Written by Jacques Jill

Feb. 1, 2015

Ah... our friend George! To say that he brought Henri and me incredible experiences would be an understatement. But let me begin at the beginning, as they say.

It started several months ago when Henri and I were having this amazing fucking session, the kind you get to know and taste only once in a while. I was riding his stiff cock while floating in a cloud of bliss, totally oblivious to the universe surrounding us. Henri devoured my pebbled nipples sending shock waves through me. He had just finished giving me the most thorough tongue fucking and pushed me over the edge in free fall.

While one hand was kneading one rock-hard breast and his tongue lathering the other, Henri passed his free hand down the crack of my ass. This he had often done in the past. But what I didn't expect is that after wetting his middle finger he introduced deep in my anus.

“What the fuck are you doing Henri? Who gave you permission to finger fuck my ass? It’s disgusting.”

Talking about losing his erection in a second flat; I felt sorry for Henri when I saw this look of humiliation in his eyes. Laughing, I grabbed his cock and stroked it till he got back a throbbing hard-on like a young fledgling teenager and his first sex experience. I took him in my mouth teasing the head of his cock with my tongue savoring his salty pre-cum. He was standing; I was squatting in front of him.

“Stop Zoe, stop ... I... can’t hold back. I am going to come in your mouth baby!” I stopped sucking him, as I wasn't sure I was ready yet for Henri let go his full load in my mouth. I hand jerked him vigorously.

“Where do you want it baby? Hurry up. I am coming!” he screamed as he got to the edge. I wrapped his cock in my breasts and continued to grind his cock between them until he spilled his load. Well, it hit me square in the face. “Tastes not bad Henri,” I said licking my lips.

We still had unfinished business about his finger-fucking my ass without warning. “Look Henri, I was more surprised than shocked,” I said. “It’s no big deal. But you should have given me a head start. I could have prepared my ass, you know... washed it, emptied myself.”

His eyes shining he asked timidly at first, “does that mean...”

“Sure Henry; on condition I get to finger fuck your ass too. And if you decided to push that big cock of yours up my derriere I get to do it to you too.”

Henri laughed. “And how do you propose to do that Zoe, without a dick?”

“Oh you’ll see” I replied mysteriously. All these afternoons while our husbands were slaving at work to bring the bacon home, Virginia and I were not only kissing and touching. I bet it’s every man’s wet dream to have been that stiff plastic black cock at the end of the strap-on taking turns to penetrate each other deep inside the wet folds between our thighs.

And ... well we tried it once and we liked it. Virginia invaded my anus once while she rubbed my clit while my legs were wrapped around her neck. After Virginia tasted the sensation of that cock fucking her ass, we decided to explore further this new erotic experience of ass fucking and finally we agreed to add it to our afternoon secret sex games.

After such afternoon encounters I guess the special shining in my eyes made an unsuspecting Henri ask me, “Do you feel alright dear?” “Oh yes,” I would reply immersed in the after-glow of my delights with Virginia.

All to say, I knew my ass was ready to take on Henri’s big cock after those afternoon delights with Virginia and our strap-on. I knew that for Henri finger fucking was only the prelude for him to ask to ass fucking me. So I too wanted to establish my claim over his ass as he did mine.

However I didn't subject Henri yet to fucking him with my strap on even after he started to ass fuck me formally. I limited myself to push my finger up his ass and massaging him hard just before he would reach incredible orgasms, causing a convulsing Henri to groan and moan loudly. Afterwards as we lay naked snuggled in each other’s arms our limbs entangled, Henri would take my finger that was just up his ass and kissed it passionately whispering, “That was ... more than sensational Zoe darling.”

“It was good for me too Henri ... especially when you pushed my buttocks apart and tongue-fucked me. That was special.” Henri had turned me around and separated my buttocks. He kissed tenderly my anus and ran his the full length of the crack of my ass. His finger had found my hungry clit between the swollen lips of my cunt. My body had tensed up and I ached for the intense rapture that will soothe those smoldering fires soon. Suddenly Henri’s hands and tongue worked their magic, unleashing waves after growing waves of hellish fires that devoured me.

I must have been daydreaming about that wave of orgasms because Henri snapped his fingers to break me back to reality.

Then one night it just happened while he was pushing his cock deep in my cunt. “I would say you are ready to take in the big one on,” he asked...no, more precisely beg me eagerly while trying to get passed the closed crack of my ass with his cock. I was treated to the real thing. After I had been reared on just cold plastic cock the sensation of his warm one still dripping with my cunt juices drilling my ass was unimaginable. And it left Henri exhilarated. Of course I did not have to lather his dick with my tongue to make sure it slid up my anus easier. As I said, my wet pussy took care of that.


It was about that time that George came into our lives. Being a sport reporter I had access after games to the men’s locker rooms full of naked players. It was at one of those football games that I spotted “big” George. It was not by accident that he got that nickname. Besides a cock that was just full of promises, his rippling muscles of his body were sculpted in black steel. Every movement of his naked body during my interview made me dizzy. When my editor asked me, “So what did you get from the interview?” I answered honestly, “Oh a lot.” I couldn’t erase from my mind the mental picture of these powerful thighs and steel buns.

