May 23, 2017

When my new wife and I (we were best friends for 20 years, but had only been married for one year) decided to explore the fantasies we had recently shared with each other one night during a lovemaking session we agreed to explore together and to try one of hers first. I think we were both surprised that we actually had both thought we wanted to try bi curious fantasies and a few others.

For our first fantasy, she wanted to see two men together. So we searched around on line and found another guy around our age. I interviewed several as she was content to allow me to choose the guy whose cock I was going to suck. He didn't have any experience like us, as we wanted it so everyone would be equally nervous and we got a hotel room.

He came and joined us, but before he arrived I removed her shoes, socks, pants and panties and played with and teased my wife till she was dripping wet​ and still very horny. I knelt down in front of her while she sat in a chair beside the bed and I made her cum several times by slowly taking my clit in my mouth and gently sucking on it, and sliding two fingers deep inside her pussy. She came so hard her whole body shuddered and her thighs were dripping wet with her juices, as was my beard.

She was only clothed from the waist up in the chair when he knocked on the door. I left her partially dressed and opened the door for him to come join us. He was so nervous he didn't even realize she was semi naked when he shook her hand. We had a glass of wine to relax and chatted as we got to know each other and what our expectations for the evening were. We both agreed that him and I were each curious to touch another man and this opportunity with a woman watching would be a great way to break the ice so to speak.

When I showed him my wife was semi naked from the waist down, and her pussy was still dripping wet by spreading her legs and teasing her lips some more in front of him, all he could do was moan and lick his lips.

Him and I got undressed and as I was the least nervous, I knelt down and played with him till his thick 6.5" cock was hard and sticking straight out. My wife removed her clothing as well, and I could tell she was was enthralled watching me...our eyes were locked on each other as I was very eager to see that this action turned her on. Her fingers were already between her legs, and slowly rubbing her swollen lips.

They both moaned when I took him in my mouth....my first time sucking a cock and I was very turned on. I could feel and taste his pre cum and I could feel my cock hardening at the same time. My wife watched and played with herself harder...between my mouth on his cock and her fingers in her pussy, he got incredibly wet, and I tried to take as much of his large cock as I could. He was so thick I could hardly get my mouth around him. once I had his head and some of his shaft in my mouth, She came hard again. When she screamed she was cumming, I could feel his cock twitching with excitement in my mouth.

My wife said she wanted to see him return the favour and suck my cock, so I slowly took him out of my mouth. His cock was huge and dangling in front of him as he turned around. I laid on the bed and he started touching me. He was pretty nervous so he only tongue licked my cock. I think he was too nervous to actually suck on me and my wife sensed this so after watching him lick the precum,on my shaft, and since she was close to cumming again, she told us she wanted to watch us jerk ourselves off. and cum for her.

His hand pumped his shaft as fast as he could and he shot a big load up straight up in the air as he moaned with pleasure. After watching him shoot his cum, my wife leaned over and told me how hot it was to see another man cum for us and that now she wanted me to cum for her.

I continued stroking my hard cock, the precum making that squishing noise as my hand shot up and down over the head and shaft. I was eager to cum for her, but I was a bit nervous myself after seeing his big load and how high he shot in the air. She told me to relax and let it go, then she was cumming again and that did it for me and I shot my load for her. She reached over and rubbed my cum all over my cock and balls and whispered how much she loved watching me cum for her and how much she loved me!

She reached out and touched his cock just for a split second, sliding her finger over the top and feeling his cum, then came and laid down in my arms with her head on my chest. She told both of us how amazing that experience was. When our breathing returned to normal, we all got p off the bed and got ourselves cleaned up using towels and facecloths from the washroom. Once dressed, we chatted about the experience, each of us describing how turned on it was and how we all wanted more of the lifestyle. We finished our wine and then he left, after giving my wife a big hug and telling her how hot and sexy she was.

Once he was gone, she came back to me on the bed and undressed me then herself. She told me she wanted me now...she said as much as she enjoyed that experience, it was still all about us, and she wanted me more than ever! I was happy to oblige and I was surprised that I got hard again as quickly as I did.

I ate her pussy again till she was close to cumming, then we fucked hard and fast and I was amazed that I actually came again and she came twice, each time her whole body shuddering against me. We kissed and then fell asleep in each others arms for a few hours before waking up and realizing we were starving. I went downstairs to the lobby and got a few bags of chips and we sat up eating and drinking more wine and discussed the evening again. It was a great experience and left us definitely wanting more.

I was surprised I enjoyed tasting another man and even more surprised that I definitely wanted to do it again. It was such a turn on knowing that she wanted and enjoyed watching as much as she did. The thought of finding another couple and having two women watching is a HUGE turn on for me and the thought of watching my wife with another woman and another couple for the first time has my cock hardening now just thinking about it.

She is not ready to fuck another guy just yet, but I believe we will all be quite comfortable with all 4 of us touching and tasting each other. Hopefully that will be my next story!