Written by Just_4_Sharing

Jan. 6, 2015

There I was, stood in the lobby of the hotel waiting for the elevator and thinking what, if anything could be going on with Wanda and Roy up in the room. After all, Wanda had said she would like to have a bit of time alone with Roy to really get comfortable and make her move on him.

It all started with us going back to our hotel room to chat and enjoy a drink after dinner. Wanda and I both agreed that she would give me a subtle hint when she was ready to make her move on Roy, and that was when I was supposed to make myself scarce for a bit. And then it happened. Wanda gave me that look and a nudge not long after we got back to our room. So, I made an excuse that I had to go check on when breakfast would be served in the morning and left them alone in the room.

Fuck…..what is taking that elevator so long!!!!!. As I stood there waiting, my heart raced and the blood was pumping into my now rock hard cock in my pants. Fuck, it was arousing to think about what Wanda could be doing to Roy right at this minute. She knows how much this whole situation is incredibly arousing to me and drives me crazy with sexual desire. Had she already taken his massive hard shaft into her mouth? Was she running her expert tongue and lips all over his balls and up and down he underside of his hard cock and swirling her tongue around his pulsing mushroom head? Had Roy had the chance to see my wife’s naked exquisite body up close and personal yet? Had he kissed her beautiful tits and sucked her nipples and made them hard? Had Wanda let Roy have his first taste of the sweet nectar from her love canal? Was she panting and breathing hard in anticipation of her imminent orgasm while he worked his talented tongue on her swollen clit? All these thoughts were racing through my head.

Finally, the elevator door opened and I hopped in all alone and pushed the button for our floor. As the door closed, I immediately reached for my steel hard cock and began to stroke it in anticipation at what might await me when I got back to our room. Just the thought of finding Roy pounding his massive man meat into Wanda’s snug little cunt almost made me cum my load there and then. However, Wanda and I both agreed that no one, her, nor Roy, or myself were going to cum until we were all together.

With that, the elevator finally arrived at our floor. As I stepped out on the floor, I raced quickly and quietly to our room and found the door left ajar. As I slowly opened the door, I could hear a groan coming from Roy and saw how his head was pitched back on the back of the couch and he was grinning from ear to ear. As I approached, I could see my half naked wife down between his knees in the process of entirely devouring his cock and balls. I just stood there, watching and enjoying the show and stroking my cock that I had taken out of my pants. When she noticed me there all she said was, “You like watching me suck and lick Roy’s cock don’t you? Now come her and fuck me from behind while I enjoy this cock some more!” With that I joined in on the fun. Wanda knows how much I enjoy finding her with another guy and inviting me in on the action……………We were all in for an enjoyable sex-filled night.