Jun 19, 2017

Found this guy on POF ( Plenty of Fish ) from Hamilton...good looking guy and at that time we were living in Niagara. The guy knew I was attached but wanted to do a oral video for my guy to surprize him. Met him at a bar in St Catharines for a drink in the summer...as he walked in my hubby was at the bar having a drink and he could see us chatting when this guy arrived...the guy had no idea he was there. The guy kissed me when he came to the table and we chatted for about 30 minutes as my guy looked on. Then I reached under the table and rubbed his cock from the outside and whispered in the guys ear, I said " I'm just going to head to the restroom and when I get back I want to suck your cock ". When I went to the restroom I texted my hubby saying I'm going out to my car in 5 minutes. Before we went into the bar I had parked my car at the far end of the parking lot where there were no cars and my hubby had parked his car about 15 feet away from mine but he could see thru his side tinted windows. So he heads to his car gets in and slouched down and he sees us heading to my car. The guys gets in my car and I get in...still no cars around us. I have the guy roll down the side window of my car as its hot and now my hubby can see all the action. So we start kissing and its pretty hot and he fingers me and I keep cumming so I'm soaked. Then I get my cell ready and put it on video, he lays his seat way back and I start to go down on him as he videos me sucking his cock. Im loud when I suck cock as I get crazy horny and turned on knowing that I'm going to make a guy cum. The whole time my hubby can see my head bobbing up and down and my ass in the air as the guy is fingering me with one hand and holding my cell with the other. So within minutes he starts to squirt and squirt and squirt ( at least 7 huge squirts ) and cum is shooting into my mouth, onto my lips and face, running down my fingers and he keeps videoing until I have lapped up every drop into my mouth. We kiss and he gets out and drives away. Once he is gone I get into my hubby's car and suck him as he watches the video and cums in less than a minute...another great load:) I have now done this about 5 times, differant guys and its hot. REAL STORY