Written by P

Jul 23, 2017

I wrote a story earlier about being away at a cabin with my BF which sort of hinted at this one. I probably should have started with this one...lol....

My BF and I had been into the swinging lifestyle for a little while, 3somes, MMF and FFM and full swap couples. Our first experience was with a couple. We had met them online and decided to meet up and see what happened. We met up with them at a community dance in their area and got along very well. We got along very well at the dance and ended up going home with them....needless to say I got fucked by the guy while BF fucked her and we spent the night, but we slept with our own partners. We all had a lot to drink, and the next day when we got home ...I wasn't sure this was for me.

That is when we decided to try just 3somes, which we did...and a few of both kinds...lol. We always enjoyed watching porn together and it would turn me on to see a woman being taken by multiple men, but I always told him NO....not for me.... never more than 2 guys and he would never allow another guy in my ass...that was for him only.

One night we went to a party, a NORMAL party lol....not a sex party. Everyone was drinking and having a great time, but the party was winding down. It ended up just my BF and I were the only ones there at the house owned by 2 guys, I was having too much fun and wasn't ready to end the party yet.

As I was pouring another drink one of the guys suggested we watch a movie, great! BF and I are big movie buffs. They had a couple big comfy couches so BF and I were sitting on one, they were on the other. The one got up to put on a movie and joked he should put on a porno...I'm pretty sure he was surprised when I told him to go ahead.

Well the bastard put on a group porn...lol. A woman getting fucked by a few men. It didn't take long and I got really horny, So I pulled out my BF's cock and started sucking it. He didn't argue lol. I was sucking on it for a while and I could see out of the corner of my eye that the 2 guys were no longing watching the TV but I had their attention.

I looked at my BF and immediately knew he was getting really turned on knowing they were watching. I got up off the couch and went over to the other one, knelt down on the floor between the 2 guys and reached up to rub their crotches...I could feel how hard they were already. I had to taste their cocks...as I was undoing their pants I looked over just to make sure and seen my BF smiling. I got the first guys cock out and it was good size, not as big as BF but more than average. I wrapped my lips around it and was working on the other guys pants....I got them open and pulled his cock out...and OMG it was the thickest cock I'd ever seen. As I slid it in my mouth I couldn't help but think what it would feel like inside me.

I was on my knees for a bit on the floor between these two guys...sucking one then the other, occasionally looking at BF for approval . It didn't take long and he came over and started taking my clothes off, when he had me naked he laid me on the floor and started licking my pussy. the guys just followed and I had 2 cocks over my face to suck on. He just asked who wanted a taste...I was in heaven....they took turns eating me while I had cocks to suck on. BF put me on my hands and knees and fucked me while I sucked on the guys, which felt great...but I was wanting that thick cock in my pussy....

I had him lay on his back and slowly slid my pussy down on his cock..I was already so wet it he slid in easily but I could feel how tight it was. The other two fucked my mouth....DAMN why did I wait so long for more than 2??? They changed positions and I was riding the other guy and sucking BF and thick guy. BF got behind me and started fucking my ass....I couldn't believe it....I had a cock in every hole....something I said I would never do.....but it felt great.

This went on for a while....riding one...sucking two...or taking one in every hole, but if it was in the ass it was always BF's cock. I was riding the one guy, sucking thick guy and taking it in the ass by BF. He has always said I suck much harder if I'm getting fucked and he wanted to be sucked while I rode the guy. (btw we always have a good supply of condoms so no one has gone bareback....lol

So I'm riding the one guy and sucking BF when I feel the thick guy behind me....I stop sucking and turn to tell him no...only ..BF in my ass.. BF grabs my head and pulls it back around and shoves his cock in my mouth and I just start sucking cause that''s what he wants...he's going to tell the guy himself that my ass is his alone..but NO. I feel the pressure of this thick cock pushing on my ass....OMG I've never had a cock that thick in my pussy let alone my ass.....

I'm already riding the one guy...bf fucking my mouth....and now I'm feeling this thick cock pressed against my ass...he's going slow....pushing little at a time he obviously feels how tight it is ....guy I'm riding is not moving....waiting....BF is holding my head on his cock so I can't say anything....mouth is full.. I can feel being stretched as the head of his cock slides in..once he gets the head of his cock in.....he just slams the rest of it in....so hard I almost swallowed BF's cock... they fucked me that way for a while then the other guy said he needed a turn at my ass.

Since that night...I look forward to feeling a new cock in my ass.....