Written by ManInMidland

Mar. 1, 2019

We sit in the secluded meadow and chat with our new friends. Naked among the grass. At ease with each other. After a while I feel aroused by the four of us sitting naked together. She notices and looks to you and asks "Do you enjoy watching the guys play together?" With a grin you run your finger along your pussy and reply, "Very much."

Not one to disappoint, I crawl over to him and surprise you both by taking his head between my hands and kissing him deeply. He knew, as he responded with a hand behind my head as our tongues mingle and play. We hear fuck yes from one of you but we are now focused on each other. Kisses continue and hands roam over chests and backs, cocks harden without being touched, precum forming on our tips. He lays back, me on top, our bodies pressed together, our cocks pressed together. I sit up and lower my head to his ridged cock. Taking it in my mouth and slowly licking all his shaft. Feminine moans are heard as I lick and suck his balls, my hands stroking him tightly. He is close and quickly sits up, pushing me on my back, taking me into his mouth, deeply that my cock disappears. His tongue playing all the time. You are both enjoying the show as he is licks my ass and precum escapes my cockhead. Then he turns me over and slowly slides his slick cock into me. Fucking me slowly. I harden again. My cock point almost upright it is so rigid. Within minutes I am moaning as he cums hard in my ass. Cum seeping out. He pulls out and I flip over so his mouth can find my cock. I lean back as he sucks, his hand squeezing my balls and his finger in my ass. I let go and fill his mouth with hot thick cum, his finger pressing every drop from me, his mouth taking it all. We collapse in the grass unaware of you both watching. I smile at him. I say, "Next time your tight ass is mine."

Slowly we all dress and walk slowly back to the cars. All in agreement that it was exciting unexpected fun. Hugs and kisses are exchanged, his hand pressed against my cock a little longer before he gets into his car. We stand together in front of yours. Back to against the front of the car and you against my chest. I stroke your back and whisper, one more before we go? You reach between my legs and feel my bulge. I turn you around, your chest against the hood of the car. I drop my shorts to my ankles and with my knee move your legs apart. I hike up your skirt and you raise your ass so I can plunge my cock into your wet wanting pussy. I thrust deep into, fucking you with urgency, you knowing I won't take long. Your hand between your legs you rub your clit and I feel you cum. Before I do I pull out, you sigh at the disappointment of feeling empty but moan as my cock, well lubricated from your pussy, slides into your ass. You push back into me and I grab you by the hips, and with four slow deep thrusts I empty another load inside you, the warmth of my cum and the throbbing of my cock sends to another climax. We stay like that and recover. You against the hood of the car and my against your ass.

As we drive and exit the park, the Ranger, a gorgeous brown haired woman, leans in and asks "How our visit was?" You smile at me and we both look at her with a grin and reply, "We had a very nice time thanks." She leans in further and I notice her top button is undone, displaying her cleavage, erect nipples pressing against the fabric of her top. "I know", she says, "I was watching from the Ranger's Tower." And with another grin adds, "Be sure and cum back again."