Jan. 18, 2018

Hello all. Just wanted to put in writing how my wife (C) and I jumped the fence from soft swingers to full swinger. It was about the 15 yr mark of or Swinging LS. One of the ways I break the ice with a potential female playmate, is that I ask her if she would help me play a joke on my wife. I would say that she said "if you can ever get a woman here, i'd play with her".. well that seemed to worked with a hot little co-worker of mine. She is an awesome friend now and we have played often..

So the scene is set at our house. The 3 of us are relaxing with some drinks to feel more relaxed. When the time was right , C took M's hand and we all went into the bedroom. The ladies started undressing me and themselves at the same time. It wasn't long before M was stroking my full erect cock while kissing me. C moved to her knees and took it in her mouth easily. It took everything not to cum in her mouth. M moved to the bed and with C beside her, I moved between her legs and started to eat her pussy. C was busy kissing her and sucking on her now perky nipples. I wanted to see more G/G action so I asked C to lay on the bed. While I sat back a bit, M started kissing her inner thigh, moved to another set of perky nipples before straddling C's face. The way M was grinding C's Face I could tell C was doing a great job. It was at this time I started eating C's pussy. I didn't think she would cum. The closer she got to cumming, the closer M got. In no time C's hips were grinding my face as much as M's hips was grinding C's face.. they both came together. Now this was the time where we usually stopped playing cause we had never had sex with anyone before. M wanted more. She wanted me to fuck her with "that nice big hard cock".. I looked at C and she said "just make sure you fuck her as hard as you fuck me".. With M on her back, I slid my cock into the first pussy that wasn't my wife's. It was totally different and totally awesome at the same time. I didn't want to disappoint on my first time out, so I fucked that tight pussy as best as I could. When i was done, C had gotten so excited she wanted me to fuck her next. Who am I to disagree with my wife. I didn't realize how hot she had gotten until I slipped into her wetter then normal pussy. Man, what a wonderful feeling. pleasing two hot women one after the other. For the first time in 15 yrs of playing, the thought of another man fucking my wife didn't give me that knife in the gut feeling.. now it was starting to turn me on. All sorts of thoughts came rushing to me. I had to find a guy that would be my wife's second guy to fuck her.

It only took about 4 mths to find someone who I was comfortable with. B was a great guy. We met him here and started chatting. Meeting up with him for coffee went well so we planned to bring him to a house party. That evening went great and the party was great. After C had a couple of drinks to get the jitters out of her system, we went upstairs to find a room. C was still a bundle of nerves so I started to kiss her to get her to relax. I was excited and nervous at the same time as well. With B behind her and me kissing her, he started opening her blouse and cupping her breasts. I worked on her pants and they hit the floor beside ours. C had turned around and was kissing B when I undid her bra and let her perky nipples touch his chest. He moved her to the bed and sucked on both of them.. C was not wearing panties. I let them go at it. It was amazing watching C take B's cock slowly between her lips and into her mouth. One of the hottest things I can watch her do. B headed south and C motioned me to come closer and whispered that she wanted my cock as well. As B was bringing her to an orgasm, C sucked me harder and faster till she came. It was now the moment of truth.. Was i going to freak our or just love it. B started to separate C's wet pussy with the head of his cock and with one solid push, went balls deep.. C gasped with excitement and totally enjoyed the pounding B gave her. B had cum and now it was my turn. With B sitting at the top of the bed I put her on her knees and started fucking her pussy from behind.. I could tell she started sucking B's cock as i was fucking her. With all this excitement it didn't take long for me to cum in her tight pussy. As it turns out, I am totally turned on by watching C getting fucked and sucking cock. I am always looking for that "right guy" to help out. But to be fair, we are always looking for that ever elusive unicorn. She likes to watch as much as I do. lol.