Jun. 16, 2014

Scott and Melissa were entertaining Natalie and her husband Ken for an evening of play. While they had played with Natalie before, they hadn't spent a lot of time with her husband. Ken was a quiet man usually. Tall and thin, he had a pleasant smile and a warm demeanor. Melissa spent a good portion of the early evening studying him and she caught a glint of mischief in the man's eye that told her the evening was going well.

As the evening grew longer, Natalie was the first one to make a move. Scott was crossing the room to fetch a drink, when Natalie stepped in front of him, ran her hands up his chest and planted her lips on his. Scott eagerly received her kiss, sliding his tongue between her lips and pulling her close. After he had thoroughly tasted Natalie, he pulled back slowly and looked over to Ken. The man sat on the couch and was grinning broadly, watching his wife being so brazen.

Melissa sat down on the couch beside Ken and ran her hand up his inner thigh, caressing the growing bulge in the man's jeans. Her eyes went to Natalie and nodded subtly. Natalie placed her hands on Scott's face and guided his eyes back to her.

“So, your wife wants to be a good hostess for Ken. She has requested that you sit back and watch for now and if you're really good, you'll be rewarded.” She leaned in close, her lips caressing his earlobe and her warm breath washing over his skin. “Think you can be a good boy?”

“I will do my best,” Scott said, smiling. Natalie worked at his belt buckle and methodically stripped Scott down to nothing before guiding him into a chair. “Enjoy the show...”

Melissa was helping Ken out of his jeans and the moment his semi-erect cock was free, Melissa lowered her mouth over it, hungrily tasting him and sighing as she ran her tongue along its length. Ken's hand ran lightly up Melissa's back in a tentative gesture, but as Melissa worked him, the light touch became more forceful, gripping Melissa's hair and directing her actions to some degree.

With Ken good and hard, Melissa worked at her own clothes, stripping down quickly all while biting her lower lip as she saw the man's girth. He was larger than Scott and she wanted to see just how much she could take. Gripping his shaft, she lowered herself onto him, slowly allowing him to impale her. Her breath came in a slow, measured inhale as she took in more and more of him. Her eyes locked onto Scott as she drove down the last inch and let out a brief cry of pleasure.

“What do you think, baby? Should I ride him fast and hard, or glide nice and slow?” Melissa asked her husband.

“Start off slow. I want to watch you enjoy it,” Scott said.

Melissa pulled back upward slowly and rolled her hips slightly as she slid back down. “He's so big... he fills me up really good...” she said.

“Ken, don't be shy,” Scott assured the man. “Make her yours. I want to watch her squirm.”

Ken reached forward, gripping Melissa's breast from behind and pulled her back against him. He drove up into her and Melissa cried out in pleasure with each thrust. Natalie stripped down as she watched Melissa writhe on her husband's cock.

She straddled Scott and when he moved to put his hands on her, she playfully swatted him aside. “Your time is coming. I'm calling the shots for now.”

Natalie lowered herself over Scott's hard cock and slid her slick pussy over his shaft, but refused to allow him to penetrate her. She rolled her hips, grinding against him, but left his view of Melissa unblocked.

Melissa was bouncing vigorously on Ken's lap, her voice starting to get ragged from crying out and the pool of her cum already pooling on Ken. Natalie was grinding against Scott furiously as she watched Melissa's eyes roll back in her skull.

“Fuck... Ken, lay her back... I need some attention too.”

Pulling out, Ken guided Melissa onto her back on the couch before crawling in between her legs again and driving in once more. Natalie left Scott slick with her juices and walked over to straddle Melissa's face. Needing no further cues, Melissa eagerly tasted Natalie's clit and moaned against the sensitive skin with Ken's drives deep into her.

Scott couldn't allow himself to blink as he watched his wife being used by his guests. Natalie had a white knuckle grip on the couch as Melissa's oral talents were driving her to the edge. Melissa's voice was getting hoarse as she consumed her girlfriend and rubbed her own clit as Ken was pounding furiously into her pussy. Melissa came in a spray that soaked Ken and the couch equally.

“Holy shit... I think I'm going to cum...” Ken said as he slowed his thrusts.

“Don't you fucking dare...” Melissa said, pulling away from her duties momentarily. “Fill me up... I want it all.”

Thrusting with renewed vigor, Ken drove into Melissa again. “Oh God yes... you feel so good...” Melissa moaned as she felt his release inside her and a moment later, Natalie, having watched her husband cum inside another woman, came herself, soaking Melissa's jaw and neck in her juices.

Scott was speechless as he watched the three of them collapse in a sweaty heap. He was barely able to contain his desire to move in and pick up where Ken left off, but he forced himself to remain where he was.

Natalie met Scott's gaze and looked at Melissa. “He was a very good boy... and it looks like he is craving some attention. Shall we give it to him?”

“All right. He deserves it... Stand up, baby.”

Scott did as instructed and both Natalie and Melissa dropped to their knees. Natalie lower her mouth over his cock and hungrily sucked on him as Melissa ran her tongue up his balls and licked the underside of his shaft. Scott looked down as the two women stared back as they worked his shaft in tandem, switching roles periodically. Having watched the main event he was already riding high and knew he wouldn't be able to hold back very long with these two women using all their skills on him.

Melissa stood up and slid in behind Scott. He could feel her breath on his skin and her lips lightly descended on his neck, lightly kiss and sucking on the skin. Natalie continued hungrily sucking his cock, her eyes focused on him.

“She's beautiful, isn't she?” Melissa whispered in his ear.


“There's something she would like from you. You'd like to be a good host, wouldn't you?”


Natalie sat back on her knees and gripped her tits, pinching her nipples in her fingers. She propped them up, presenting her gorgeous rack to him. Melissa reached around Scott from behind and stroked his shaft. “She has some fantastic tits, doesn't she?”

“Gorgeous...” Scott said, losing himself to the view Natalie presented and Melissa's skilled grip.

“Why don't you coat those warm, soft tits in your cum? She craves it... I want to see it. Come on... give her what she wants.”

Scott felt his orgasm building.

“Give me your cum, Scott,” Natalie said, her eyes pleading, but her lips donning a deviant smirk.

“You know you want it,” Melissa said, nibbling at his neck.

Scott's breath caught in his throat as his orgasm burst from him, striking Natalie's collar bone with enough force to splash her neck. His ejaculation fired spurt after spurt, pooling over the soft skin of Natalie's breasts. The white streams running down her chest were in contrast to her tanned skin and Scott grinned at the ample mess he had created.

Natalie leaned in and finished the job, sucking what was left from Scott before standing. Melissa leaned in and tasted Scott's cum as it ran over Natalie's breast. She sighed and said, “Mmmm, that was delicious. Thank you for being such a good boy.”

“You're quite welcome. You ladies put on quite the show. Can I star in it next time?”

Natalie grinned and looked at Ken. He nodded with a grin. “I think that can be arranged. We'll have to host next time, so you can be our guest. We're very good to our guests... and you have set the bar very high. You won't be disappointed.”