Dec. 13, 2018

The sun is beating down and we had been relaxing all day in the pool and jacuzzi. Breakfast was a scrumptious bacon, eggs and coffee. Nothing like good sex to build an appetite.

As evening arrives we retire to our room to shower and get ready for tonight’s fun. The day has been full of flirting and the hint of more to come. He had invited us to spend Saturday night as well and we had already planned to be away for the weekend. Maybe not exactly here but it was more than comfortable and then of course there is the couples evening ahead and the broken car was forgotten.

She has been openly flirting with

Mark while I have been watching and doing no less with his very sexy wife. She is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and a neatly shaved pussy and lovely breasts. I had got an eye full in the jacuzzi and wanted to fuck her all day , but this was not about me no it was her game and I was the cuck in her game so I had resisted , but we had all worked up a very serious appetite and desire and now it was her turn.

In our tiny over crowded room which had been cleaned and the towels neatly rolled on the bed I reflected on the days events and last night when our adventure began.

Laying back on the bed I laugh at the comedy of nearly being caught twice first by him then later by her.

I wonder what they must think or are they plotting how to fuck my wife. Now that’s a distinct possibility after what she had said in the pool. I want to fuck him and I want him to fuck me she had whispered in my ear.

My cock stirs as I think back to our day as my eyes close I dream again and it’s full of pussy cocks and horny people running around in the buff with the family jewels on display.

We had both been watching our hosts and the guests. She had commented that his cock was probably bigger than mine and may not fit in her tight pussy I had agreed but,

I was wondering if she could handle us both Dp or even better I was sure she wanted it all. I did not care if it was bigger I wanted to see that large cock ravish her pussy, but patience it was her call and we still had tonight to get through. Besides I would get my reward soon enough. After our brief rest and a good shower we both get dressed.

She is wearing a very short mini and a silk blouse no bra and I can see her nipples straining against the silk.

Proud tits they are bigger now than before and definitely was worth the ridiculous fee of her plastic surgeon. I know she is very happy because I am staring at her tits. She laughs and says. Do you think he will be impressed? I smile no doubt he will as he has been lusting after her all night and all day.

As we dress for our evening I suggest she forget the panties and then I can cope a feel under the dinner table. Oh no she tells me I will let you play but first I want to fuck him and you can fuck her. I look into her beautiful soft eyes. She is serious it’s her night and I had said to her. Anything you want. So I go along. This could be fun.

Dinner is a formal affair. Waiters and lots of red wine to break the ice. Tonight there are no games. We are old freinds now. What is it not even 24 hours and they have had a eye full already. So our old freinds are now our cuckhold couple or are we the cuckhold couple. I don’t really care either way.

After dinner and a gallon of wine we retire to the games room. The games room with its big tv and many cushions and large fire. The staff retire to bed and we are alone with them at last. With a hardcore sex tape and the moans and sounds of sex on the tv we settle down in the playroom. She puts on some music and sways to the sound as we watch.


She joins her and they dance together it’s very sexy and then they start kissing. It’s very sensual almost a lovers gentle kiss, but they are definately getting into the swing of this. Mark and I sit on the outskirts watching the two woman dancing it’s getting hot and heavy as they slow dance with a leg between each other’s thighs. My wife’s skirt is pushed up and I can see her ass and just a hint of her beautiful pussy. His eyes have not left her ass alone for a minute. I watch silent enjoying this moment.

Two beautiful woman exploring each other’s bodies in a slow dance that makes my cock throb. I look at him he has his dick in his hand and is stroking it while they dance. She was right he does have a large cock and it’s now fully erect straining to reach the object of his desire.

The song ends and she leads her to the couch where he is waiting. Then she turns to me and pulls me onto the dance floor. I don’t resist and our bodies melt together on the dance floor over her shoulder I see my wife straddle his lap her pussy is there for the taking and my cock jumps and hardens and presses into her waist.

I feel her hands opening my jeans and my cock is finally free and she goes down on her knees and takes me into her mouth. It’s warm and wet and her tongue swirls around my cockhead as she gently sucks and fondles my balls. I stand still the wonderful feeling of being sucked, but I am watching her as she sits on his lap her pussy is so wet I can see the sheen of her juices and his cock is probing her entrance. She looks at me and sees my cock being sucked and smiles as she starts to force him inside her.

Her lips are stretched open and her gorgeous bum is facing me. I feel strange hands pulling my cock deeper into her mouth . I am watching his cock entering her pussy as she starts to move looking for more cock. I pulll his wife to her feet and she turns around her ass against me so we can both watch them. She bends forward and guides me into her pussy and I thrust forward urgently now but our eyes are glued on my wife and his cock pounding into that tight pussy.

She is moaning in delight and so am I. She decides to turn around now they can watch us too. I am holding her hips my hands spread her cheeks and I thrust my cock deep into her pussy and with each thrust she lets out a squeal of delight.

My wife’s eyes find mine she has a quizzical look on her face. It’s not fair she says I want to see you fucking her. So we change positions now all together on the couch hands are everywhere and the sounds of sex fill the room. Soft slapping as his balls hit her ass and the sucking sound of juices out of control. We continue to fuck until I hear the change in her breathing and a steady demand of fuck me fuck me harder. I speed up to match there rythum and everything becomes a blur of cock pussies and sex. My earlier dream.

Moaning and sounds fill the room. Finally she is coming I can feel her vagina clench and she shivers in delight. Don’t stop now go go faster she demand s and I oblige next to us the sounds are getting louder he is fucking her hard his balls slap her clit as he rides her from behind her ass in the air and his very big cock is deep in her Pussy he holds her hips driving his cock to the hilt inside her

I wonder if he is stretching her cunt maybe it will forever be stretched not likely but the idea intrigued me.

After she has come I slowly withdraw and she turns around to lick her juice from my cock it feels delightful. I hold back would not be a good idea to cum in her mouth , but she insists her sucking gets harder and then I hear him coming and the pussy slaps are harder as my wife starts to squeal in delight. Fuck yes she says fuck yes fuck me.

I know she is coming and it sets me off I hold the back of her head as I thrust my cock into her mouth she gags but holds on as I feel my balls contract and a rush as I cum all over her lips mouth and tits.

My wife watches as my semen sprays this stranger and it makes her cum again as she pushes back on his cock wanting more demanding more she is totally in bliss eyes glazed over lips open tongue licking her lips as she moves towards her and they are both kissing licking my cum from her face and he joins in licking his wife’s pussy while the woman French kiss in amongst semen and saliva.

I stare at this site amazing sight . Jesus but this going to be a long night.,..... to be cont.M