Jan. 13, 2017

This is a true story of the one and only time I was fortunate to watch my wife with another man a few years ago, before we parted ways. When we had a joint profile with her pics, she asked me to phrase it as a fictional story....


**FAIR WARNING: ridiculously long and boring to those not specifically



I never thought this would happen to me… No, REALLY! My darling wife had

told me that hundreds of times over the last two decades that I had been

casually mentioning it, (super casually, honest!). “Never”, “Not in this

lifetime, in our marriage” “Fat chance in hell” were some of the countlessly

creative, yet firmly synonymous responses. Something changed last night though… And the worst part is, that I have no idea what! :( We had a kinda low key casual swap, well, one sided oral mostly, but something bigger happened too!

We had had a delightful afternoon with another friend couple, Jack & Natasha.

They were originally friends of friends; but when those two couples had a

falling out, we remained friends with both sets of couples. That could have made things awkward perhaps, (and we were indeed heavily chastised by a third friend for carrying on relations with both, (but feed ‘em fishheads I say!) We started off with a wine tour; two semi-repressed, middle aged babes, two very erotically charged middle aged guys, and copious booze; so what could go wrong?!?! After five stops, and a couple dozen samples each under our belts, we had a little over a dozen bottles safely ensconced in the trunk, and headed back to the younger couples house for a simple BBQ supper with our (combined) three boys. We were traveling across a couple provinces, and were staying with the “other” couple that was now cranky with this one.

So, with a lovely supper under our belts, the three boys ran off to explore the

neighbourhood a bit. My relationship with this younger woman was special. We

flirted, delicately at first, and then more shamelessly over the last year. Her

husband knew all about her goings-ons, in fact encouraged it! My wife, well she

knew pretty much everything too, but she rather disapproved. Not that she cared about me flirting of course (“if you think with your age and stomach that you can seduce a gorgeous younger woman like that, then fill yer boots!” or

something along those lines is what she would say). My wife was only worried

that I would offend this delicate flower with my innuendo and occasionally

sexually suggestive comments. She assumed that I was always putting Natasha on the spot, and causing her undue embarrassment, and fostering a hatred towards me (and all fat, older married guys). While the result was partially true, (faux embarrassment), I knew that this sweet little lioness enjoyed it! I had

perhaps made some miscalculations in the past with some people, but I was sure of my footing around this couple. In the last couple of months, we even began sharing a LOT of details of our sexual lives with each other. Of course it started with her going through a slightly tough time. I certainly couldn't tell

her what to do, or how to specifically sort things out, but I encouraged her to

maintain the three STRONGEST components of any good relationship: communication, Communication and COMMUNICATION. I also jumped way out on a limb of our slightly stronger acquaintanceship, and offered to relay her my marital kink story and journey. This might help with a perspective similar to her own situation I thought. Indeed it did. Ours wasn’t an identical situation, but was close enough. As we all know, just being able to talk about such things with someone else is difficult enough, never mind finding some commonalities. Finding someone does make it easier though…

And so, back to last night, (well almost). In my many years of relating my

cuckold yearnings to my darling wife, she slowly began to participate at the

fantasy stage. I think sometimes, (one in five maybe???) she quite enjoyed it as

well. It always went without saying (and often with her actually saying, “this

is just fantasy, don’t EVER plan on it happening in real life." Of course I had

always hoped to normalize these behaviors over time in her mind by relating true stories of others.

Last Summer, we spent some time with this young couple we had met before, but didn’t really know. Besides being generally wonderful people, I noticed that the guy often displayed a particularly larger bulge behind his tight swim trunks or hiking shorts. On their second last day visiting our small town, I mentioned

this to the mother of our two teenagers. That night in bed, she was rather

turned on and strongly requested that I go down on her (always one of my biggest pleasures of course) while she told me something. She claimed that she had indeed kept an eye out on this younger mans crotch that day, and sure enough his cock outline had been captured by her brain in all it’s fullness and glory. That imagery and reciting her thoughts on it coupled with my dancing tongue on her clit did wonders for driving a couple of massive orgasms from her. As I quickly mounted and fucked her soaking wet pussy, she again talked about his cock and wondered what it might feel like in her hands. I shot off in no time, and she was still soaking, and so I returned to licking her ferociously. The only thing I enjoy more than licking pussy is licking a fresh creampie of semen from one. Once she fully realized how turned on I was by the violence of my orgasm, she came again quickly herself, hopefully picturing his thick cock slowly parting her beautiful red haired lips. I didn’t try and talk about the real life potential of that fantasy, but instead just filed it away in the back of my


