Nov 30, 2017

This is a true event that happened in the summer of 2016...one of our hottest nights ever since we have entered into the lifestyle.

It was a beautiful warm summers evening...one of those nights where the stars were bright, very calm. We had rented a room in London on a Saturday night, we were going out for a night of fun and dancing and flirting at local swingers club (off premise) Mrs Dee was looking pretty as ever and oh so sexy with her little black dress on and no underwear...some sexy high heels...she just wanted to dance and party, I know what this leads to even if we don't connect with another couple we always have a great time and full of dirty hot sex.

So we have been dancing and drinking all night..meeting new people and hanging with people we new already, having a great time and before you know it the night was over and we left by ourselves. The venue was in a basement at sports bar so as we came out of the basement we were not ready to go back to the hotel yet so we noticed the sports bar was still open. We went in for a drink..sat at the bar. There was a good 20 or 30 people in here. Mrs Dee sat next to this young guy at the bar that was all alone and just started chatting with him...she is very friendly. He was a really nice guy. As we were sitting there this young couple in there mid thirties came over and started chatting with us, they were at the club also in the basement, I never noticed them there but they were a pretty hot couple. Next thing you know the girl that was the bartender downstairs came over also and wow she was smoking....I did notice her there though. Next thing you know all three girls were making out right at the bar....me and the other girls husband were laughing at this young guy that was sitting beside Mrs Dee....I believe he has never seen anything like this before in his entire life ..his face was priceless...probably the best night of his life. So the girls are making out and next thing you know there boobs come out and there all sucking on one another...even myself I couldnt believe this was happening in this bar......no one stopped them. So the young couple invited us back to there place but we could not convince the other girl to come...and Mrs Dee said bye to her male friend at the bar, poor kid probably still has a chubby..lol

We get to there house, me and the other girls husband grab some beers and go out on the deck......they have patio doors off the master onto the deck with a great view of there bed. The girls are in the kitchen chatting drinking wine and next thing you know there taking each others clothes off and putting on the best show for us guys that I have seen my wife do with another girl. It lasted for a good two beers her husband and I felt like the luckiest men in the world. So they finish up on the bed, come outside both naked and wet. Had a drink with us and next thing you know our clothes are off the girls are sucking our cocks, switching back and forth then they would make out for awhile. We each fucked each other wives ,then the wives would fuck there man...then it would be two girls on one cock...oh man i can go on and on..we got back to our hotel room at 5;45 in the morning....so what I was getting at it was such a beautiful warm night in London. Cheers!