Written by QueenHeather

Dec. 3, 2016

I held my breath as I placed my finger on the doorbell, hesitating. My heart raced and felt like it was in my throat. Was I really doing this? I clutched my bag tight in my other hand, and pressed the bell before I lost my nerve. I fought the urge to bolt back to the waiting cab. I glanced quickly to my getaway car, but as I did the door opened. And there you stood. I stared at you, my nervous smile overtaking my face. I was finally here. Weeks of chatting had led up to this moment, and I thought my heart might stop. I heard the cab drive away. I swallowed the sudden lump in my throat. You smiled knowingly at me.

You offered to take my bag, and I handed it to you. I follow you in the house as you turn to walk down the hall. I slip my heels off before following. We head to the kitchen as you ask me about my trip. When we enter…she’s there. Sipping some wine; perched at the counter. She smiles at me warmly, reassuringly. I tentatively smile back. We chat casually for a while, you offer me some wine and I accept. I feel my nerves start to smooth as the wine works its magic. I let my eyes roam over both of you…I love what I see. I smile to myself. We talk casually and eventually move to the living room, settling on the couch, me between the two of you. We laugh a lot and feel very comfortable, the smooth notes of music flowing around the room.

You lay a hand on my shoulder, massaging the knots out. Caressing my skin as your fingers kneed my neck. I look at you, you smile back and I feel a hand on my thigh. I look down and see her hand trailing lightly along the bared skin from my skirt. My skin turns to gooseflesh at the contact and my breath catches. Her eyes twinkle knowingly. You place a hand on my chin and turn my face back to you, suddenly you are very close to me, and your mouth descends on mine. I taste the wine on your lips and sigh softly. We kiss gently, then deeper as I open to you. Your tongue explores my mouth and pleasure fills me. As you kiss me I feel her hands wandering on me, up my hip, my side, and coming to rest on my breast. I am so aroused at the sensations coursing through me. We kiss passionately, the intensity building, I arch into the hand playing with my breast and tentatively put my hand on her thigh. She sighs softly.

You move your mouth to my neck, kissing down the length of it. I moan in pleasure. You make eye contact with your wife, and she nods. I look between the two of you. You slowly stand, taking my hand and urging me up. I stand as well. Your wife takes a slow sip of her wine and smiles softly. She settles into the couch. I look at you, confused.

You just say, “Trust me?” I nod. You pull me towards the stairs…to your bedroom. We walk in and you suddenly kiss me hard, both hands on my face. I press close to you, our bodies excited for each other.

You tell me that we’re going to play and that your wife might come watch. Maybe even join in if she wants to. But first we’d start alone. I agree that it would be okay.

My heart races as the full reality hits me. I’m so aroused and excited; I can hardly believe this is really happening. I nervously giggle. The wine has made my body flushed, combined with the heady sensations your touch has built in me. You kiss me ardently again, one hand on the back of my neck, into my scalp a little, the other hand slides down my back, down my waist, around the curve of my bum…to the hem of my skirt. You slip your warm hand under the material, sliding it up as you go. You slip your hand around the curve of my ass, squeezing and we both moan in pleasure. I grind my pelvis to yours, wanting to be closer to you. I can feel you are hard. I smile into your mouth as I feel it against me, pleased you are just as turned on. You slip your hand around the front of my skirt, tracing the soft fabric of my pretty thong. You glide a finger under the thin barrier and feel just how wet my pussy is. You groan your approval as I coat your finger. My face flushes, knowing you know how wet I am now.

You press two fingers to my clit, rubbing, and I shudder. My body jumping in response…Instinctively I try to get closer, pressing. You press your wet fingers into my throbbing pussy and I gasp loudly. You kiss me harder, plunging your tongue into the hot depths of my mouth. Tongues twirling and playing to the rhythm you set with your fingers. I whimper as the sensations roll over me. I cling to your shoulders.

Suddenly, I want skin. Your skin. My skin. Together.

I am insistent….plucking at the buttons of your shirt, baring your skin to me. I run my fingers along your chest, gliding over your nipples. I reach my hands up to your neck, caressing and wrapping my arms around you. You seem to understand my need, and place your hands at the bottom of my shirt. You tug it slowly up my body, pulling it over my head…I oblige by lifting my arms for you. You smile in approval as you see my pretty polka dot and lace bra. You smooth your hands down my sides and hook your fingers in the top of my skirt…pushing it down my legs. It drops to the floor and I step out. I stand there in my bra and thong, my skin on fire. You shrug out of your shirt and I reach for your zipper…slowly sliding it down. You remove your pants and stand there in your boxers, your arousal evident to my eyes. I smile in approval and satisfaction. I love seeing my effect on you.

I reach a hand out to you…caressing your length as I look up at you. I see your eyes dilate in need. You grasp my chin firmly, tilting my face to you. You lean down, and a breath away from my lips you tell me to suck you. And if I do a good job, I’ll be rewarded. My eyes flash at the promise and the order both. I slip to my knees gracefully. I slide your boxers off as I go, and you step out of them. Your cock springs free and proud, jutting at my face. I look up at you for a brief moment, my blue eyes wide. You nod down at me, encouragingly.

I see the pearl gracing the tip. My warm pink tongue flicks out to taste you. MMMMMM I say…..before I swirl my tongue around your cock. I lick up and down your length, caressing your hardness with the soft heat of my wet tongue. You moan in pleasure. Hearing it, I open my mouth and take you in. I suck you gently at first, building with my rhythm. I undulate my tongue along you as I suck, faster and faster. You place your hands on the back of my head, guiding me deeper. Pressing. Insistent. I feel you at the back of my throat. I look up at you. I swallow carefully, doing my best to please you. I fight the urge to gag as you press my face to your abdomen. You growl your pleasure and it makes me want to suck you more. You let my head go a little, enough for you to thrust your hips. You start to fuck my mouth, in and out, dominating my mouth. You feel yourself throb and pulse. Knowing you can’t take much more, you sharply withdraw from my mouth. You are breathing hard. I take the opportunity to flick my tongue over your balls…I suck them into my mouth, rolling them. You gasp. Then groan deep in your throat. You can’t take anymore and pull me up.

