Mar 1, 2017

I noticed their profile first.

Call me the typical honest-to-god bisexual female in a satisfying and exciting straight marriage... but I admit that when I browse the gallery, I'm all eyes for beautiful women. It's not hard to understand, I think; I mean, I see an exotic, handsome, well-hung man in my bed every night. Sorry guys, but if I'm looking for my 'fix', he's usually in arms reach. So it's the girls who are most tantalizing... a flavour that is the stuff of fantasy until we connect with the right couple, in the right place, at the right time. I scroll through, and let my eye wander to those things l love most. A slim body, smooth stomach, small breasts, pink nipples. A tendril of dark hair. The curve of a soft mouth, lips half open, that expression that speaks of hunger and soft moans. And that night - it was late, I'm always up long after my household has gone to bed - I saw a version of 'her' that electrified me immediately. Perfect, I thought, breathing out. She's perfect.

I clicked through, as you do, and delved into what their media page had to offer. Goddamn. There he was, just as beautifully formed as she. Sleek muscles under taut skin, the way some men's bodies walk the line between swimmer and gym rat. I can't tolerate the overly-sculpted bodybuilder any more than I can stomach the artificial Barbie type, and these two had the middle ground down pat. They looked authentic. Incredibly sexy. They looked like they wanted more, and I wanted to give it to them. Like, like, like.

You saw their profile next. I noticed you noticing it the next night.

Always far quicker to make the first move than myself, I could see from our outbox over the coming days that you had sent them our private photos. They sent theirs back. You and I didn't talk about it, not over the rushed weeknight dinners we shared, the daily negotiation of toddler bedtimes and the artful back and forth that maintaining balance means for us most days. You went for your late night swims, I kissed you quickly before my yoga class, our week unfolded as usual. But I could see that we were both logging on more than ever, tracking the little dance of mutual compliments on pictures, the short water-testing messages both couples exchanged. You suggested Saturday night to them. I left a note on our kitchen table saying I had found a babysitter as I ran out the door to work. They said they were free. You invited them over for a glass of wine, a snack. I left the fridge full of good cheese and Pinot Gris on Friday afternoon. Saturday I came home in the early evening to a quiet house. Kids gone. The shower running upstairs. The table in the living room was heavy with beautifully laid out food. Condensation gathered on the wine bottles.

Just before they arrived, we had still hardly crossed paths. You emerged, smelling spicy, and I wanted to bury my face in your chest and inhale. Your warm brown skin was shaved smooth, dark eyes excited, black hair perfectly in place. I wore a sleek, shimmery dress. Pale gold, it wrapped my small body and smoothed itself over my wide, round ass. I turned slowly for you, and you came up behind me to twist your arms around my narrow waist. You were rock hard as you pressed yourself against me, and I could feel the wetness flood between my legs as I felt your cock through the thin fabric of my dress. I closed my eyes as you breathed hotly into my cropped hair, my lips parting in a sigh. I pushed back against you. The doorbell rang.

They came in with a shock of electricity. As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted them both as badly in person as I had through our online interactions. We greeted each other with the slightly awkward hugs of people who have all seen each other naked already, and who are not sure if they will get the pleasure of repeating the sight in real life. They came upstairs, and we sat. We ate, they drank, we chatted with increasing ease. You know how sometimes you have no idea how a date will end? Or sometimes you decide quickly that, though these are lovely people, they are not folks you want to go to bed with? This was instead one of those rare cases where there was no question, or negotiation to be had. I wanted them in our bed. You gave my hand the squeeze that meant you did too. I didn't want to waste time.

I stood to fill her glass, and she looked up at me and smiled. Her long black hair was loose around her face, and her dark eyes rimmed with thick lashes. I held her gaze. I felt the invitation in her body. Setting down the bottle of wine, I leaned down towards her. I wove my small fingers through her thick hair, and I pulled her face to mine. Our lips met in softness, and I melted into the delight of kissing another woman. So gentle, but so passionate. I knew from their messages that she hadn't had the chance to explore this part of herself much, and I was more than willing to take the lead. With just a hint of force, I lowered her head back to rest on the couch, leaning over her more deeply until I set one knee up beside her warm thigh. The other knee, and I was straddling her on the couch, our mouths still locked together. She moaned into my mouth as l sat myself on her lap, one hand now at her tiny waist beginning to explore her curves, the other still in her hair. The sound of her pleasure soaked me again, and I pressed myself against her from pelvis, felt our flat stomachs connect, our breasts. The wave of excitement that overwhelmed me as I felt her hands tentatively cup my ass and then a hearbeat later pull my body even more tightly against her. Our kisses took on a frantic quality, and soon I used one hand to tilt her chin upwards so that I could put my mouth to her throat to kiss and lick her neck, working my way downwards.

I felt him then. He had moved from his spot bedside us on the couch, and his mouth was on me now too. His breathing was quick, fevered, as he reached up to kiss my neck as I kissed hers... he slid the straps off my shoulders as I undressed his wife in the same way, both of us soon with bare breasts which skimmed the others as we pulled back to look at each other. Then his hands were on her breasts while his mouth was on mine, and I felt him take my small nipples between him hot lips. I wrapped my arms around his head now as he suckled, each firm tug and stroke of his tongue making me rub myself against his wife's thighs as the fire between my legs grew. My eyes closed in bliss.

