Written by David

Jul. 5, 2018

I was working in Mexico and flying back to Canada with a stopover in Phoenix. Next to me in the plane was a couple – same age group (60s). We talked and I told them that I had a three-hour layover in Phoenix. When we landed the woman asked her husband: “why don’t we invite David?”. They lived near the airport and I thought that they were inviting me for a drink. However when we arrived at their place the wife hugged me and gave me a prolonged French kiss in front of her husband. I was taken aback. She proceeded to tell me that her husband had cardiac problems and could not get it up any more, would I be interested in her? Ask a bee if honey is good! I told her that I lived in pretty much the same circumstances: my wife gave up all sex and intimacy when she reached menopause. We were “made for each other”.

She took me to her bedroom and we undressed each other slowly, deliberately, sensually. We kissed, and licked and sucked (we both liked foreplay!) and finally had the best sex I’ve ever had. The husband was watching from an armchair and enjoying every minute. At the end he asked me for permission to clean her. I said: make yourself at home!

We parted without exchanging emails or phone numbers. It was a one-time thing...

And I still remember it fondly and vividly. Sigh... I wish I could have a similar experience in Canada, now that I am no longer travelling. Does your husband need help? Do you WANT it? I am ready...