Written by BRUX - Mr Truescottie

Nov. 1, 2016

For Natalee….

In my mind’s eye, the bagpipe's notes played in time,

As I watched you glide across my lush green garden.

A shadow cast from your sexy body so fine, it was a crime!

Softly flickering in the moonlight, my cock began to harden…

Your eyes appeared to dance with each passing glance,

A mood of heightened sexuality lingered in the warm night air.

That eventful night’s meeting presented me with the chance,

To later make sweet love to you in my private lair….

We bumped and grinded to our joint heart beat on Saturday night,

Rythmically, sensually, passionately, our bodies moved as one.

You and I playing together must have been quite a sight,

Flirting, kissing, fucking, and you pinching my chest, until our night’s fun was done.

You say you want to get together again, and swallow my cock in front of the camera?

Natalee, my dear, I I will be more than happy to fulfill your every fantasy.

As I start to undress you nice and slow, I beseech you to please excuse my poor grammar,

Then, kissing and caressing you from head to toe, I will make you cream and squirt in sheer ectasy!

For Natalee, from Brux