Written by Anonymous

Sep. 24, 2019

Chatting around the table in the lounge until once everyone has arrived and after a few minutes of conversation our prurient desires take over. Shedding our garments we reveal the level of our lust, hard cocks jutting out, erect nipples and that glowing flush to our skin that belies our readiness.

It is a free for all as we are standing up in a group our hands reaching to fondle all the exposed sumptuous flesh. I am licking JP kneeing on floor while Kathy hovering over him her mouth being deeply kissed and his hand stroking her pussy as she spreads her legs to give him entry to her treasures.

Ellen tits have a mouth nibbling on each side with her hands on Nick and Guy’s members stoking them as their fingers take turns twirling in her cunt.

Ellen takes my cock in her hand leading me to the bed. Ellen assumes our favourite position with me on my back so she can straddle my face. Our mouths and hands explore each other’s jewels. Her cunt is dripping sweet juices that I eagerly lap up. Twirling my tongue wrapping it around her stiff pleasure bud that evokes growling moans from her mouth that is devouring my hard cock. She alternates between taking my stiffness to the back of her throat and then making a swallowing motion with her mouth that is so unbelievably intense. Then she pulls back to twist her tongue around the head concentrating on the underside of my corona until the sensation is so exquisite almost painful then plunging my rod back into her greedy mouth. I am delirious with the fierceness of how she ravishingly consumes me.

I lose myself in the rapture of our vigorous licking and sucking. Her thighs clamp around my head holding my mouth captive on her clit that I am lashing with with my tongue. Both our hands grasp each other’s buttocks, squeezing our flesh to get a hold so we can drive each other more firmly into our passions. Her finger finds its way to my pleasure hole as she usually does knowing what joy it brings us both as she slips her finger to tickle my prostate. I heave with the excitement of her probing digit. She clamps her mouth on my cock as her thighs tighten her hold on my head. I am in a frenzy of lustful mania, my body lost to the furor of our unbridled passion. I am convulsed with assgasms that emanate from my pspot and radiate throughout my body sending spasms across every part.

I feel another set of hands roaming across my legs and thighs as Kathy joins our play. Ellen invites her to share my cock and my rosebud. They are both taking turns ravishing my sex organs. The difference in their ministrations propelling me to more body racking convulsions to emerge from my inner gland. Both of them are encouraging my proxysms with their lusty exhortations as our excitement grows together. They propel my to the summit of lust as I erupt spewing my hot thick liquid into their mouths. They lick up my cream slathering my pulsating cock with their hot tongues as I continue to writhe from their attention. I have been totally consumed by their lust.

As I come out of the sensual trance, I am treated to a panoply of prurient delights. My eyes behold the arrangement of bodies entwined in every fashion, my ears filled with the cacophony of lusty cries and moans, my nostrils filled with the perfume of sexual pheromones wafting throughout the room from exited organs.

Beside me Ellen is being devoured by Kathy who is eating her with gusto both of them uttering cries of delight. On the bed JP , Guy and Nick are entwined in a circle, each of them sucking each other’s hard cock.

Relegated to being a voyeur I feast my eyes on the sensual tableaux unfolding in front of me. The bed is overflowing with bodies contorting in every possible combination of lusty pursuits

Ellen moves to swallow Nick as he sucks JP. They are covorting across the bed as their lust

Guy and Kathy are vigorously fucking each other, both of them pounding the other as they ram their sex organs crashing against each other. The ripples of each collusion bouncing across their buttocks and bellies, as they retreat and then plunge over and over in a passionate dance.

Ellen mounts Nick to wedge his hardness between her cunt lips, riding him furiously grinding her pussy and clit against his firmness.

JP is standing at head of bed so that Guy swallows him while he continues to ram Kathy. Her trust to impale Guy propels his body forward so he can encompass more of JP’s rampant cock.

The bed is rocking from all the sexual energy being expended. Ellen’s efforts grow more vigorous as Nick exclaims he is about to cum. Everyone encourages him as she squeezes his cock into the throws of a massive explosion.

JP moves from the head of the bed and positions himself behind Guy so he can fuck him while he is pumping Kathy. The chain reactions of their thrusting is marvellous to behold. The rythme of JP’s cock slamming into Guy’s ass drives his cock into the furthest depths of Kathy’s cunt right up to the hilt so his balls are banging on her ass.

They move so JP can fuck Kathy while she's sucking Guy at the head of the bed.

JP riding her hard also blows up in a spectacular climax.

Guy mounts and rides Kathy to so they both orgasm the last two explosions of the night.