Written by leblond16

Aug. 18, 2016

well we were young and I loved her so we married and like many others I talked dirty to her at times and about others. at this time it never crossed my mind to share her. one evening while I sat and watched tv she passed by me wearing only a long night gown and when she passed I told her to stop and stay there so I could see her beautiful body through the gown. so from then on she would occasionally wear something sexy for no reason at all.

a couple of years had passed and then while entertaining a friend one weekend she out did herself again. were sitting around drinking and having a good relaxing time. sometime during the evening she decided to get changed into a babydoll top and just her regular panties and return to sit where she was. I could not believe it but did not say a word I thought she just looked so hot. there was a window behind her so I went over to close the drapes. then she grab my cock through my pants and she said I want to suck your cock which is something she has never said like and I responded well what about david is here she let me go.

I went back and took my seat and for some reason I do not know but I picked up her leg and started to rub it back and forth my friend then took a regular chair and sat next to her and I never notice. I continue to rub her and told my friend that her legs really felt smooth then told him to go ahead and feel, which he did and as he did I watched in amazement how his hand slowly went up past her calves then past over her thighs then the ultimate his hand into her panties. I was so surprised that she did not flinch at all. then I watched him start to finger her that's when I realized that I loved threesomes I let him go on for a few minutes when he said its been a long time since he was with another mans woman.

I knew I wanted more so I went over to her picked her up and carried her to the bed with david in tow, put her down and untied her top to shoe off her great tits he had already positioned himself with his face in her pussy and I removed my pants to feed her my cock which she too without hesitation. nd that how my life of loving threesomes started.