Written by First Timers

Mar. 22, 2018

L was always very sexual, having a few experiences with myself and some of my friends before we even started dating. She had a thing for being the center of attention, having multiple people focus only on her pleasure. Being young and in high school at the time, it rarely lead to anything besides heavy petting with me and a buddy.

Fast forward to January of 2008, half a year after taking her to our high school graduation and finally realizing that I want to be with this amazing woman after knowing her for 5 years. We start dating and quickly fall head over heels for each other.

We had discussed over the course of many years the possibility of having some one else join us in the bedroom again. It always seemed like just a fantasy that was nice to think about but would probably never happen. Still my girlfriend at the time, L had been curious for a long time about a sexual experience with a woman. She wondered how it would feel to kiss them and rub her hands over their soft skin. She wanted to feel an experienced woman's tongue pleasing her in a way only another woman could.

Soon after we got married we decided to finally start trying to make this fantasy a reality. We joined a few websites without too much expectation. If we found something that seemed like a good fit we would try it at least once. We ended up finding a young married couple around our age who seemed like really nice people looking for exactly what we were. Mr. X was a muscular man bigger than myself,(a body type L had never been with which intrigued her) and had a nice thick cock L knew she would enjoy. Mrs. X was a cute blonde with an amazing bubble butt, very similar to L's. I have never been with a blonde and only been with 3 women ever (including my wife L) at this point in my life. Needless to say I was excited. I had only been slightly curious at best of anything sexual with another man, but was totally comfortable in a wife swap scenario. The thought of sharing L with another man, surprisingly to me was not met with jealousy as I sometimes thought it would have. It turned me on thinking of how much another man was going to enjoy how amazing she is as a lover. They suggested we start a group chat together to get to know each other a little better and see if we had chemistry. Mr. X was working out of town so this could be nothing more than sexy flirting for a few weeks, and it was tough. L was soaking wet everyday with anticipation, Mrs. X had been with women before and quite enjoyed it. Mrs. X promised she would fulfill her bi sexual fantasies. I shared that my number one fantasy was to have two gorgeous ladies pleasing me at once, sharing my long smooth cock. L was very fond of my cock and was excited to share it with another woman. Mrs. X also promised my fantasy would be fulfilled. I was getting so hard everyday imagining it becoming a reality. The anticipation was very high in the group and finally Mr. X returned home, but due to busy lives we still had to wait another 3 weeks to meet. In the months leading up to our meeting we started being a lot more sexually charged and being more confident in ourselves and taking care of ourselves better, and we were feeling good. As the date grew closer we grew more and more nervous. Would they like us in person? Would it be awkward? It was more of an excited kind of nervous, at least for me. I ended up buying a nice dress jacket a few days before the event, I had been wanting a nice one for a while and decided to splurge. I deserved it. I felt sexy and confident and was in awe with how confident and sexy L was looking and feeling leading up to our meeting. Its Friday morning at work now and we have already reserved a hotel and a nice dinner out for Saturday night. It is impossible to focus at work and Mrs. X is not making it any easier, sending me teasing pictures in our group chat.

The day has arrived and we are taking our time getting ready. We want to look good and feel confident in ourselves. On the way to the hotel and we are both very nervous, but think it will go really well. We call a cab to take us to the restaurant since we want to have some wine with dinner, a little alcohol would help lower our inhibitions and make this easier. We meet Mr. and Mrs. X at their hotel room to drop off some things for later. We all hug upon meeting. Mrs. X looks incredible in a cute dress. L is wearing a little black dress, heels and stockings. They both look absolutely stunning. The nerves and slight awkwardness fade quickly as we chat in the cab on our way to start the night. Waiting for our table at the restaurant it feels as if everyone knows what we are up to, but I know that can't be true. Once we are seated our server asks us if we have any special plans for later and Mr. X smirks and says no and L blurts out "Yes, just enjoying a nice night with some new friends." He must know something is up but plays it cool and takes our drink orders, bringing us some wine samples. Delicious appetizers, wine and stories of their previous experiences got the night started. By the time we finished and paid we were all very ready to take this to the next step.