You tell me what a good slut I am…and I smile softly at the praise. You lead me to the bed, having me lay down on it. You climb over me, pressing your body to mine, and I love the pressure. You kiss your way down my body, you slip my thong off, baring me to your sight. I flush. You groan your approval and tell me how beautiful I am. You breathe in my scent before sliding your tongue up my length, flicking my clit. I dang near jump off the bed at the sudden contact. My hips arch up to your mouth, wanting more. I am so wet for you, my juices flowing.

You tell me to take my bra off. I come up on my elbows and unhook my bra, letting my breasts spill free. I toss the bra to the side. You reach up and grasp my breasts, tugging on the nipples and I moan in bliss. You lave my pussy with your tongue, your wet heat toying with my clit. You suck it into your mouth as you kneed my breasts. I writhe on the bed….waves of pleasure building in me. You take a hand and press two fingers inside me. I arch up, meeting your finger thrusts. You pulse in and out of me, faster and faster and my breathing is wild. You suck hard on my clit, tongue pressing and flicking at the same time. My orgasm rips through me, wave after wave of pleasure rolling through my body. As I come down from my high, my chest heaving, I see your smile on your face…and suddenly the awareness comes that we are not alone. Your wife had slipped into the room silently. She’d perched herself in a comfy chair in the room to watch as you pleasured me. A smile played on her lips as she took in my reaction.

I blush.

You look at your wife, and she nods. You turn back to me with a raised eyebrow. I am curious. You ask me if I would pleasure your wife. My face flushes and I say yes. She comes to the bed, stripping of her clothes as she does. I let me gaze wander over her beautiful figure. I love the curves and softness.

You lay on the bed, and urge me up so that wifey can lay down. I let her get comfy, propped against the pillows and headboard as I settle between her legs. I kneel at first, so that I can kiss her. I gently bring my lips to her, pressing softly. I can taste the wine on her lips and it brings me pleasure to be tasting her. Our mouths move together and I slip my tongue in her mouth, she sighs softly, and I cup her face. Then I cup her breasts and fondle them. I play with the nipples gently…tugging, rolling and squeezing them. She moans loudly into my mouth and I tug harder. She arches into me. I trail my hands down her gorgeous body, getting to know her. I slip my hand down to her waiting wet pussy. She is so slick and I easily slide a finger inside. She gasps at the new sensation….I slide in three digits and finger fuck her. She arches up to meet me…I lower my body down the bed….my ass in the air. You groan at the sight of me as I lower my mouth to your wife’s pretty pussy. I undulate my hot wet tongue on her clit, alternating sucking and licking. She is wild with desire, her hips bucking against my mouth.

You can’t restrain yourself any longer…you get up and come behind me. SLAP! Your hand rings off my ass, causing it to jiggle. I cry out at the sudden pain, put present my ass for another. You oblige and crack your palm off my other cheek. I yelp, but it makes me work your wife harder. You jam your fingers into my slick pussy and slap my ass again, I tremble. You replace your fingers with your hard cock, slamming into my pussy hard. I cry out at the sudden force, but love it. As you fuck me from behind you continue to spank me. My bottom is on fire and each blow stings deliciously. It makes me eat your wife voraciously. She is writhing from the pleasure I am giving her and from what you are doing to me.

You suddenly press your cock to my ass…and I tense momentarily. You lean over me and whisper in my ear that I am going to take your cock in my ass like the good little slut I am. I cry out that I will. I relax instantly for you…letting you press in…stretching me like crazy. I gasp and shudder as I take your length in my ass. I can barely take it. It is wonderfully intense. You fuck my ass harder, in and out. Slamming into my ass, spanking me hard. You take a hand and press my head to your wife’s pussy. You hold me to her and I suck her clit, driving her wild.

Suddenly you want to change positions. You withdrawal and pull me up. I am trembling and weak in the knees. You have me lay down on the bed on my back, my ass at the edge of the bed. You tell your wife to sit on my chest so that I can eat your pussy. She climbs over me, her pretty breasts dangling above me and I play with them. Twisting the nipples and pulling hard. She moans in pleasure. She presses her pussy to my face and I let my mouth eat her with gusto. You raise my legs up in the air to rest on your shoulders. You slide into my pussy as I eat your wife out. She grinds against my face, smothering me. Drenching me in her hot sweet wetness. You pull her head back as you tug her hair, while you fuck me hard. You slam in to my wet pussy again and again, ramming your hard cock in to the hilt. Filing me. You reach down and squeeze my clit, then rub it fast and hard as you fuck me. I come hard. My orgasm crashing through my body as my mouth is filled with your wife’s pussy and this causes her to come hard. I tug hard on her nipples as her orgasm gushes over me, you let go of her hair finally and she looks down to my eyes. You love the sight and you slam into my hot pussy harder and faster….as your own climax rips through you. You roar out in pleasure as you pump me full. You slap my ass once more and the sting lingers deliciously as you withdraw. She gently moves to the side…slipping of the bed and walks to the bathroom, where I hear the shower start up.

You move over me, cuddling me, kissing my mouth and tasting both myself and your wife on my lips. You tell me how fantastic it was and that you can’t wait to take me over and over again. That this weekend will be something I’ll never forget. I smile in anticipation….so glad I rang that doorbell…

Written By: Queen Heather