Written by master

Oct. 10, 2013

My first time bi (just a storie,my first)

Despite watching bi porn from my brothersrs collection, and a few experiences with my first wife and other guys, I'd never had any contact with another bloke (if you exclude a little contact while DP'ing the ex-wife!) until after my first marriage broke down.

One of my neighbours was a really good mate who helped me through this dodgy patch and the fact that his wife was stunning, and dressed quite slutty, was all the reasons for going over to theirs as often as I could that I needed.

One night, we'd all had far too much to drink and she suggested putting on some porn. I hoped this might mean that things might lead to a little MMF fun, but I wasn't quite expecting what the video would be. It turned out it was a home made tape of them fucking with another neighbour who my ex and I had also played with!

Things started out quite normally, with her sucking both the guys, then her sucking her husband while the other guy fucked her. Then, to my shock and surprise, the husband pulled out of her mouth and leaned over so the neighbour could suck his cock.

I obviously looked shocked, because they turned of the tape and he said that they thought I knew they were both bi and had assumed that when the neighbour was fucking with me and my ex, it was also bi. I hadn't even realised that anyone knew about it and said so. They said that most of the neighbours knew something was going on and thought that the number of different people that stayed the night at ours was suspicious.

They asked if I wanted the tape back on and I thought about it for a minute. In reality, I knew giving anal sex felt good and receiving should feel good too as I enjoyed toys in my ass at the time. Like most boys, I'd tried tasting my own cum and, while it didn't do anything for me, it didn't disgust me either. Bottom line, though, was that this was a big shock and could I get my head round it (no pun intended)?

I said all of this to them and asked what they wanted. She said that they hoped I would join them, but if I wanted they wouldn't be offended if I wanted to go home, but would prefer if I stayed for a straight 3some. I said that I'd always fancied her and would love that, but was open minded enough to see where things led, as long as they would stop when I reached my limits. They happily accepted.

The tape went back on and after watching for a few more minutes it was obvious to all of us that I found the idea very sexy but I needed to get my head round the other guys cock issue. She suggested that we start with me licking her pussy (which had been on show for a while as her short leather skirt was riding up and she leaned further and further back on the sofa) and I was very happy to agree to this as it had been ages since I'd licked a woman and it's my favourite thing.

I slid off the seat I was on and crawled across the lounge towards where she was sitting, while she pulled the skirt up round her waist and slid forward so her ass was off the sofa. We timed it perfectly and met just at the right time and place for my tounge to hit her clit straight away. She let me lick her clit for a little while, then gently guided my mouth down so I was able to clean all her juices and suck them into my mouth. She had what is still probably the sweetest tasting pussy juices I've ever tasted.

When she realised I was ready for something else, she pushed me away and told me to turn around so I was sitting up with my back to the sofa. I did this and saw that on the TV, she was riding the other neighbour in a 69, while her husband fucked her in the ass. Occasionaly, he pulled out of her ass and slipped his cock into the guys mouth. I watched mesmirised for a couple of minutes till he came in her ass and the guy leaned up to suck the cum from her ass.

She asked if I wanted to try something like that and I said we should take things slowly, but I'd love a 69 and to see where things went then.

She pulled down my trousers with his help, which I found very arrousing, and she turned and sat down over my face so I could lick her ass for a while. It was obvious that she liked hard anal because her ass wasn't as much a perfect bud as a well worn plaything! It tasted good though, musty mixed with her pussy juices and my spit from the licking she had got from me.

She leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth in one smooth move and it felt amazing. She could suck harder than my ex and also was able to deepthroat me to my balls, which only one other woman had ever done to me before.

We stayed like that for a while, then she took her mouth off my cock and asked if he could fuck her while I licked her clit. I'd got to that point all us blokes get to where we'll agree to anything and, to be honest, I'd have agreed to her shitting into my mouth at that stage (and I'm not into s**t at all, then or now)! I did manage though to say I wouldn't want to suck his cock if he'd been fucking her ass, but if he stuck to her pussy I wanted to try what we'd seen on the video.

