Written by A. Carbine

Jan 15, 2018

It’s was around 5 pm when Alex was packing the final items up to head to the hotel when his wife Kat walked into the room from the bathroom in nothing but a thong. Her shimmery lightly tanned skin and long platinum blonde hair, nice bubble bum and big tits combined would make any man horny. “Alex I have bad news” she said, Alex thinking the night was off dropped a upset puppy dog look in his eyes, he had only made love to Kat once in 6 months and was really looking forward to doing so tonight on New Years Eve at the hotel. Kat quickly responded “it’s not that bad, it’s just we will have to take a detour and pick up Lisa because Joe Is working later”. Now Lisa and Joe are our best friends and they had also booked a hotel room ajoined to us for the evening and we had planned to attend a near by restaurant for dinner and dancing. Both Kat and Alex packed up and headed over to pick up Lisa, they all arrived at the hotel to check in and where hit with a double booking, Lisa had booked 2 rooms adjoining but the person she spoke to only booked one room with 2 king beds. Again Alex was thinking to himself it wasn’t gonna happen tonight. The lady at the desk sipped her coffee indicating she could not do anything to help us as it was New Years and they had been fully booked, she did offer a free breakfast with the stay, a cab ride to the event and back and 50 percent off the room which made up for it. Alex helped carry the girls things upstairs and went to park the car. About 15 minutes later Alex walked back into the room to see both his wife and Lisa in their underware doing shots of vodka, Alex looked at them in amazement, Lisa’s body was fit with nice firm small tits and bulb tight ass, you could see through her panties to see a small patch of hair above her slit, her sexy long dark wavy hair pushed back in a pony tail. “It didn’t take long for you 2 to start” Alex said with a laugh. Now in the past before Alex and Kat met Alex and Lisa had known each other and both had felt sexual tension that was never resolved and anytime the hung out Lisa would feel the need to always be touching Alex in teasing way to get his attention. Alex jumped in the shower and washed up walking out in his towel with boxes underneath, Lisa looked at Kat and smiled and ripped his towel off where she seen He was wearing boxers. With a frown face she said “I guess maybe later”. Shorty after Alex’s phone notification went off and it was the group chat between the four of them where Joe had messaged “on my way, see you all soon #coupleswapping lol” Aelx chuckled to himself Thinking at this point they all had it in thier systems that they wanted a foursome to ring in the new year. Joe arrived and more drinks poured and they started the venture to the restaurant. Alex had jumped in the back of the taxi van where Lisa sat next to him and Joe along with Kay infront, Lisa put her hand on Alex’s thigh and leaned in whispering “do you think we will finally get to fuck each other’s brain out” Alex was thrown back a little to how forward she had been but he took Lisa’s hand placing it on his rock hard shaft and gave her a peck on the lips and smiled. Kat looked back at Alex and smiled, they arrived at the venue and exiting the cab Lisa held Alex’s hand while he escorted her and Joe escorted Kat, with a few drinks already down Alex said “I guess we swapped early eh” everyone laughed. Dinner was enjoy full and the dancing and music started, in a group they all danced and had fun. Alex watched Kat as she grinded her sweet bubbly ass in Joe’s crotch where you could see the outline of his cock growing. Lisa noticed Alex watching and started to rub his crotch on the dance floor teasing him until his cock was full erect. Midnight came and they all toasted and shortly after headed out back to the hotel. Once back they got back ready for bed, Alex And Joe just in boxers and the girls walked out of the washroom wearing almost nothing,Kat jumped into bed with Alex while Lisa with Joe, they turned on the tv flipping through the stations finding 50 Shades to be on, the girls got what they wanted and it was left on. It didn’t take long for the girls to start the playtime with the boys, Kat reaching under taking Alex’s hard cock and pulling it out, Lisa’s eyes gazed while Kat throated his cock, Lisa and Joe followed both couples watching one another. Alex nervous while balls deep in Kat looks over to Lisa while she was getting fucked by Her man Joe, who also was very fit and a good looking guy. Alex loved his wife but wanted to fuck Lisa. Before Alex could say anything he felt Kat’s pussy getting tight and knew she was gonna cum, Alex pulled his cock out and started eating her pussy. Lisa pulled off Joe and both of them paused, Joe saying “Lisa, I don’t do that” Kat responded butting in “joe, come fuck me while Alex takes care of Lisa” Alex was shocked how open she had become to this. Alex jumper over and pushed both beds together and looked Lisa in the eyes, both knowing they wanted this for so long. Alex tasted her freshly fucked pussy making her wet, fingering her pussy and teasing her asshole. Alex looked up to Lisa while putting pressure on her tight teen looking asshole, Lisa whispered “I’ve never done anal” Kat had somehow heard that and said “fuck her ass baby, I wanna see her take it” Alex looking at Kat taking it bent over by Joe’s thick black cock as her DD’s slapped together. Alex slid up and let Lisa suck his cock getting it wet while Alex reached back taking her dripping pussy juice and lubing up her asshole, sliding his finger in and out. Alex could tell Lisa was close, he spread her legs on her back and slid his 8 inch cock into her ass bareback. Lisa’s eyes rolled into the back of her head in exctasy while rubbing her clit, Lisa pulling Alex close chest to chest. He could feel her tensing up, she reached down pulling his cock out and sliding it into her dripping pussy, Alex not knowing what she wanted he whispered “cum on my cock, you wanna cum on it” Lisa shouted “im gonna cum”, this made Alex want to cum, looking down at her and over at his wife now taking Joe cum on her face and smiling “make her cum baby, give it to her” Kat said. Lisa’s pussy clamped down and pulsated as she began to cum, Alex hit his point and should “I’m gonna cum” while pulling out, Lisa through her legs over Alex’s back pulling him deep inside “cum inside me” his cock started to spew his hot load inside of her. Kat looking on in amazement with Joes cum dripping off her face “fill her pussy honey, she loves cum, look at her” Alex looked down and kissed Lisa as they both held the orgazim as long as they could. Joe laughing and saying “good thing your on the pill” they all laughed while Lisa winked at Alex. Lisa pulled Alex’s cock out from her and wanted to taste the juices, she started sucking and licking Alex’s cock while Kat and Joe returned to watch the movie, getting Alex rock hard again and fingering her pussy tasting her fingers full of our juice she jumped on Alex’s cock sliding him deep inside, with cum and pussy juice all over her face and began to ride him. Both Kat and Joe watching us and the move back and forth, Kat smiling “get it out of your system babe, I love you” at that moment Alex pulled Lisa face down to his and began licking the cum and pussy juice from Her face and pushing his toung into her mouth, the excitement and tastes made both Lisa and Alex cum, and dumbing a second loud of cum deep inside her as she shook to her orgasim and collapsing on Alex’s chest passing out. Morning came quickly and everyone jumped in the over sized shower helping everyone wash and headed for breakfast. This night rang in the New Years well opening many new doors for the four of them. First foursome was amazing.......