Dec 8, 2018

My wife and I have been in the lifestyle a little over a year and a half and have loved every minute of it.

We got our start by accident with my wife reading an article in of all places the Globe and Mail about a club in Toronto called Oasis Aqua Lounge.

Seeing as we are from Vancouver and wanting discretion, TO sounded like a great place to get our feet wet so to speak (Amongst other things).

To make a long story short we have met some amazing people, have had some amazing sex and to my liking and hers my wife discovered that she has a bi side.

Not in a million years did we ever think that we would have the amazing encounters that we have had to date, as before joining the lifestyle it had only been a fantasy.

This is the story in how we met our current girlfriend who we play with every couple of weeks. (Names have been changed for discretion).

A little about my wife Jen, she is a sexy, brown eyed, shoulder length brunette around 5’ 5” tall, sexy B cup tits and a nicely waxed pussy. Our friend Sarah is around 5’ 3” , blonde hair, blue eyes B cup tits and a nice smooth pussy as well. Both are sexy and have great bodies.

We had lost contact with our friend Sarah for around two years, and then out of the blue we had connected and I had asked her over for dinner with my wife and I at ours.

Saturday had approached, with no intentions of anything happening as she didn’t know about our lifestyle and we knew that she was a “vanilla” friend.

Sitting out on the back deck after dinner on a nice Summer evening having a few bottles of wine, and great conversation, I suggested that she stay in the guest room for the night as she already had over the driving limit.

Sarah agreed and as the night went on you could feel a sexual tension in the air. At one point we were talking about tattoos and she had mentioned that she had one. Me being me I was intrigued and said “Let’s see it”. Little did I know that it was just above her panties. The wine had an obvious affect on Sarah as she had on a sexy little Summer dress. Sitting on the deck sofa she raised it up, opened her legs showing us her thong panties along with her tattoo.

I could see my wife squirming in her seat and I had an instant hard on, thinking this could be interesting.

The end of the evening was near (So I thought) we both walked Sarah to the guest room and to say goodnight. My wife was preparing the bedding for her and I had hugged Sarah goodnight and then I could really feel the chemistry.

Sarah then laid herself of the bed and I jokingly laid down beside her saying to my wife let’s just all sleep here tonight. Much to my surprise Sarah said to my wife “Yes, come on Jen, stay here and held her hand out. My wife was hesitant and looked at me and I just nodded yes with a huge smile.

Jen came towards the bed as I was behind Sarah pressing my hard cock against her ass and her pressing back. Jen went right to Sarah’s mouth and the two began kissing passionately (So hot to watch). This went on for a while and clothes were being shed pretty fast. Sarah then got between Jen’s legs and started licking and sucking on her clit, my wife moaning in ecstasy. I was behind Sarah and started licking her sweet ass and pussy.

My wife then asked Sarah if she’d like to fuck me which Sarah replied, “Yes please” ! My wife said “Go get a condom”...... Damn ! They were upstairs. Me not wanting to miss a thing ran upstairs like never before fumbling around to find the condoms ...... Got them ! Back downstairs and the two girls were hard at it. Sarah sucking on my wife’s clit and her sexy ass invitingly waiting for me in the air. I slipped in behind Sarah and felt her amazing tight wet pussy for the first time.

The beautiful thing about Sarah is that I have met my match for someone with as high of a sex drive as myself and she cums multiple times over and over and over again. Sarah was pushing her ass against my cock as I started fucking her hard and she was still sucking Jen’s pussy. I could feel Sarah tense up as her pussy clutched my cock and she came on me hard.

We then took a break and Jen said, “I guess that you’re staying in our bed tonight”😊

Upstairs we went with our new found non vanilla friend and all three of us climbed into bed.

The two girls kissing, and sucking each others tits and touching each others pussies, I then got behind my wife on the side lifted her leg and rubbed the head of my cock on her wet pussy lips then slipped my cock inside. Sarah, then started sucking and licking my wife’s pussy while I fucked her and I could feel her tongue on the shaft of my cock.

Jen then mentioned to Sarah that I’ve been fixed and did she want me to fuck her bareback. Sarah didn’t say anything and just laid back on the bed and spread her legs for me.

I got on top of Sarah as my wife guided my cock into Sarah’s waiting wet pussy. I started off slowly pumping Sarah with my cock deep inside of her looking over at my sexy wife watching us and fingering herself ...... I could feel Sarah building up to another orgasm as she grabbed on to my shoulders and dug her nails in. This set me off and I came deep inside her delicious pussy.

The sex went on all night long between the three of us, me taking turns fucking them both and them playing with each other.

In the morning Jen went downstairs leaving Sarah and I in bed together. I asked her what she would like and her reply was “I’ve only tried anal once and didn’t have a great experience with it but would like to try it with you”...... I got out the lube and told her that we’d take it very slow, my cock was so hard it was aching to get inside of her. Sarah was face down with her hot little ass in the air as I slowly guided my cock to her waiting asshole. Slowly rubbing the head of my cock on the outside telling her to take deep breathes. Inching it ever so slowly into Sarah and listening to her little moans while she reached under and rubbed her clit.

The head of my cock broke through her tight little anal entrance and I slowly started rocking back and forth easing my cock deeper inside of her. Sarah was loving it gauging from her moans as she started to rub her clit at a more frantic pace. Then she screamed out “That’s it baby fuck my ass” ! This set me off as I started fucking her faster and deeper and I could feel her tense up as her ass gripped my cock and she had a shattering orgasm. It wasn’t long after that I shot my hot cum deep inside of her tight little asshole.

Jen was standing at the door with a smile on her face telling us that she could hear us downstairs and loved watching us fuck.

That weekend the amazing sex continued, and has continued for the last five months.

I have invested in a strap on and a double headed dildo for the ladies to play with each other, as each week keeps getting better and better 😊

Life is good !

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