Jul. 16, 2014

A few years ago in TN I advertised on a swingers site...my first adventure where I would openly explore my bi-oral curiosity. As it turns out a younger couple responded...they were looking for an older guy - no threat to their relationship but someone with presumably sexual experience. We met in a restaurant. None of us were athletes so had a bit of padding, but there was definitely an attraction. We talked as much as we could in an open environment and I invited them back to my apartment. Once inside I offered them an adult beverage and the talk became much more open. He expressed his desire to try bi-oral play as well...his wife squirmed! No really knowing how to start I suggested we just lose our shorts...and she squirmed some more. And then...he reached out and touched my cock and the damn burst - the lovely young lady was squirter with a full tank!

As he moved down to suck my cock she moaned and she came...and came. They took turns sucking, playing and I with them. I had been dying to taste her more than juicy pussy and his great looking cock. Each time we sucked each other she squirted more. I thought I would drown when I ate her but her juices only made me hornier.

We played all night the first night...and had many more experiences together after that. I've left TN but still look forward to trips back to see my young friends and play one more time!