Over the next few weeks I used to go home all dizzy after my regular visits to George naked in the men’s locker room. I didn’t realize that I often spoke of “Big George” with my husband. I guess I looked flushed and my palms were moist that Henri took notice. “Zoe dear, you give me the best blowjob and the best fuck every time you get back from interviewing “Big George”. Do you fantasize that he is fucking you?”

I must have turned twenty shades of red. I couldn't meet his eyes or utter a word without betraying my deepest and darkest erotic fantasy. And then the big surprise came.

“You know hon, I don’t mind if you get him to fuck you if that’s what you want, but on condition that I get to watch you two.”

“Are you serious Henri?” I was stunned.


It was at the big end of season big dinner to which players and the press were invited by the team management. Henri and I were sitting at a table of eight with some team members and their wives. “So you are the lady who gets to see my husband naked in the men’s locker room after the games?” asked one of the wives. “I bet you love to volunteer to cover the games,” added another. I just about died when Henri piped up. “Wow! That’s when we have the hottest sex after she comes back from the men’s locker room.”

George was sitting at the next table with his date, a blond bimbo who unabashedly rubbed his crotch all evening while wetting her lips suggestively every time she caught George’s attention.

“Excuse me, I need to go to the powder room,” I said. Once in a stall, I lifted my miniskirt and pulled off my sopping wet panties. I neatly wrapped in paper towel and tucked the evidence of my arousal in my purse.

“Are you alright deary?” asked Henri solicitously. I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “tonight is the night.” I made sure Henri noticed my eyes locked on George. Henri smiled with complicity. “So you are going through with this, are you?”

I sat sidewise facing George and turned my head to carry on a conversation with the other guests at our table. Meanwhile I uncrossed and crossed my legs each time giving George an eyeful of my neatly shaved cunt. My glances told me that George was riveted by the unexpected sight of my sumptuous private parts.

Henri and I met George waiting outside the dining hall. “You know where we live,” said Henri as we passed him by. I opened my purse and dumped my wet panties at George’s feet. He picked it up and inhaled deeply my scent while our eyes were locked together.

Henri sat smiling in anticipation in the winged arm chair when I entered our bed room. George was completely naked, stroking his huge erection.

Taking Henri’s hands in mine, I whispered to my husband,

“Shush…Lift my nightgown … slowly!”

He slipped his hands between my skin and the soft silk of my lace garment. His hands were trembling as he lifted the hem of the nightgown above my waistline uncovering my naked ass to George behind me on the waiting bed. I controlled how fast I want Henri to uncover my nudity. I reached for his right hand, and moved it to the front. Henri’s hand reached my most intimate parts between her thighs. I gasped as he touched me.

"Now, take my nightgown off. I am not wearing anything else. "

The gown slides over my head and fell to my feet. I stood a few moments, naked before both men as they contemplated my nudity. After almost ten years of married life, I still enthralled Henri with mysteries I held for him. He didn't seem perturbed about another man gazing at the nude body of his wife that he was about to offer to George to ravish her.

I took George’s his hands and got them to caress intimately every part of my body. I held his head and kissed his lips gently. I moved closer to him and cupped up my breasts for him to reach my pebbled nipples. He took one in his mouth, gently swirling his tongue. I crave for more. His hands part my thighs. I feel them searching me. George’s lips moved slowly down my body until he was deep between her thighs, spreading my swollen lips with his tongue. He breathed deeply the musty scent of my arousal. He kissed my engorged glistening entrance to my cunt. His tongue penetrated me. He brushed with it my clitoris. My body tensed up and ached for the intense rapture that will soothe my smoldering fires soon. Suddenly George’s hands and tongue work their magic, unleashing waves after growing waves of hellish fires that devour me.

His arousal got angrier at each thrust inside me. His hands and his mouth plundered any part of me he wanted to take or happened to fall in his reach just at that moment. He devoured that morsel of my flesh that fell in his grasp. I was getting weaker as I drew again closer to another hellish orgasm. “Oh! George.”

I fell back on the bed to make room for Henri who was lying naked with George between us. “Fuck him,” I tell George.

George tumbled Henri on all four, splaying his buttocks. With one rough thrust, he penetrated Henri’s ass. I stroke Henri’s hair gently looking in his dark eyes where I saw pure animal lust. George threw me on my back and without pulling out his cock out of Henri’s ass he got my husband to fuck me from the front. I wrapped my thighs around him, clawing my fingernails in his flesh all over his whole body.

As George pulled out, Henri and I tumbled. I was striding Henri. At that moment I felt George’s erection penetrating my anus from behind. I was at the edge of the infernal furnace that was about to consume me once more.

I was made to sit on my heels before the two men as they stood before me. With my hands I jerked them, my mouth open ready for them to pour their load. I want to watch their eyes as I swallowed their hot discharge.

Later they watch me as I wiped my lips with my tongue working any dripping on my face into my mouth.

“So that’s how I was going to get to fuck your ass, Henri darling,” I said to him. “Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed getting George to fuck me. Did you like watching your wife being fucked by another man?”

His gleaming eyes told me all I wanted to know.