa! I couldn’t believe it, not only was she beautifully sexy, she also had an edge, and edge that gave me goose bumps, while also giving me another bump too.

As I sat down, I tried to adjust myself without notice, but this sexy lady noticed right away, and she quickly grabbed my hand and helped push things into a more comfortable position.

I gulped, and she said “sweetie, I’m married, but I’m not dead and I’m oh so glad you find me attractive. Here let me pull your chair closer so that we can have a more intimate chat”.

Somehow, at that point, my chair moved easily over to her and we were so close that our shoulders were touching and her bare legs started to rub up and down my leg.

Now, what was I to do...I felt a strong sexual attraction to this lady, and she was turning me on, so I instinctively said “Oh babe, you have no idea how hard you are going to make me, if you keep doing that!” - and once the words escaped my lips, I remembered we were in public and I quickly took a look around to see if anyone had heard, as I may have spoke louder and with more authority than I expected; thankfully no one else was in the cafe, and it looked like the barista had left.

All of a sudden, a tall well built, dark man with salt & pepper hair came out from the back of the shop, and went to the front door to the cafe, turned the deadbolt, and flipped the sign on the window to ‘closed’.

I guess it was closing time, and so I said to the lady, who had now placed her right hand on my thigh while still rubbing her leg up and down mine “Um...does that mean we have to get out of here?”. She said “no no no...that’s just my husband Mark - he’ll be back, and he’ll tell us when it’s time to leave” - she let out a sweet chuckle as she said that last part.

This all made me wonder…’what is going on here, where’s Mark, and Mark...that name sounds familiar???’, but then my brain switched to thinking about how this is one hell of an opportunity that I’ll probably never get to have again.

I just had to mention something, so I asked Katrina ‘how Mark was alright with what we were doing...if it was ok, and did I need to be worried?’. Katrina just laughed which made her sexy full bosom jiggle, so much so that her perky nipples fell out the side of her blouse.

“Dear” she said, “you are so sweet to be concerned, but Mark and I have a wonderful open marriage, and to be honest, we’ve already looked you up”. Looked me up? Huh. . . she then went on to explained how she was a good friend of my co-worker Jessica and got a great review from her on how mature and well mannered I was.

Wow, I was impressed and I felt the urge to lean forward and give Katrina a warm soft kiss on those delicate lips - her lips then parted, and we soon began to make out as our tongues twirled together.

All of a sudden, I heard a door open/close at the back, and quickly pulled away even though Katrina was biting my lip. Ouch it hurt, but in that oh so good way. Then I looked up, and there right in front of me was Jessica and Mark.

Mark had his football sized hand on Jessica’s hip, as she seemed to perfectly tuck in under his massive arms - and then his other hand reached out to shake mine as he said “hi there, I’m Mark. Jessica has been telling us all about you” as he gave a little manly chuckle.

I then looked up at Jessica and said “so this is Mark eh? He’s your husband or Katrina’s husband?” to which Jessica replied “oh silly, he’s both of our husband - we share. Now come here, you sexy beast, and give me a hug” her hand reaching out to me, and as I stood up to embrace Jessica, there was no hiding the bulge in my pants this time!

The bulge was so great that I felt a bit of a cool breeze on my groin and soon realized that my fly was wide open! And when I looked down, I could see the fabric of my underwear poking through - somehow Katrina must have unzipped my pants?!?!

Whoa this was getting hot, and I felt like it could go in many different directions.

As Jessica came in close and wrapped her arms around me, I could feel her hips moving back & forth against my straining bulge that was now clearly poking out the front - and I could tell that I was leaking some pre-cum.

Mark then reached in and grabbed Jessica’s one arm, and as he did, Jessica pirouetted herself across the floor, they both did a few fancy dance steps and then Mark made a gesture for Katrina and I to follow them as as I stood there with my mouth wide open, Katrina’s hand grabbed mine and she smirked then laughed as she mumbled “need a bib?”.

We both followed Mark and Jessica, who led us to the bar where there was a 4 way ski shot of tequilla already set up (hmm...where’d they get the tequila if this was a coffee shop? Ugh, no matter why does my head think of these small details at the most inappropriate times).

Our four arms all seemed to somewhat link together when we picked up this interesting home made ski shot and soon our lips quickly met the glass edge as we were all trying to prevent any spills; then countdown started as Mark said “4, 3, 2, 1 - drink her down!” (and yes, he literally meant “drink ‘her’ down” as I found out later on).

We all giggled and wiped our mouths as Mark handed us a napkin and then the warmth from the tequila hit me, it hit me hard! My mouth, throat, stomach and then all the way up to my head and down to my groin, I could feel the warm sensation from this wonderful ayurvedic liquid; even though I was quite health conscious, I had never really believed in the whole agave trend, until now!