On the cab ride back I was in between the girls in the back seat, Mrs. X reminded me we were on camera, I had to wait. I was very excited and thinking of what was to come, we were all a little buzzed and the energy was good. When we arrived at the hotel room we decided playing some kind of strip game while sharing some more wine would be a great way to start things off and lose the clothes. We sat in the living room area to play and drink. Mr. X won the first round and told Mrs. X to lose her panties, I liked his style. She lifted her dress to reveal black lacy panties, very sexy. She removed them quickly flashing me the goods before sitting down. Mr. X and I lost a couple items of clothing next and then finally I won a round. I instructed L to stand up and turn around, lift up her dress and bend over a little to show them her incredible ass. She was wearing black, lace-top stockings and matching black lace panties. Mr. X was sure to tell her how amazing she looked, he loved stockings. Mr. X won another round and told Mrs. X to take her dress off, and she slipped it off. She looked incredible and I couldn't help but give her ass a little squeeze. Mr. X won a few rounds in a row and L lost her dress and both bras came off quickly, L was looking incredibly confident and sexy. Mr. X lost his pants and revealed his cock, getting excited now he was getting quite big. I decided to just catch up and lose mine as well, I was getting quite excited. I won a round next and asked the girls to make out for us, I knew L was very excited and nervous for this to happen. Mrs. X took charge and approached first. L quickly followed and locked lips with her. It didn't last near long enough but it got me and Mr. X very excited, we were both rock hard. The girls looked very impressed with what they saw. Mrs. X gave me a look and before I knew it her mouth was all over my cock. L quickly took Mr. X into her mouth as well. I had been waiting for this for so long and it did not disappoint. She clearly enjoyed sucking cock and loved making me so excited. I looked over at L and nodded approvingly of her pleasing Mr. X. I watched as she used some of her signature moves on him and moaned in pleasure knowing first hand what that feels like and how much he must enjoy it. Mrs. X is taking me very deep now, and it feels amazing. I am wondering if my fantasy of two girls sharing my cock is going to happen but I don't bring it up, i'm just enjoying the moment and going with the flow. Mrs. X suggests we all move to the bed to get more comfortable and we do. Mr. X and I lay down beside each other and the girls continue pleasing each others husbands. This is the hottest thing I have seen and been a part of. Mrs. X is gripping my shaft with her left hand while teasing the tip of my cock with her tongue. I'm looking at her shining wedding ring while her hand is wrapping my cock, and think how hot it is another man's wife is doing this. Her mouth feels amazing and she is making eye contact with me, I give her a big grin. They have been very generous and it is their turn for some pleasure now. We both excitedly flip them over, and at this point I can't focus on what L is doing. All of my focus is on Mrs. X now. She looks amazing lying under me. All I want is to lick her hot pink hole but I want to tease her and build the excitement. I really enjoy pleasing a woman. I move closer and kiss her neck lightly, and soon enough we are passionately making out. I move down to her breasts and tease her nipples, they look perfect to me... just like L's. I make my way down to her thighs and I start kissing them slowly with a few licks here and there, I can tell she is getting very excited. I am anticipating what she will taste like and give her a gentle lick near her opening, delicious. I can't help myself and stiffen my tongue to plunge it inside her a little, then pull back slightly to look at her. I can tell she likes it so I keep going, in and out a few times with my tongue going just a little deeper each time. I move up to her now exposed clit and take the whole area in my mouth and make a little suction pressure and she is going wild. I go down even further and give her asshole a tease with my tongue, circling around it slowly. She looks and tastes amazing. I stiffen my tongue again and dip it in her ass, spreading her cheeks slowly. I lick slowly from one hole up to her clit a few times. I am rock hard and I know she is ready for it but looking out for L I suggest the girls should play together. Again Mrs. X takes control and wants to fulfill L's fantasies with a woman. They begin kissing intensely and not long after Mrs. X is going down on my wife. She was being quite aggressive and L liked it. It was so incredibly hot to watch and I was so happy L's fantasies were being fulfilled. Mrs. X had her face buried deep between L's legs and said that she wanted to be the first girl to make her cum, but L was not ready. L usually needed a lot of time and teasing before she climaxed. The girls decided they wanted to try scissoring, and I took the opportunity for a quick bathroom break. When I came out I was treated to an amazing show. Mrs. X was straddling my wife, their legs interlocked and Mrs. X was rocking back and forth, mushing their soaking wet pussies together in a slow sexy rhythm. L insisted Mrs. X feel being grinded on from the bottom so they swapped positions and continued to give us a sexy show. Lucky men, we were. It seemed like the right time for a quick intermission after that, so we all threw on some clothes and went outside for a smoke break. Mr. X had a cigar and me and L had a joint to share, just a few puffs to enhance our experience even further.

