Feb. 12, 2016

We can all remember the greatest sexual experience that we ever had. That man that curled your toes and made you cum so easily. Or that pussy that fit your cock just right. My greatest experience was watching my wife with another man. We had met with two couples previously, but when you are with someone you tend to focus on them and not the other people in room. I set this meeting up as a threesome but clearly told the man that it was for me to watch them play. We met for dinner and later went out for drinks. The man would lightly touch her on her back or leg, but nothing overly sexual. Kat gave me the sign that she was comfortable with him so after we finished our drinks I suggested we go to our hotel room. Once we entered the room, the man came up behind her. He began kissing her neck and filling his hands with Kat’s large breasts. He removed her blouse and bra, her tugs hung loosely in the air. It wasn’t long before they were both naked, kissing and fondling each other. Kat asked me to join in, but I told her this was just for her. He sat on the bed and Kat knelt on the floor before him. I watched as Kat took his cock into her mouth, she wanted his cock and he enjoyed the pleasure she was giving him. Soon she was on the bed with him, him on his back and she straddled him. I watched as she wrapped her fingers around his cock and guided him inside her. With one fell swoop, he was up to his balls in my wife. She was wet and ready for him. The sounds they made were filled the room. The wet sloshy sound his cock made sliding in and out of her. Her tits were in his hands as he squeezed them and rolled her nipples around in his fingers. Before long he rolled her over on her back and quickly filled her pussy again. Watching him fucking her was more exciting than anything I had ever seen before. Kat breasts were swaying in motion to his thrusts. This man wanted her pussy and was giving her a wonderful work out. Then came the unmistakable sounds of him grunting and announcing he was cumming. Kat grabbed his ass and pulled him deep into her. They laid there for a few moments, enjoying what had just happened. He withdrew from her and his cum leaked out of her red used pussy. It blew my mind. They recuperated and I was able to watch the fun began again. What a night that was.