Feb. 7, 2018

We went for the first time last Friday - February 2.

Friday night is open to single men, women and couples. I saw no single women. Mostly single men.

The handful of couples who were there, either were exhibitionists or looking specifically for a single man.

We managed to break the ice, and have a couple of nice conversations with 2 single men, and 2 couples.

No chemistry, but it was great to feel so welcomed, and people willing to take the time to talk to us, even though we were clearly new!

*NOTE - Must buy membership at the door, pay entrance fee, sign waiver, show id. Cash only.

Friday - Arrived at 10;30 pm - place was 90% empty.

By midnight, there had been a few more arrivals, mostly older couples, playing some bdsm, or 4some together.

The single men (all but 2) who were not involved with anyone or anything, were voyeurs. In your face, beside your bed, crouching close to get a better look, pants down, jerking, voyeurs.

If you like that kind of attention, by all means, go Fridays! You will be turning on many men.

Place was pretty well cleared out by 1:15, place closes at 2:00 (I am disappointed in this fact as it is a membership based club, they could in fact stay open as late as they want, they have to stop serving alcohol by 2 - but so what - if people are having fun - let them!)

We were advised by another experienced couple, to come on a Saturday.

So we did! I didn't buy all kinds of kinky clothes for nothing!

*NOTE: Regarding kinky clothes - Actually turns out not necessary.....With my leather pants and corset, high heals and bra, I felt like I was in a costume compared to everyone else. Even on Saturday (I toned it down but still sexed it up with a black mini and bustier) most were in cocktail dresses, dress pants and nice/sexy tops (most no bras), simple flower dresses, some almost looked like they were in business attire. Most men wore dress shirts and dark pants/jeans. Couple wore jackets.

OKAY - so - back to Saturday.

MUCH BETTER! For couples anyway! Single women are still allowed, but they are mostly coming with their couple anyway. You can tell the Threesomes - they pretty well stick together all night.

Arrived at 10:30 and the place was already triple what was there the Friday, although, due to the size of Obsession, it still looked 80% empty.

People were gathered around the bar, some at tables, people mostly stuck together, practically no ice breaking. Stern looks from some of the women, it was kind of weird. Men didn't seem to know where to look, hardly spoke.

I am an icebreaker kind of person. I will find a way, no matter how small, direct, or indirect, to talk to people, and nothing worked! The women's washroom was the best place to chat, so I kept going there. It worked! I broke the ice with a few, and was talking more to people in the main area via our new found bathroom friendship!

However, by 11:30 ish - drinks had their affect, and the dance floor started to fill up. In the typical awkward way to be expected at a high school dance, or office party. A few people, ourselves included, are "Fuck it" kind of people, so we danced away! Besides, it will eventually encourage others.

"If you dance it.....they will dance!"

I broke the ice with some ladies on the dance floor, integrating myself into their clusters of hugs, groping, kissing, grinding, Again, finding my own little awkward ways) and hit it off with a few women. One couple in particular......sigh........

By 12:30 it was on! In fact, some skipped the dance floor and claimed beds and action around 11:30. (I recommend this if you want a bed Friday night!) My husband and I went back, and were sitting on a white leather love seat (All furniture there is silver, chrome, white leather) when we spotted the hot couple again, settling in onto a couch that backed on to a bed, full of lovers.

I hardly said a word, seizing the moment, (Always watching for ice breaking moments!) and grabbed my husbands hand and bee-lined over to the couch. We were engaged in conversation, participated in watching the group on the bed, and each began our own making out. Soon, however, I saw they were getting down right naked, so I turned to my husband, and said "Okay, lets do this, right? Now or never, we are going to loose it (the opportunity)"

Before I knew it, I was peeling out of my clothes, reluctantly, but was encouraged by our new couple friends. With praise for my imperfect body, jelly belly, mom boobs, these perfect specimens groped me, encouraged me, and encouraged him to "Go with! Own it - be confident!" My husband kept his dress shirt on, but was all out there!

It was so scary, fun, hot. It was all modest soft stuff, but just being there, participating, having other hands on me, having my hands on her (sigh.......I really miss fucking women) was amazing. I have played in the past, back when I had a "Hot body". Before kids, before 3 surgeries, before getting "older".......this time I was nervous. But this couple, and my husband, and the overall vibe, made it possible.

Even the 4some on the bed, one of the women in throws of passion reached over and was grabbing my arm in intensity - obviously what ever she was experiencing was good!

Don't get me wrong.......Me, the "Icebreaking, Used to be hot, Sexually free Queen" was nervous.

* Would I be attractive/desirable enough for others to want me. If no one did, would that ruin it for my husband?

* Would he desire these other women (some of them with the classic "Perfect Body") so much that he is disappointed when he comes back to regular me? Is he saying to himself "I wish that....."

* Will he have the same intense, passionate face that I know, love and desire, while with someone else?

* Does that mean that his "face" and "performance" that I am used to being only for me, is in fact not special at all? That the intensity he shows during our intimacy, is not because of "Me" but simply because he is hot, turned on, in the moment.........

* How do I process seeing what reactions he has, that used to be because of me, now being made because of someone else?

Needless to say, my husband and I talked A LOT before going, and A LOT after. End result -

NO REGRETS! It was fucking hot, inclusive, nerve wracking, intense - and we, by general "swing" standards, hardly did anything at all - but to us - it was a huge leap of faith! We even resolved some other issues during our "Debrief" that were

Thanks to Obsession, our steamy couple, (who like Cinderella have disappeared, never to be found again.....), open communication with my husband, my extreme desire to have women in my life again, I can say that.....

Mama's got her mojo back!

GO! Great place for beginners.