When we got back to the room we were all getting eager to take it a step further. Clothes came back off very quickly and we all jumped back on the bed, and our wives quickly went down on the others husband again. I ask Mrs. X to 69 with me, I want to taste her also as she does me. She smiles and quickly swings her ass around, puts it right on my face and presses down as she takes me in her mouth again. L gets in there as well, and Mr. X brings out his camera and snaps a few pictures of us in different positions. We promise each other the pictures will just be for us, we can post them in our group chat. Things are getting heated again and Mr. X and L need more room so they move to the living room area. I can't see L now and wonder what she is doing, whatever it is sounds like a lot of fun. I tell Mrs. X that I want her to ride me when she's ready, she nods and I know she wants it now. I slip on a condom and she drops down on my throbbing cock, incredible. She goes slow at first rocking back and forth, slowly getting more aggressive. I adjust my position to better stimulate her G spot, grab her ass and thrust myself in and out at a faster pace. I flip her on to her back and enter her again, leaning in to kiss her while I penetrate her. L comes into our room eventually and is very turned on by what she sees. L later told me she couldn't even see Mrs. X under me, just her legs. I was postured up and she watched as all my back and ass muscles flexed, me thrusting away, a very hot sight. L suggests I slip a pillow under Mrs. X to get a better angle, something we always do. I enter again and I can tell she likes the way I'm hitting her G spot.

L and Mr. X come over shortly after because their bed is a pullout couch and isn't very comfortable, and we decided it was another good opportunity for a break.

It must have been around 1 AM at this point, we walked through the lobby to go outside. Some staff saw us in the hall but there was no one at the front desk, I wondered what they must have been thinking about us. L dressed in just the dress and shoes, no bra or panties. Mrs. X in a thin cotton t shirt with no bra, and yoga pants. Both girls hair was a mess. I couldn't find my shirt so I just threw my dinner jacket on with some jeans and went out bare chested. Mr. X had to run across the street to grab another cigar. The ladies were cold outside by the fountain so we went inside the lobby to wait for his return. I saw now that there was a man at the front desk. He gave me an envious glance. I could tell the ladies hadn't noticed him and they sat on either side of me on a couch in the lobby and got real close to me. They both shortly noticed him and we all shared a secret, quiet laugh. L went outside as she saw Mr. X running back across the street, she wanted to smoke a little more from the joint so she joined him outside. Mrs. X didn't want to go back out in the cold, and L and Mr. X were motioning us to join them. I told her I would be back quick and I went out to grab a quick puff and told them Mrs. X was cold so I would go back inside with her alone.

I went inside and the two of us shared a smirk. We quickly headed back to the room. Clothes flew off fast and I pulled her naked body close to mine and lay her down on the bed, pushing her legs back as I tasted her sweet pussy again. This was making me very excited now, I mentioned how much I enjoyed pleasing a woman. Getting so excited made me more enthusiastic and I started to eat her out much more aggressively, thrusting my tongue deep inside her and licking her clit harder. L and Mr. X returned to the room but decided to go to L and I's hotel room for a better bed to use. I got right back to work. She told me under her breath how good I was, and I slipped one finger in and stroked her G spot as I put pressure on her clit with my tongue. I started to go harder and she told me I was going to make her cum. I loved to hear that. I could feel her tense up on my finger and she let out moans of pleasure as she came for me. This just got me more excited and I went even harder, and she came again, then again. This was amazing how easy it seemed to make her cum. She told me I was being too generous and almost forcefully flipped me on my back and took my hard cock in her mouth again, It somehow felt even better now, my cock anticipating being inside her again. She grabbed me with her left hand again letting me see her wedding ring as she licked me. Fuck was that hot. I told her I wanted her to ride me again. She turned around and I thought she was going to grab a condom but she spread my legs and faced away from me sitting her ass close to my cock, starting to tease it going in bare. I had seen some videos of her in this position, and was rock hard with the thought. Before we knew it, it slipped inside and she was grinding on it expertly. She was soaking wet and with her spit still all over my cock she bounced up and down on it faster and faster, ending up shaking in orgasm while grinding away. I was so excited I flipped her on her back again and shoved a pillow under the small of her back again. I slid inside while holding eye contact and before long she was telling me those words I loved to hear "I'm cumming!" Honestly at this point I had lost track of how many times she had cum for me. It was my turn. I pulled out and was stroking my cock fast infront of her, I told her to play with herself for me and she came for me again! This time squirting a little bit. I had never seen that before, and it was so incredibly hot. Watching her squirt like that made me bust my huge load all over her chest. I collapsed beside her and she put her head on my shoulder and we lay there in awe of what just happened for a while. After getting cleaned up we lay on the bed again together, both exhausted. Mrs. X quickly fell into a deep sleep. I was curious what L was doing but I was so tired after that crazy night, and didn't want to interrupt. I decided to stay with Mrs. X for now and started to drift off...