When I opened them, there you were. You had come over from where you had been sitting watching from the other couch. You stood beside us now, and it was you with your hand firmly on the back of her head. She looked up at you with that hunger, that willingness, and you held her like that for a moment, looking down at her. One hand wrapped in her hair kept her chin tilted up to you as you used your other hand to slowly undo your button. Zip down your zipper. You pulled out your cock, and I opened my lips with familiar desire as well. Your beautiful cock. The first thing I noticed, on our first night together, was how incredibly thick it is. It's long, yes, and straight, and well-formed... but it has a thickness that is thrilling. It is a cock that you know will fill you right up, wherever you decide to put it. Holding her so still, you grasped your rock-hard cock in your hand and turned it towards her wet lips. You offered it to her, and I felt her husband spasm with pleasure as she obediently opened her mouth, letting her tongue slide out to meet it as you eased the giant head between her lips. The moment was so erotic, we all watched riveted as you repeated the motion, pulling the swollen head all the way out and then easing it back in. Each time you encouraged the shaft more deeply into her mouth, each time you pulled it out, clear, perfect strings of saliva linked you back to her. Your cock, slick and glistening now, looked as if it was being drawn back to her along those strands, and she continued to hold her soft mouth perfectly open for you. You moved her head now, pulling it back, and then drawing it back in. You began to work her mouth on her cock in earnest, and my arousal spiraled. I could feel the passion take him too, and I moved without hesitation as he lifted my ass up off her lap. I stood over her now, my arms extended to brace myself on the back of the couch behind her as he rolled my tight dress upwards. I could feel my bare ass exposed and he hooked his fingers into my black thong and pulled it down in one movement. It was soaked I knew, and I could feel my own wetness on my thighs. His fingers founds the slit of my pussy, and he said "yes, oh my god yes" in a throaty whisper as he too discovered how turned on I was. I heard his zipper, though I couldn't take my eyes off his wife sucking your immense cock. She had gripped your hips now, and was pulling you even deeper into her mouth. You had both of your hands on the back of her head lightly as she sucked, and your head was tossed back in pleasure.

I felt her husband draw his cock down between the round cheeks of my ass. Oh, I fucking love that... he rubbed the head of his cock up and down, catching the wetness of my pussy and using it to rub rub himself deep between those warm cheeks and over the pucker of my asshole... I tilted my hips upwards, angling my pussy right onto his hardness. I wanted him inside me, I wanted him to pound me. He drove himself deep on that first thrust, and it took my breath away. "Fuck me, oh please fuck me hard..." He slowly pulled back, and then hammered himself all the way in again, and I opened my mouth and moaned in ecstasy. "Fuck me while your beautiful wife swallows that huge cock," he slammed me again, and then again. "Fuck me just like that, while my husband fucks her perfect mouth..." You looked at me then, we looked at each other, your cock incredibly deep down her throat and his cock buried so deep in me I could feel his balls against my clit as he shoved and shoved, building speed. He spoke from behind me, his breath coming in gasps. "Pull up her skirt," he told me, "she wants you to eat her pussy. I need to fuck you while you eat her pussy, do it, please..."

She slid towards me, ever willing, as I pushed her skirt up past her thighs. He drew me back and she slid herself up on the back of the couch. My face now between her legs, she spread her thighs and I kissed and licked my way upwards.

You might remember from the beginning that I look for the women. I've never been the kind of girl who has had to play at lesbianism to please my partner - I've loved women since I can remember. Dated them, wanted them, always. So my mouth met the smooth bare lips of her cunt with the kind of enthusiasm you can't fake. She cried out as I found her clit and lapped at it with a wide soft tongue, over and over. My knees were on the couch now and her husband arched my back deeply as he leaned over us, cock diving even more deeply as he tilted my ass upwards, leaning in to see. I licked and licked her, sucking at the clit and lips with my hot soft mouth, moaning into her as I felt her fingers now in my short hair. She pulled my face hard against her, beginning to ride my face almost uncontrollably. I felt her orgasam begin to grow, and mine along with it. Keep fucking me, I thought to her husband, feeling my you reach around to rub my clit too. You know me so well. I let myself get wrapped in that oncoming wave.... the new cock thrusting wildly inside me, your familiar hand pressed hard against my clit and building the electricity... and her.... Her now on fire, every fiber in her body tight and arching as she leaned back to focus all her energy on the place where my mouth and her clit met. I found her opening with three fingers, I knew it was time. I reached inside her and curved my fingers up towards the front of her body. I pinned her G spot between those fingers inside her and my mouth outside. I knew that between those pressure points, an explosion was about to be released. She writhed there as I worked her to orgasm, gasping and then screaming as it broke over her and sent tremors through her whole body. I felt her contract with wave after wave of climax, the kind of combined clitoral and G spot orgasm that can be blinding, can feel eternal. As she came, her husband pummeled me, and you offered your cock to my mouth. Still standing over her, I now took each of these gorgeous men, one thrusting behind me so that my ass slapped loudly against him, and you fucking my face in the way I adore. This is how I love to come, with one hard cock almost choking me as another empties its' hot waves of cum inside me. Her husband came hard like that, and I spasmed around him as he did, causing him to cry out in pleasure. You pulled out of my mouth to watch my face as I came, the sight of my eyes rolling back triggering you to empty your load onto my face and her stomach, breasts, thighs beneath me.

Yes, I noticed their profile first. And over breakfast the next morning you smiled. "Have I ever told you what great taste you have?" you asked me coyly, filling my coffee mug. "I may do the leg work to arrange these dates, but it's your instinct that hits the bulls-eye every time."

"Well thank you," I said, sipping the dark black brew.

"Any chance you can find..." you raised an eyebrow at me, "a babysitter for next weekend too?"

I noticed their profile first. And it was the beginning of a long and satisfying friendship. ;)