I was pretty pissed, so the alcohol was helping me to delay cumming quite well, but he was on the verge of cumming almost straight away. From memory, I probably only sucked his cock a couple of times before he came inside her. It was very strange having another mans cock in my mouth. It seemed wrong and right at the same time. There was no man smell or taste to him, I guess because he was fucking her and she was so juicy, but there was something manly about it anyway.

When he came, the view was fantastic and I could see his cock and balls spasming and he pumped his cum into her. When he pulled out, he was already getting soft and a small trail of his cum fell from his cock onto my face. He seemed quite surprised (and not at all displeased) when I grabbed him and stuffed his cock into my mouth and used my tongue to clean all their combined juices off him.

After I'd cleaned him, I told her to stop sucking me as I wanted to finish what I'd started and didn't know if I could if I'd cum. She stopped sucking and leaned back so I could stick my tongue into her swollen pussy. It was only a few seconds till I started to taste his cum as it slid down my tongue and right away I knew I was hooked. I tongue fucked her for ages, long after his cum was in my stomach and she came a couple more times, even squirting a little from her pussy one time, not piss but honest to god fanny juice, she's the only woman I know who could do this.

When she was fully satisfied, she asked if she could finish the blow job and I agreed. The sucking started again, but felt slightly different. I was happily sucking her cunt though, so didn't think about it. I only lasted a little while and then shot my load noisily. Only when she rolled off me, but I could still feel a mouth round my cock, did I realise it was him who had sucked me dry and not her. In the post-orgasmic state I was in, I wasn't totally happy about this at first, but then thought about it and decided that a blowjob is a blowjob, and that it had been a fucking good one, so what difference did it make which one of them received my load?

We all laid on the carpet in a sweaty mass of limbs for a little while, with the sound of sex from the TV in the background. After about 10 minutes, I felt a hand on my cock and straight away I started to get hard again. I realised that in the position I was in I couldn't tell who's hand it was and then realised I didn't care.

I rolled over to look to see who it was and saw it was her. I also saw that his semi-hard cock was only a foot or so from my face..............

We all laid on the carpet in a sweaty mass of limbs for a little while, with the sound of sex from the TV in the background. After about 10 minutes, I felt a hand on my cock and straight away I started to get hard again. I realised that in the position I was in I couldn't tell who's hand it was and then realised I didn't care.

I rolled over to look to see who it was and saw it was her. I also saw that his semi-hard cock was only a foot or so from my face..............

............I realised that it was now or never. Before, we had worked slowly up from me licking her pussy, to a 69 and then on to me cleaning her out and sucking him clean too. OK, he'd finished off the blowjob that she'd started, but I hadn't known that till after he finished. I'd been well towards my own orgasm when I took him in my mouth for the first time, but now I was only just starting to get aroused and it was very different.

I like to think that I'm quite logical about things. I'd thought before that as I liked giving anal and receiving toys that the thought of male-male sex shouldn't be a big thing in reality. I'd licked my ex-wife after other guys had fucked her (though not after they'd cum in her) and that had been OK. I'd even had a guy who had been fucking my wife cum all over my balls once and to be honest found it one hell of a sexy thing. Finally, I'd only ever met one woman who didn't like to suck cock and only a couple who didn't like the taste of cum. If they could do it and enjoy it, why shouldn't I?

Still, intellectual issues aside, I had a semi-hard cock that wasn't telling me what to do and a rapidly hardening cock inches from my face. Should I go for it and accept the fact that I am actually bi? What happened before was the heat of the moment and (to excuse the pun) one swallow (!!!) doesn't make a spring.

She had stopped toying with my cock and they were both watching to see what I would do. I had to make a choice and, I knew, that whatever I decided they would accept. In hindsight I think it was their acceptance of my choices that swung it. They were a really nice couple and if I was ever going to try this, they were the people I wanted to try it with.