A loud noise awakes me after what seems like a few minutes of light sleep at best. Mr. X and L have come back to the room and I quickly wake up, Mrs. X is unresponsive. It is clear she just needs to sleep, so I tell them to leave her. She has a slight smile on her face as she sleeps and I know why, L comments how she looks like a little angel sleeping. She does. The three of us decide to go to our room, L isn't done for the night yet. I think "God I love this woman." At this point I am so over stimulated, I am happy to just be there to help in other ways. I help them for a bit and realize there are some things I should grab from their hotel room, I decide to go back down there to grab some things and check on Mrs. X. When I get there she is still peacefully sound asleep with the same smile on her face. I want to wake her to check on her and tell her there is water there if she needs it but I can't bring myself to do it. I grab our belongings and right before I'm about to leave the room I get a call from Mr. X, I quickly answer it and try not to wake Mrs. X. He tells me there is a magic wand massager in their bag and they want me to bring it up to the room. I easily find the large white wand in the bag, take one more look at Mrs. X and whisper "Goodnight."

When I return to our room L has Mr. X on the bed and is sucking his cock again, look at her go. I never knew she could be this wild, what a champ. I walk around the bed, find an outlet and plug in the magic wand. L hops on top of Mr. X and I can tell he really wants her to sit on it. I grab his hard cock in my hand and start to help put it inside but L stops me. One of her fantasies was to have me lick her while she was being teased by a cock and she asked me if I could, I agreed. Mr. X was huge and hard lying on his back and I was right between his legs, with L bent over backwards in front of me and on top of Mr. X. I could easily pleasure him if I wanted to I thought, but didn't feel totally comfortable with it. Perhaps one day. Mr. X had mentioned earlier in the night that he was slightly curious but had never done anything. The thought fades as I begin to lick L and as I do my chin is bumping in to Mr. X's cock as it bounces between her legs and ass. Mr. X didn't know what he was experiencing so he asked "S are you sucking my cock?" L and I laughed and said no, I told him what was going on. Once L is nice and ready I grab his cock again, guiding it inside. She bounces up and down on it for a bit and Mr. X is loving it. She soon ends up on her back with a pillow under her bum and the magic wand sending her waves of pleasure. I slip a finger inside her and stimulate her G spot, making her cum and squeeze hard down on me. Once she goes once she usually has a few more soon after, she had Mr. X penetrate her from the same position and rubbed her clit while he fucked her hard, she quickly came all over his cock. Now she was playing with herself as he rocked back and forth inside her, I could tell he was getting close. She told him she was going to cum again and that made him go over the edge, he pulled out and sprayed an enormous load. It went everywhere, even all over the headboard. Impressive. Mr. X soon after went to check on Mrs. X so we figured the night was done and started getting cleaned up and ready to sleep.