Fast forward almost a year later, and we were relaxing after dinner outside on

their very private deck. My wife was sitting beside Jack, and as we were talking

about the individual sexual proclivities of the young couple and myself, my wife

piped up something about me trying to impress other women with my small package. Now, truth be told, I have her permission to play with attached women, and my pack is not small, but instead is an entirely average six inches long with

slightly thicker than average girth. She had discovered by accidental trial and

error recently that I enjoyed these slightly humiliating comments from her when

said in a fun way. Everyone laughed of course and I was teased a bit, which I

certainly enjoyed.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my wife’s outstretched hand moving back and forth slightly. I was instantly mesmerized, because the angle of her arm would place her hand right over Jack’s crotch. I mentioned this aloud to her in a fun way, but as soon as Natsha’s attention was also drawn in that direction,

my wife moved both her hands high in the air and made a joke about asking for

more wine. I smilingly apologized for breaking the spell, and heartily

encouraged her to place her hand back over caressing Jack’s cock. Part of

Natasha’s problem with Jack playing with other women, (as he so desperately

desired, and was negotiating with her) was that she didn’t really want to share

her husband. Yet, here she was allowing her husband’s package to be deftly and

blatantly stroked through his pants by another woman. We maintained the

conversation over the next half hour or so, while my wife continued her delicate

ministrations. A couple of times during that period I suggested to my wife that

she undo his zipper to get better access. Half way through that time period, I

physically got up, went over to her chair and moved it (with her in it) much

closer to Jack’s chair, and when faced with the weird questioning glances from

the other three, I proudly declared that it was for her to gain much easier

access to his full cock without straining her arm across a greater distance. My

wife was obviously emboldened by this statement from me, and it must have

validated in her mind that I was VERY genuine in wanting her to play with

another guys cock.

Poor Natasha was also a bit silly drunk at this point and needed some attention.

I had already told her many times previously that I was sexually attracted to

her, and that I was pleasantly surprised at how aligned many of our feelings,

personality traits and intimate thoughts were. She finally came to the

conclusion that I am as slow as a rock rolling uphill in making advances on

women, and opened her legs to mine with one foot on my chair. I finally, and

VERY cautiously started stroking her leg while we all continued this

conversation. Upon seeing a favourable smile on Natasha’s face, I slowly

transitioned my hand to her inner thigh. Next I reached across the gulf of her

slightly spread legs to stroke her other inner thigh. At the point when I was

about to touch the heaven that is the inside seam of Natasha’s crotch, my wife

piped up in a smiling accusatory voice asking what I was doing. I

immediately and honestly declared that I was stroking this very sweet and very

willing girl’s inner thigh. While we were all smiles, there was still silence

around the table. I worried that I had gone a step too far. Finally I cautiously

and respectfully asked my wife (because Jack and Natasha obviously didn’t mind

at all!) if it was OK for me to continue stroking this other young lass. She

replied “No” and that she needed me to come over and give her head instead

because she was so horny. Now, I wouldn’t mind in the slightest zealously going

down on my wife in front of others. Yet, I was still immobile due to the deep

shock of her words and behavior. It didn’t dawn on me at first, but she never

calls cunnilingus “head”, it’s always oral sex” or “licking my pussy”. Then, as

I started to get up from my chair, she asked “or should I just give head to Jack

here”. Then I realized her whole word play might have been a set up. Of course I

agreed, and very enthusiastically I will unnecessarily add. Now it was dark, and

they were at the far end of a longer table meant for 6-8 people, but I was

completely captivated by her head slowly bobbing up and down in his crotch area, just below the level of the table. No sweeter sight had I witnessed from her in quite a while. I wanted it to last forever; and I wanted to go and sit beside

them and watch her beautiful lips up close. Natasha touched me and I instantly

felt terrible for neglecting her needs for touch and intimacy. She didn’t really

understand my deep desire at that point to be a part of my wife’s first endorsed

infidelity after almost two decades of me asking. I certainly wasn’t about to

ruin everyone’s evening and try to explain it to that young nubile Natasha. Her

body begged for contact and intimate caress.

