Aug 17, 2018

A night on the town.

This story takes place in a perfect world where it is safe and innocent….

We are going out for dinner, I have made reservations in a quality off the beaten track bistro.

I have given you broad strokes of my preference for your attire, a nice form fitting black dress, display of cleavage, not too short not too long so your legs in black stockings will keep the casual voyeur guessing and of course high heels!

You wear garters unless I ask specifically for pantyhose which is rare.

As we sit down our waiter introduces himself, a forty something good looking guy, somewhat cocky but not arrogant, as a matter of fact his jokes and flirtation towards you are charming but still respectful to me. I take it as a complement as I am in the presence of a desirable woman.

I point this out to you and at first you respond a bit shy without acknowledging, however I know how it works for you, you are getting aroused because I approve of you getting well deserved attention.

I ask if you find our waiter attractive, you look me straight in the eye and without hesitation you confirm” Yes!”

I smile and we decide what we like and I order for you. Our waiter is working hard to make it a fun experience, showering you with attention without coming on to strong. He is there when I need a refill of wine and knows I’m not to be taken for granted.

We have an excellent time and towards the end of the evening I suggest you go to the lady’s room, not just to powder your nose, but with specific instructions to remove your lace panties, come back and hand them to me. You are starting to blush and look questioning at me.

“What are you up to?”

I just smile.

You leave, come back, a somewhat puzzled look on your face and slightly flushed with anticipation handing your panties discretely to me.

I take them kiss your hand and without any hesitation bring the slightly moist lace to my face and take in the sensuous scent I am so familiar with.

I put the lace panties on the tray with the bill and my credit card look at you smiling and tell you how much I appreciate you as my sweet sexy girl!

We drive back to my apartment, it is a rainy night a perfect night for staying in and getting into all kinds of trouble…

I explain that the cocky waiter not only received your panties as a tip but also a number. If he calls, I will explain what the real deal is…


I give you a simple choice, a snuggly sweet night watching Netflix or a kinky night being ravished by a cocky male under my supervision…

We both know the answer…

I make you undress down to your stockings and lay you on my bed, I position you on your knees, bend over forward a pillow under your tummy, wrists cuffed and tied to the headboard. Your ass and pussy nicely exposed and accessible.

Your kitty shows moist and I casually fondle you, inquire about your state of comfort. You’re giving me a glassy look and your cheeks are glowing, short of meow I take that as you are ready as you can be.

A knock on the door signals the arrival of your young suitor…

He is no choir boy and knows what is expected but he is no brute either. Suitably impressed by your compromising position, the stockings leading up to your inviting pussy...

He does the right thing and starts fondling and kissing your kitty from clit to ass back and forth.

I sit back and observe thoroughly enjoying what you are enjoying...

Though there is one caveat, no cumming for you yet!

So much for that within minutes I see you arching your back and convulsing, I just shake my head.

You little slut, just can’t help yourself…!

Our waiter is now primed and takes his clothes off.

His sizeable cock proud and hard he gently rubs the tip against your clit for a minute or so

You’re clearly getting frustrated by the teasing as you start yanking your restraints.

Waiter and I exchange a look and I nod and in one swift move he slides his hard tool past the moist inviting lips deep inside you.

That makes you arch your back and a silent Oh leaves your mouth.

Long deep slow thrusts go over into swift fucking on to fierce pounding.

He takes his time but inevitably he goes over the edge, he clenches his buttocks and thrust deeply into you while exhaling deeply.

I can see your pussy with his cock buried deep inside as his semen are spilling out.

That sends me close to the edge, I feel my brain explode.

Waiter is done knows what is expected and clears the field.

You’re writhing in aftershock, adrenaline is coursing through my body, I just saw my woman being fucked like a little porn slut…

I feel you need a reprimand for liking it too much… I pull out a riding crop and show it to you, you’re wincing you know what it will feel like. I tell you it will be swift. I make you count and thank me after each strike which leaves a nice red streak on you buttocks. I can see tears in your eyes, tears of joy and pain while being brave…

After four strikes I cannot hold myself back any longer and mount your cum filled pussy, reclaim fucking you with a vengeance till I unload with every drop I have in me and we both collapse like ragdolls…

I release you, we kiss deep and tender. You crawl on top of me as the cum of two men is dripping all over my cock and balls.

We talk, kiss, slip and slide till you fall asleep in my arms.

I look at you and the warm glow of blissful love envelops me!