Dec. 14, 2018

We had decided to attend this lifestyle hotel takeover for the second time. First time around, we really had a great time with a lovely 5-some to finish the evening, so we were looking forward to how this 2nd party would turn out.

We got there late and went straight to our room to get ready as soon as possible. By the time we went down to the bar area where the party was, the place was already full of sexy people! We spent the first while grabbing a drink and walking around to have a look at who was in attendance; we also spent time chatting with people we already knew.

A few drinks later and as the evening went on…the place got even more busy and the music louder…so Minnie ended up on the dance floor while I stayed by the bar talking to people around. I saw Minnie dance with a few guys but she was mostly hanging around this one couple. She eventually made her way back with them a few times for drinks and I eventually got introduced to them; they were a bit younger and very good looking; it sounded promising for later on in the evening!

The 3 of them eventually stayed around the bar like many others, it just seemed we ended up as one large group with many conversations going all over. Minnie was right beside me by then talking with the couple she had met…and at one point I heard her tell them ‘yes let’s do it’….and the 3 of them started to move towards the back area where a couple of beds were installed for anyone wanting to play. Knowing Minnie I knew something interesting was about to happen! I gave them only a few minutes before I made my way there as well, hoping to see some action as I got there…and I was not disappointed.

My first view was the guy from the couple laying on his back on one of the bed, his pants on the floor, with both Minnie and his girlfriend obviously going down on him. As I got closer, I could see that Minnie already had his cock in her mouth while his gf was gently licking his balls. As I got on the bed, he looked at me wondering who it was, then realized it was me, so he just smiled, closed his eyes and went back enjoying his first double blowjob as he told me later on…that was their plan in the first place, but it turned out that it was only the beginning!

The 2 ladies took care of his cock and balls for a while but at one point he asked them to slow down…he didn’t want to cum right away. Minnie then took the base of his cock and they started to both play with it like a lollipop, taking turn licking and sucking it while looking at him straight in the eyes. This was all pretty hot and by then I was not the only one watching the show, there was a few more people enjoying this as well!

The gf then moved up to kiss her guy as minnie kept going on his cock, she eventually just sat back and she was now right beside me, looking at her bf getting a blowjob, I could see she was obvioulsy very excited by it all. I went to Minnie quickly and whispered to her if she wanted to play with him…I got some sort of a yeah as she kept sucking him! I went back to the gf and asked if she wanted to see her bf fuck Minnie…she just looked at me with lust and said ‘yeah that would be soooo hot’. I went back to Minnie again but this time it was to start to remove all of her clothes. Once naked she helped him get his shirt off…they were both naked now…he moved Minnie on her back, looked at her naked body…he started by kissing her, then slowly moved down, spending time on her tits…and eventually going down on her. The instant his tongue touched her pussy, she let out such a hot moan and he had her cumming soon after! He gave Minnie a minute or so to catch her breathe as he moved on top of her…as he did so, she opened her legs…and he just slipped his cock in her…again a loud moan, this was very exciting. The gf has a hand in her pants obviously fingering herself and playing with her clit…she had her mouth open and was glued to her bf now fucking Minnie with long and deep thrust.

At one point Minnie, looked my way, said that he was a good lover and asked if I was enjoying…I told her this was amazingly exciting…she then asked him to fuck her doggy, which is her favorite position…and as they switched position…I noticed the gf now naked getting on her back and into a 69 with Minnie! This kept getting better and better!!! The bf watched them eat each other for a bit…and then it turned into a 3some as he moved behind Minnie, placed his cock right at her pussy and slowly pushed it all the way in. He fucked her slowly and after a few minutes of this, he couldn’t resist anymore, so he pulled out quickly with a first stream of cum landing on Minnie’s pussy while he ended up giving his gf a nice facial with the rest of his load! They all layed there for a few minutes before cleaning up and getting dressed again. By then they had about 10 people watching…an amazing show to say the least!!

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