And so I engaged in worshipping her. In short order I realized that I could not

be very effective in the position we had of sitting at a right angle to each

other in adjacent chairs. Instead I spied a low slung relaxing deck chair in the

corner and picker her up and part carried her over, gently setting her delicious

little body onto the curved wooden slats. And then, with her laid back mostly

prone, and the amazing slurpy sounds of my wife’s amazing blowjob to Jack in the background, I, on my knees on the deck floor, leaned in and kissed the treasure before me. She responded and Oh! Did she ever. Much passion locked up began to spill forth; from BOTH of us. It was an all-consuming revelation of how much I had missed such divine intimacy over the last decade. I needed this; I needed her… I needed to share such power with someone like me; we both did.

At this point (or maybe a little earlier) we heard the three boys returning in

the dark from exploring over the hill. Jack and I quickly set them up downstairs

with a movie and chocolate cake. We returned to our alternate brides and

continued our oral explorations. Experiencing a new woman sexually is a

beautiful yet potentially difficult task. There is so much individually to learn

about them, that I struggle to learn quickly as is my priority. Older women who

talk, and explain what works for them and where to go are a godsend for a guy

like me who is devoted to their sexual experience.

Eventually I realized that I wanted to stupefy this beautiful woman with one of

my greatest treasures, and slowly, methodically worked her pants down to her

ankles. As I finally kissed my way around her thighs and landed squarely on her

amazingly soft mons, Natasha was urgently pulling my head back up to hers… While kissing again, I slipped my fingers inside her sopping sticky pussy; oh! What a treasure! While kissing and passionately embracing I am sad to say that I have no idea if I managed to entice her to an orgasm. Pleasure? Yes, definitely. My original end goal might have been different than hers I realized... As I

considered this, my auditory focus was shifted back to my wife’s sloppy noisy

moaning sucking of Jack’s presumably magnificent member. I begged a moment away from Natasha, and delicately yanked my wife’s head from Jack’s rampant member, and back further until her mouth and eyes were exposed to my gaze. I saw her slightly intoxicated sexual hunger; gawd she loved me so much, she was finally doing this, mostly for me! I thrust my tongue into her beautiful cock-sucking mouth and feverishly showed her how immensely proud and turned on I was. Her eyes glistened with delighted satisfaction, and went back to smothering Jack’s young cock. In that darkness, I still have no idea how large (or average?) it actually is!

I turned back to Natasha craving her lips in that corner chair and enveloped

her. Her supple hand snaked into my tight pants and grabbed and stroked my very excited cock in all sorts of contorted, difficult fashion. Every time we slowed and started to disengage, one of us would urgently pull the other back in for more delicate and powerful kisses, nips and touches of eyelash. At one point, Jack’s muffled groans indicated a salty deposit was sure to be in my innocent wife’s mouth, where my own rarely goes, and I swelled with even deeper love and pride. Then Natasha and I, standing and slightly disengaged, decide to lay on the trampoline together. The uncomfortable slouching or kneeling of the low deck chair quickly forgotten, we entwined ourselves together; really never meaning to ever let go I know… Sweet nothing’s whispered and fully “meant”, we are as two peas in a pod; needing this experience to keep us alive within our marriages. Knowing the perfection of this moment in time; two decades in the making!

Eventually, out of boredom perhaps and not wanting to be left out, my wife

returned to giving a delightfully sloppy second blowjob to Jack while Natasha

and I reverently explored each other’s faces at close range in the darkness.

Under considerable vocal protest from Natasha, I eventually tore us away from

each other and the trampoline, our temporary universe away from all else, to

begin coming down from our high. “Lovedrop” like this is never enjoyable, but

must happen. The kids movie was barely ten minutes from finishing and we adults needed to collect ourselves. Decorum required! Astounded that we hadn’t been caught, we grinned our silly grins, embraced all each other and separated to our different beds across town from each other.

There was talk of how none of us intended for this to happen (I had only dreamed of watching my wife, AND of experiencing such a kindred soul’s kiss as Natasha’s). Then there was talk of a follow-up meeting, in our new home on the Island. Us guys will collaborate to fully realize this next step, while our

wives will likely (and soberly) feign disinterest. We will all continue learning; about life… and about ourselves.

For my wife and I, this is a distinctive branch off our regular path, which has

been ignored or avoided many, many time previously when we came upon a fork. Now that we (by her sole decision) have turned and chosen this path, I am barely able to breath, for fear of spooking her decision and forcing a shortcut back to the main path. Here is where I want, (need) to be, and I will walk slowly down this path with my beloved wife, at her careful, slow-exposure pace for as long as she needs me to.

As for Natasha... Well, I shall enjoy the fruits of our deeply emotional kisses

to quell that other lonely beast deep inside me whenever possible...