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P 3 years ago

Poker party

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My BF and I have been in the lifestyle for a while, and have enjoyed several encounters. A few with his "poker" buddies. One night is particular was very memorable. I knew we were going to meet with his buddies....also knew what was going to happen, but he told me it was going to be a specially fun night. In the car he handed me some numbered envelopes and told me I would be told when to open them. I have to tell you this HAD my curiosity going, I had no idea what he was up too. The night started out normally, we had a couple drinks and sat around talking. Then I was told to open envelope #1....It said poker game and set out the rules. The guys, BF and the other 5 guys were going to play poker and whoever won the hand got to take an article of clothing off me, the catch....I was supposed to suck him off under the table while the next hand was being played, no one won two hands in a row lol. Once I was naked I was told to open #2, it said who won the hand got to fuck me however they wanted too. Just so you know, we have always used condoms with these guys. The first hand was won.....the guy who won looked and my BF and said "however I want?" BF said those are the rules and laughed, he bent me over the back of the couch and just then he was taking my ass first. He lubed up and slide his cock deep in my ass, I was so fucking horny by this time, I could hear the other guys playing, but it was hazy, I was lost in the moment. After the next hand, the guy wanted my mouth....this went on until all were done, and all had a time with me. Then I was told to open envelope #3. This one said gangbang time they were all going to fuck me and over again. Which they have done a few times so what I expected lol. I can't say how long it went on for....I always lose track of time when that happens, but it was a while. They usually kept a cock in every hole...DP....mouth...when there is 6 I don't get much rest lol.. ...... Then I was told to open to open #4. This one said bukkake time, they were all going to fuck me like always but when ready they were going to pull the condoms off and cum wherever they wanted on me. In the end they had me kneeling down while they plastered my face and chest with cum. After which they sent me in to take a After I came out from the shower they were all sitting there waiting....I was told to open #5. I was a little in shock when I did open it, this one said...bareback....they were all going to fuck me bare and cum any where they wanted. We had always used condoms for penetration... I looked at BF and asked if he was sure...he said they are all safe, and with that said they were all over me. I had hands everywhere it was like they had never touched me before. I had have them all cum in my mouth before but this was something new. One of them laid down and pulled me down onto his bare cock...I could feel the flesh on flesh and it felt great...I could tell there were a couple guys behind me trying to be the first in my ass, but BF was pushing my head down on his cock. I could feel a bare cock going in my ass, trust me...just as much as guys we can tell the difference. It was totally different..for me and the guys. It was like something totally new to them, they were more, should I say enthusiastic lol. They were going wild, fucking me harder than they ever had which only made me more wild. Sometimes they would pull out and want to cum in my mouth....sometimes the would just keep fucking me until I could feel that warm sticky cum unload inside me. It only took a couple guys and there was no more lube needed at all....the cocks were just sliding right in. I could feel the nut juice running out of my ass and pussy and a couple times I struggled to swallow how much some of them would unload in my mouth. I finally had to give up from pure exhaustion....I needed to sleep, I went to the bedroom to lay down, cum dripping down my legs but well satisfied. Apparently they weren't, a few hours later I was awakened by fingers playing with my clit and opened my eyes to see a couple cocks over my face. My lips just seemed to open for soon as I was awake...I felt a cock entering me, as 2 were in my face. So I just sucked, it took a few minutes before I realized BF wasn't one of them, he was still sleeping. I rolled over on top of the one guy and took another in my mouth, the third got behind me and took my ass, my moans must have gotten loud as next thing I knew they were all there fucking me all over again. After we were done and finally went back home...I felt like I was dripping cum for 2 days lol....YES this really happened and I can only tell the ladies, try it at least once in your life. Maybe not 6 guys, but at least 3. It feels great having a cock in every hole at once and believe me, you'll never feel sexier

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