Written by EagerCouples

Apr. 19, 2018

We all agreed to get together after that first coffee date.

I had butterflies in my stomach, I had not had a lot of experience playing with a woman and was very nervous.

Dressed in a dress that didn't leave much to the imagination and a sexy red bra I showed up at the hotel early. My husband checking us in while I blushed at the desk clerk who went into way too much detail about the room and amenities.

Once in the room we went about getting comfortable and poured drinks while waiting on you two.

Your texts started saying saying how your were almost here and how excited and nervous you are getting. Damn I needed another sip of brandy to calm my nerves. You both came in and we spent too much time chatting while trying to get up the nerve to start flirting. Maybe it was the way your shirt hugged our breasts beautifully or the fit of your jeans on that beautiful bottom... I couldn't wait any longer and invited you to join me on the lounge. You were so shy at first. Once our lips touched and our tongues started you quickly became eager. I was so wet from the excitement hehe. Both our men were watching as we pulled each others clothes off while kissing and touching getting so turned up with each second.

Not wanting to waste any time you led me to the bed telling the men to join us. My husband needed little prompting to join you. Your body had him hard all day in anticipation of this moment. Your man stood beside the bed naked his hard cock drawing my attention - I began licking and sucking him excited for a new cock. feeling his hands on my body as he reached between my legs to feel my wet warm mound. I looked over to see my husbands face buried between your legs and hearing you gasp. I know how great he is as I've trained him well hehe. Your man moved between my legs to bury his tongue into me. I don't know who was louder as we laid sides touching feeling each other getting off I squirted with the power of the orgasms I was having hearing your man encourage my husband as he slid his hard cock between your legs made everything even more intense! Your man moved up to work that thick cock of his into me...it felt so good! making my pussy feel amazing as it stretched to take him all in. I could tell he was trying to hold back and I so wanted to feel him explode inside me. he paused to go back to licking and sucking me making my orgasms grow even more. Listening to your screams of excitement as my husband worked to pleasure you., his face showing his pleasure and excitement. We switched up a bit moving positions and touching each other while our men continued to play and tease our pussies. While kissing you I asked if I could go lower to watch my husband slide in and out of you up close. you gave me a nod and a yes, I couldn't believe I was about to taste you while your man continued to ride me I licked and suckled your clit watching my husband giving you a good ride from the side. he pulled his cock out to give me a taste - it was so hot! we continued to please each other until we were spent. laying back I couldn't help but giggle at what we had spent the last few hours doing.... I am so excited to do this again soon hehe