Katrina grabbed me by the dress shirt, wiped the dew from my brow, and then hastily threw me against the rails of the bar and gave me one hell of a passionate kiss.

Katrina’s lips melted into mine and soon I was grunting and tongue wrestling her, as that warmth from the tequila unleashed a passion I could no longer control, and at the same time that Katrina took control, Mark also did the same with Jessica and our two heads met together on either side of the counter top; our cheeks smushed together and it got very humid as all of us were locked in a blissful makeout session.

Mark muttered something, and I peeked over to see that Jessica had his lip firmly between her teeth, preventing him from getting out the words properly. He then was finally able to pull hard enough away to say in a playful manner, “ha ha! Ok, now we must drink again!” as he positioned the 4 way ski shot in front of us, he pulled out the aged tequila bottle; this bottle had to have been expensive as it was cork topped and had an interesting amber colour to it with a feline shape, almost like it had come from Isla Mujeres and was the goddess Ixchel (goddess of medicine and making children, lol).

‘4, 3, 2, 1 - shots shots shots shots!!!’ rings out as we guzzle down another 2 oz of that sweet blue agave nectar and feel the rush through our bodies again.

This time, I take the lead and pull Katrina’s blouse open to reveal her hard body, and then thrust it right up against that cold brass rail of the bar; she winces then smirks as she likes how I’ve now taken control and since she’s now facing her husband, she leans forward to give him a sloppy sensual kiss while her perky nipples ever so gently drag against the cold metal beneath her.

Katrina is enjoying this a lot, and then I notice her butt wiggle, and her one leg lifting up to lean further into her husband, I instinctively tossed up her grey skirt and exposed her thong lace panties that hugged her firm round buttocks.

I hungrily went in, and started to lightly bite and sniff at her like I was going to devour her, and then I hooked my right and left thumbs under the sides to her thong, and slowly peeled them off her silky smooth skin - I might have stopped ever so slightly when I passed that hunny pot, mmm.

When I got all the way down to her heels, a chuckle escaped Katrina’s lips, as her panties got stuck under her one heel, and that’s when she felt my firm grip on her ankle and she quickly quieted down as she was enjoying this power play.

Once I finally got her panties completely off, I ran my hand up Katrina’s calf, along her thigh, grabbed her waist (like a dancing partner would do) and then pushed my manly body against hers as I held her panties in front of her.

“Tell me, what should I do with these; they’re soggy wet!” I said as I looked disappointed in her that she messed all in her panties, but as I did, Katrina uncontrollably sniffed the air as I threw her lingerie over to her husband who quickly wrapped them in his mitt, brought them to his nose, and inhaled deeply.

Mark gave a big smile, as he was basking in Katrina’s pheromones and Jessica was rubbing his fully exposed member as she leaned over to be just oh so out of reach for Katrina to kiss her (haha, she did this on purpose to keep the little power struggle going).

With my hand on Katrina’s backside, and seeing the sight of sexy Jessica playing with Mark’s manhood while she twirls her hair and gave me a big puppy dog look, I unbuckled myself and fully let my pants drop to floor - yes, they made that classic sound we all know of.

Whoa, that sure felt good, so good that I sprang to action and quickly felt my tip land seamlessly on her sexy crack.

Mark then gave a short “hey buddy” whistle, and my head turned to look, and just as I did my hand reached into the air to grab onto the shiny metal cuffs that Mark somehow made appear out of thin air.

I grabbed both of Katrina’s arms and held them directly in line with the small of her back which also magically lined up with the sweet hump of her bottom, and then I unhooked the wrist bracelets and secured them tightly.

Now it was my time to tease her sexy little hole that was now clearly on display as her lips had gently parted, glistening as she continued to leak her sweetness.

I slowly took my index finger, and slid it on the outside of each fold. With each finger swoop, her body heaved and eventually caused her body to wiggle so much that I could see a droplet forming as her lips continued to spread and show me her perfect shade of pink.

My fingers continued to tease that watermelon pink skin that was silky smooth & very warm. As I worked her, more and more droplets formed between her folds; soon my whole hand was wet, but not water wet that easily shakes off, no, this liquid stayed slightly glued to my hands and had a deliciously sweet smell to it.

I couldn’t resist and had to get my face down there.

I knelt in front of her, and my tongue immediately traced the same pattern that my fingers had, but then Katrina wiggled her body and squarely plunked herself right over my hungry face; I was engulfed in her beauty, all of it.

I could feel her hands on the back of my head, and the soft moans escaping her open mouth.

I then could feel two bodies next to me, and someone was tapping my shoulder and of course it was Mark.

He then suggested we go to the back room...where there was not an audience, as the sun was soon set to rise where people would be walking the streets again...and potentially seeing a good show! ;)

*Not necessarily my best work, but this ends this chapter, and I hope you get to experience some joy in this fantasy...more to cum if there’s an interest. So please let me know.