I guess this all took a matter of seconds to go through my mind, though looking back it seemed to take longer, then I leaned forward and licked the end of his cock. He moaned, she smiled, my cock went pretty well instantly rigid and she started to play with me again.

I licked up and down the length of his cock a few times, then he turned so it pointed straight at me and I slowly took the end into my mouth. Knowing what I liked done to me, I tried to copy this and sucked gently while moving my head further forward to take more into my mouth. Was it any good? I haven't got a clue, though he was moaning, I couldn't tell if it was from enjoyment of the sucking or of the scene that was going on itself.

We stayed like that for a little while, with her gently playing with my cock and him in my mouth, then we moved around a little and I lay flat on my back and he sat over my chest with his cock infront of my face. As he pushed into my mouth I felt her take my cock into her's and her fingers massaging between my balls and ass.

He was pumping into my mouth the same way he had fucked her as she slowly slid a couple of fingers into me. I love having my ass fingered so I lifted my ass a little hoping that she'd take the hint that I wanted more of them in there. She didn't, instead she took her mouth off my cock and started to lick my ass. I'd not been rimmed before and the feeling was amazing. If I hadn't shot my load a few minutes before, I would have cum almost straight away. As it was I really had to concentrate on what he was doing to my mouth in order to ignore the desire to cum again too soon.

It was strange, but after a few minutes I found I could concentrate totally on her tonguing my ass and him fucking my face and my cock went limp. I was still incredibly turned on, but found that the feelings weren't focused on my cock any more. She noticed my soft cock and asked if I was OK, so I got my mouth off his cock and explained that it was all fantastic and that I was still really enjoying myself. She said that I had gone soft and wondered if I was changing my mind, so I quickly explained that I was concentrating on what they were doing instead of what my cock was doing and that I didn't want them to stop.

So, they didn't!

He must have had a lot more self control than me, or have been wanking for hours before I came over (quite possible, as they seemed to have planned things), as he was lasting for ages. After quite a long time of her alternating between licking and fingering my ass, she stopped and asked if I wanted something else done to it instead. He looked down at me from on my chest, with a hopeful smile on his face, and I realised they wanted him to fuck me.

Sod it, I thought, and said yes.

She asked if I wanted her to do anything and I said I'd like to be on my knees licking her when he did it. That way, my favourite thing would help to keep me turned on. She went back to the sofa and laid back with her fanny at the edge and he moved a smallish footstool so it was infront of her. I knelt down and bent over the stool so it was taking my weight and started to lick her cunt and ass.

A few seconds later, I felt him start to lick my ass and then slip a finger in as well. His fingers were a lot bigger than hers and when he put the second one in it felt about the same as when she had 4 in me.

I was licking and sucking her like crazy and my cock was straining against the footstool, then I felt something cold falling onto my ass next to his fingers. I realised that he had poured some lube there and started to worry about how much this might hurt. My wife's largest dildo had been about 8 inches, and I'd taken that with a little practice, but while his cock wasn't as long it was wider and it had been quite a few months since my ass had been invaded like that.

He must have felt me tense up because he told me to relax and that he'd be as gentle as possible and that he would stop any time I asked. I told him to carry on and, though I was nervous, I didn't want him to stop.

He worked the lube in and out with 2 and then 3 fingers. After a little while I found that I didn't really feel how much I was being stretched, just a feeling that I was constantly shitting that I'd never felt before with a dildo.

Luckily, before going over to their house I'd been out running and I always had a shit before running, so I knew that wasn't happening, plus I'd had a shower and knew my ass was clean and empty (because I'd fingered my ass with a soapy finger or 2 like I always do when I'm in the shower!).

As I felt her tense and start to cum, he squeezed a little more lube onto me and slid his fingers out. Seconds later, I felt the tip of his cock nudge against my hole and I instinctively pushed back against it. He slid the tip in and I felt more full than I had ever felt before. She was cumming bucket loads on my tongue and into my mouth as she watched him ease into me. Before I knew it, I felt his balls gently touch mine and I knew he was all the way in.

