Apr. 24, 2019

I'm horny baby

Thinking of M's wet pussy, my cock buried deep in her.

Feeling it squeezing my shaft.

Fucking her deep, while I watch you as you bury your fingers two knuckles deep in your pussy as you watch me fuck her.

You moaning as you work your aching pussy.

Then I keep thinking of the four of us in the pool

You and M, flirting. Slowly moving closer to each other.

Light touches. Caresses.

Inching closer. Your breasts grazing each other's

Looking in each other's eyes

Seeing the heat, the lust, the want.

You leaning towards each other. Mouths opening, the anticipation of her tongue, her taste.

Your breasts pressing against each other.

The growing warmth spreading in your pussy.

The hunger growing. The wetness, the ache for her fingers, her mouth, her tongue to be on your clit.

C behind you. His hands on your body. Ass, hips, shoulder, tits. His mouth on your neck, hot and hungry. His hard cock caressing your ass.

My hands on Margot. Hips, ass, belly

Spreading her ass apart, pulling her pussy lips open. The heat of her wet pussy on the tips of my fingers. My palm. Her nipple hardening between my fingers.

Her hand gripping my cock and stroking it. Tight and hard. Fast short strokes. Her pressing the head against her open ass. Me watching you kiss her, sucking her tongue. Moaning. Breathing harder. Hungrier.

Your hands on her neck. Working down to her tits. Cupping and squeezing them. The warmth of her flesh in your hand. You mouth following your hands. You lips on breasts, your tongue on her nipples.

Your hands on her hips, her ass. Working your way to her hot wet buzzing clit. you thinking of how good she must taste. How much you want to feel the heat of her pussy on your mouth, cheeks, chin. How you want to lick and suck her clit. Hear her moan and writhe on your tongue. The flood of heat and wetness between your thighs for this, and the twitch of how bad you want her to take you in her mouth.