Jul 10, 2018

I was in Montréal last year on business, and lined up a meeting with a couple I met in Craigslist. They were a sexy minded couple, both bi and they paid a visit to my hotel room. She spoke only French, but he spoke English well enough to break the ice and have a drink on my couch. We talked a bit about their past experiences, and all felt an attraction. I stood up and invited her to do the same, and began kissing her. Soon he joined us, and he and I began to undress her. It didn't take much, as she had no bra or underwear under her casual clothing. He and I then undressed.. Her and I continued kissing as we made our way to the bed and ran hands over each other.. He and I hadn't had any contact yet. I didn't need to know what she wanted next, as she pushed me onto my back and slid upwards over my body, until her pussy rested above my mouth. I grabbed her hips and began tonguing her, when I felt my hard cock had a hand in it.. Soon this hand guided me into his warm wet mouth as I tongue fucked his wife, who was writhing on my tongue as she watch her husband sucking me.

We continued this for a while until I felt I was close and did NOT want to cum yet. her husband expertly rolled a condom onto my cock, and then guided me into her wet loose pussy. What happens next took me by surprises as he slid his cock inside her pussy as well. This was an incredible sensation as he and I began to pump in and out of her, creating great sensations for Her and us as well. Very hot feeling!

Now I was hoping to cum and needed to slow down a bit. She rolled him into his back and bang sucking him with her ass up in the air. I couldn't resist that so slid my cock back into her and fucked until ready to cum.. When I did I pulled out yanked off my condom and shot a big load over her ass that then ran over her tasty ass and pussy. She then climbed onto her husband who took his turn fucking her.. She hadn't cum yet, but was on the verge.. Hubby continued fucking her as I sucked on her tits and then he began pumping bare and shot his load into her. He pulled out and told me to watch. She began rubbing her clit and clearly was on the verge of something huge. As she moaned and rolled her head back.. As she convulsed she began to scream and shoot stream after stream over her body and ours.. When she finally came to rest, I managed to get a couple tongue lashes over her to taste their combined cum, before she pulled me off.