About 10 minutes later Mr. X shows up again, still buzzing from the night not wanting it to end. L gives a little smile and I can tell she's down for more, what an amazing woman. She invites him inside. She lays with us both on the bed and takes Mr. X in her mouth again, at this point I am excited and ready for more and the sight of this makes me hard too, and she alternates pleasing us. In our group chat there had been a few teasing comments mentioning the girls trying to fit two cocks inside their mouth at the same time. We decided to give it a try. Mr. X suggested a position where the men are on our backs and have our asses pressed together and legs intertwined in order to make this possible. It worked very well and L was able to actually take both of us in her mouth at the same time, rubbing our cocks together with her tongue in the mix. I was so impressed with how much of a dirty little slut she could be when she wanted. After a while of that we ended up side by side again, her taking Mr. X while I stroked my shaft. When I could feel I was getting close to orgasm I asked L to help finish me off. She quickly took me in her mouth, teasing slowly, making it very slobbery and using her hands and finger tips to tease the tip of my cock. It felt so amazing when she did that and it didn't take long before my toes curled as she took my load in her mouth. Mr. X was stroking his cock and said that was making him really close too. L hopped over to him with my cum still dripping from her mouth and took him in, quickly making him cum also. Me and Mr. X lay there for a bit in amazement, as L cleaned herself up a bit. Mr.X got dressed and thanked us for an amazing night. We would see them in the morning.

I was awoke a few hours later with a message from Mr. X. He was asking if we maybe wanted to meet for some more fun before they had to check out at eleven. He brought up the fact that my fantasy hadn't been fulfilled yet and that could maybe change. That peaked my attention. We were so tired but also awake with sexual energy still. We needed some fuel if this was going to happen so we went downstairs for the complimentary breakfast. Mr. and Mrs. X joined us for a quick bite to eat and went back to their room, we would meet them there shortly. We went back to their room not knowing what to expect, we didn't have long before they had to leave. Mr. X greeted us when we knocked and Mrs. X was on her knees by the couch, it was obvious what she had been doing. Very quickly both of us men were pantless on the couch again. Mrs. X acted first and wrapped her mouth around my cock yet again, a little sensitive I felt for the first time from the previous night, but it felt so good. Mrs. X took me deeper in her throat than she had before, gagging a bit. L was deep throating for Mr. X, too. The girls swapped and I had L with me for a bit, they were both amazingly good at sucking cock. Then it happened. Mr. X asked his wife to help me as well, and she leaned over and licked the side of my shaft up and down as L bounced the tip between her soft, fat lips. It was hard to believe this was actually happening right now. Mrs. X got in between my legs with L and they both looked at me smiling. They teased the tip of my cock with their tongues at the same time, I was entranced by them. They were dancing with their soft tongues together, making out with my hardness in the mix. L instructed Mrs. X to take the head while she sucked on my balls a little. I couldn't help but tell them this was the hottest thing I had ever seen as they both licked it up and down. Fantasy fulfilled. It was Mr. X's turn now and the girls shifted over and gave him the same treatment, I watched, slightly dazed, as I stroked my cock.

Checkout time approaching, Mr. X lifted his wife up off the floor and sat her on his cock, fucking her only for a short time while L moved over to go down on me. Mrs. X got up off her husband and bent over in front of me as I rubbed my cock over her ass cheeks and slapped her pussy a bit with it. I wanted her so badly to just sit on it but she walked away slowly and we all moved to the bed. Me and L bent over Mrs. X and enjoyed the view for a few seconds, I started tongueing her asshole while L licked her pussy. She was letting out intense moans of ecstasy. Our wives suggested me and Mr. X get in the same position we were just in a few hours ago, they both wanted to take us at the same time. "We are the luckiest men alive." I thought. We entwine our legs together again and really squish our cheeks together this time to make this easier for them, I was very comfortable with him at this point. They took turns fitting us both in their mouths at once, it was incredible. L made a comment to Mrs. X about how fun and hot it was to rub our slobbery cocks together. Soon after me and Mr. X were on our backs again and Mrs. X wanted us to cum for her. I felt like I could still last forever as I was quite over stimulated from all this action. Mrs. X ended up riding her husband reverse cowgirl until he came deep inside her, she crawled off him with his cum dripping out of her. It was so hot I grabbed a condom and had to fuck L. I immediately grabbed a pillow and propped her up, I knew what she liked and was going to make sure she came for me. I thrust slow and deep and angled my cock up to hit her G spot. She was playing with her clit while I fucked her hard, she looked so good and was radiating sexual energy. She ended up cumming on my cock a few times, with her last orgasms contractions making me blow my load deep inside her as well. It was already a little past checkout time by now and we hastily cleaned up and said our goodbyes.

I could tell this was the start of something great, and I couldn't wait to hear how the night went from L's perspective.