It was incredible. The feeling in my ass was like nothing I'd ever felt before, more full than with a dildo but also less invasive. I guess that a cock just bends slightly to fit, where her dildos were just a little too rigid for complete comfort. What I expected to feel was pain from my ring, but there was none, just the feeling of perfect fullness.

He asked if I was OK and I said yes and to get on and fuck me! He laughed and slowly started to move backwards and forwards. To begin with, there was very little difference in how much cock was in me, he just seemed to rock about. But, slowly, he started to pull further out and then push back in all the way. I'd watched enough anal porn to know this was the time it would start to hurt, but amazingly it didn't.

I started to lick her ass as fast as I could and he just kept pumping harder. After what must have been about 5 minutes, he was pulling almost totally out and pushing back into me really hard. There was pain for the first time, high up in my ass, but I just didn't care and I yelled for him to fuck me as hard as he could. He took me at face value and started to really slam into me, while I started to scream. He slowed and I shouted for him not to stop.

She gushed into my mouth again and he pulled right out of my ass, then pushed back in faster and harder than any time before. This time, however, he didn't pull back he just strained to get as far up my ass as he could and I felt his cock twitching just seconds before a feeling like a really deep enema.

I realised that he had cum directly into my ass and that none of us had mentioned condoms at all. And, to be honest, at that point I just didn't care less. As he came, he had reached under me and was jerking my cock for all he was worth. She had collapsed back onto the sofa, my jaw was almost locked solid from the effort I had spent on her and I thought, for a split second, that I was getting divorced and might lose my house soon so AIDS was the least of my problems.

Finally realising that I didn't care what was up my ass, or what it might do to me, I came bucketloads into his hand. He slowly pulled back out of my ass, then, to my shock leaned in to suck his own cum out of my ass. I was more surprised than turned on and let him.

In the end, we all sat down leaning against each other next to the sofa, kissing each other and fondling while we started drinking again. I said that I had had a great time and that I would love to do it again, she said that she had cum more times than ever before in one session with the thought that they'd turned a straight guy being the biggest turn on she'd ever known and he said that next time he wanted me to fuck him.

They explained that the reason I hadn't felt much pain till the end was that he had used a lube with a local anaesthetic in it. I said that I was glad, but then said that while at the time I really didn't care, I was now not that happy that he'd cum in my ass (the only time I've ever let a guy do that in the rest of my life) and he said it was the first time he had done that too. That made me a little less worried, and told him that, and he said that they got themselves checked out quite regularly and the last time all was OK. I told them that I'd been checked after I split from the wife and that was clear too, but we all agreed that getting checked again in a few months would probably be a good idea.

In the early hours of the morning, I staggered home after agreeing with them that we'd get together in a week or so's time for another session. We also agreed that there would be no holes barred, we would all fuck each other every way that we could and that we'd make sure it was safe sex except between them.

Unfortunately, before that could happen, I received a letter from my solicitor saying that I had to vacate my house by the end of the week. I knew that my ex wanted me out, but had thought the solicitor had blocked it, but he hadn't. We got together one afternoon for a drink before I went, but the mood just wasn't right and nothing happened except a handshake from him and a rather lingering kiss goodbye from her. I tried to get back in touch with them a couple of months later after I had moved from a guest house and into a small flat, but they didn't answer their phone. A little while after that I decided to call round when I was back in that area and the house was empty. I found out later that the bank had repossessed it.

Over the years, my bi side has come and gone. At the moment I find I'm a lot more bi than I used to be, though only when involved with another couple. I've never felt any attraction to men on their own and, to this day, he was the only man I have ever kissed in a sexual way.

Reading this back before I post it, I wish now that I'd stayed in touch as soon as I moved out. I have no idea if they're still together (or even still alive, after all we were all playing in the late 80's and early 90's when the extent of the AIDS problems were only really becoming known) or where I would find them if they are. I think I'll try and see if either of them can be traced via friends reunited as I'd love to have a play with them again and I think my 3rd wife would get on with them really well.