Written by MatureSexy

Nov. 27, 2016

A recent wintery blast of freezing rain and ice pellets caused the postponement of plans to meet for breakfast.

We talked on the phone, frustrated, teasing, flirting, and re-scheduled our get together.

He followed up with this email, 'I'm sitting here looking at the great oral picture you posted. Please describe how you would do that to me? I'm right in front of you, hard as a rock and waiting for your next move.'

Here is my response.......

I am sitting on the edge of the bed, and you have undressed down to your boxer-briefs, which drives me wild.

I reach for your hips and pull you closer to me.

Looking up at you, my fingers begin to trace along the top edge and then down your hip bones.

I rub my mouth along the outline of your bulge and feel your cock twitch, pushing against the fabric.

Your masculine body smell is intoxicating.

My hands reach around and clutch your butt cheeks, squeezing them gently.

I can’t wait to taste you but want to take my time to arouse, entice and excite you.

I slowly start to pull your boxer-briefs down, and trace my tongue down your hip bone.

As the fabric lowers, my tongue flicks across your skin leaving a moisture trail.

I look up at you again as I tug your shorts all the way down and your cock springs out, slapping against my chin.

“Mmmm, yes, take me ’ you moan.

My fingers reach under, cupping your balls, squeezing them gently.

My tongue darts out and licks the drops of pre-cum oozing out.

Your body twitches and you arch your back, raising your cock higher to me.

My head lowers, my warm mouth surrounds the glistening head of your cock, and you gasp as my tongue licks all around it.

My fingers release your balls, encircle your rock-hard shaft and make their slow ascent upwards, easing you further and deeper into my throat.

Your hips start thrusting back and forth, moaning louder as your arousal intensifies.

I let go of you, stand up, turn you around by the shoulders, backing you up against the bed, and give you a gentle shove.

Smiling down at you, I whisper, “Now the real fun begins”.........