Written by Sunivel

Jun. 3, 2018

The activities started with her on her knees naked down in front of us. Her partner and I standing there while she gripped our penises and she alternated back and forth between sucking our cocks. The look in her eyes as she stared up at both of us with a cock in her mouth was so desirable. She gently stood up and brought herself to the bed. Her partner instructed me to lay down on my back while she climbed on top of me. That beautiful pussy a hers in my face with my cock in her mouth. Every time I close my eyes now I can still imagine the sight of her pussy staring down at me, the smell of the sweet aroma, the taste of it as I slipped my tongue on her clit and stuck it in as deep into her pussy as i could. As we lay near the edge of the bed her partner came up from behind her. After I had wet her pussy with my tongue and her excitement had her love juices flowing out he inserted to his penis deep into her cunt. I laid there trying to get my tongue to press as hard as I can on her clit as his balls slapped me in the forehead. I licked at the the base of his dick as he fucked her. The sensation of having her tongue wrapped around my penis while she grip the bottom of my shaft was overwhelming. It took me everything I had not to cum early. As he fucked her harder, more and more sweet nectar flowed from her pussy. I could really tell that he was enjoying himself so I gently took my hands and pushed against his pelvis to remove his penis from her cunt. Guiding the tip of his cock downward and sliding it into my throat. The sweet taste of her pussy juices wrapped around her penis made me even harder. I could tell that she could feel it because of her moans and the more she squeezed at my cock. After his penis was nice and clean I took it out of my mouth and put it back into here pussy. Pumping harder and faster I can see the base of his penis swelling up and getting ready to cum. I could not hold myself any longer and I had to release myself deep into her throat. She took it all and lovingly swallowed everything that I gave her. Hearing him breath deeper I knew that he was ready to cum and when he did he slammed so deep into her that I thought his balls bruised my forehead. He released his full load deep into her pussy. As he slowly pulled it out I saw their combined juices make a bridge from her pussy lips to the tip of his cock. I lifted my head up to gently lick away the cum from the tip of his penis. He put his cock back into my throat so that I can get it nice and clean for him. After he was all clean I pressed my tongue against her clit. She was still experiencing excitement and with the final orgasm she pushed all of their fluids out at the same time. I generously took everything I can in my mouth cleaning her up with my tongue. When I was all done I let their juices stay in my mouth. She then climbed down towards me and I provided her with a deep passionate kiss. We transferred the fluid between our mouths and both swallowed simultaneously. With a smile from both of them we laid in the bed together knowing that we were all clean and did not dirty the sheets.