Jul. 5, 2019

Tara had agreed to receive me at her home for a weekend. Glenn was off somewhere out of town and would return only on the Sunday afternoon. A whole weekend with Tara – just me! Although I had been with Tara several times, I was admittedly excited. It wasn’t that I wanted to go behind Glenn’s back or exclude him from the adventures we often planned together. It was just that Tara was so sexy and so willing to put herself out there sexually, to try new things. Despite his obvious arousal, however, there is a little voice in the back of every man’s head forcing him to admit – reluctantly, of course - that he can’t fuck for a whole weekend without several breaks to recoup both energy and an erection. That one thought kept running through my head as I drove to her place.

Before he left Saturday morning, on Friday night after my arrival we three indulged in a wonderful and crazy threesome with Glenn allowing me full access to Tara’s horniness. After Glenn left, I explained my concern rather indirectly by asking instead what Tara wanted to do all week-end.

Tara had an idea for Saturday. There was a music and art festival in town for the weekend, so after saying good-bye to Glenn and helping myself to a little more nookie – hey, I’d had the night to renew my erection – Tara and I went off to the venue. Around noon, we visited the food court. While I had quickly decided on some ribs and a beer, Tara wanted to look around at the various offerings and find an ATM to replenish her cash. Food and drink in hand, I made my way to a vacant table and began eating. I had barely got to a second rib when I heard, “Can we share the table with you?”

I looked up and there was a young couple, each holding a milk shake and fries. I knew that I needed to save a place for Tara, but the table could easily seat 6 people. I motioned for them to sit down and, keeping a look-out for Tara, I returned to my beer and ribs. The couple talked and discussed something between themselves. I could not tell what it was all about. Besides, it was really none of my business. I was about a third of the way through my lunch when the young man asked, “Excuse me, but we were wondering if you could help us out?”

“Help you how?”

“We need to get to Toronto in the next couple of days, but we’re short of cash.”

“Why would I give you money?” I asked.

There was a brief silence, then the girl whispered something to her companion. The guy hesitated a moment, laughed and then nodded.

“Erm, maybe we could earn the money!?” she responded.

“What do you have in mind?” The woman looked to her man as if seeking approval for what she was about to suggest. She opened her light jean jacket and leaned forward, a bit suggestively, I thought.

“Ah, how about half-‘n-half for, ah, maybe, a hundred?” the young woman suggested.

“Half an’ half?” I said aloud, feigning incomprehension. But I knew what that meant. I thought I might test their resolve.

They looked at each other then back at me. The girl explained, “Well, like, a blow-job and – ah – you know – a fuck. With me.”

“I don’t do condoms and a hundred bucks is a lot of money,” I replied, pushing their limits a bit further.

She recoiled somewhat and grabbed her partner by the forearm. They huddled again and, as far as I could tell, they were seriously discussing their situation. I took the conversation one step further. “Don’t worry. I had a vasectomy years ago and there are no surprise babies out there. And I do not have any diseases. So, what do you say? Still want the money?”

They consulted quietly again. There was an obvious disagreement, but I wasn’t certain what the hesitation was. At this point, I wondered where Tara was and, should she arrive in the middle of this, what she might think of the situation. I tried one more push.

“OK, $150, but I get a blowjob, a hand job and a fuck without a condom. And I want both of you in the room.”

At that very moment Tara arrived with her lunch and a beer. The couple was gobsmacked. The guy got up to leave.

“Hang on a second, OK! Ya might want to think this over.” I added. He sat back down. They went back into their huddle.

While the two were busy discussing among themselves, I explained to Tara what was happening and offered the incentive that, if we could get the couple to agree, we might have an interesting experience even though it might end up a mild one compared to some of our other exploits.

“OK! Final offer! $180!” I added to their decision making. “We take you both on in the same room. Go and think about it and, if you’re interested, we’ll meet you back here in the food tent at 4 sharp. Come on, Tara. Let’s give these folks a chance to reflect on how they’re gonna get the cash they need.”

We moved to the other side of the tent to finish our lunch. And then, after reminding Tara not to pay attention to the couple, we left to wander about the venue.

At 4 PM we were back at the rendezvous. They were waiting for us.

“Told you they’d agree,” I teased Tara. But the price was now $200. I looked at Tara. She shrugged and smiled.

“Deal!” I quickly responded.

A half hour later, we were back at Tara’s house. Tara offered them a little privacy to get ready. They showered in the main bathroom, while we got ready in the master bedroom. We decided to cover ourselves with a bathrobe and nothing else. About 15 minutes later, a knock on the door announced that the fun was to begin.

Shannon was in her early twenties, Jamie a bit older. Shannon was average height and build with dark hair, a slightly olive complexion and dark hair draping over her shoulders. In her western shirt and jeans, it was hard to tell what she was hiding. Jaimie was clean-shaven with two-day stubble, lean and tall with messy, dirty blonde hair.

“Well, Tara, should we see exactly what we purchased?” She laughed and took Jamie by the hand and pulled him to herself. I beckoned Shannon to come to me. Tara and I busied ourselves slowly undressing our guests. We were both pleasantly surprised.

“Six pack for ya, Tara! And mine’s good-looking as well!” This was gonna turn out well, I thought to myself.

Indeed, they were in perfect shape. Tara got a hold of Jamie’s long, cut cock and, using spittle to lubricate it, applied a friction-less hand job. I wondered how long he would hold out. Shannon was also a beauty. She sported lovely C-cups with rock-hard nipples, just a hint of tummy, wide hips, a full natural bush and a modest bubble butt. My hands were all over her in an instant. Somehow in a flurry of flying socks and underwear, our bathrobes were shucked, and Tara and I were also naked, Tara’s cheeks slightly blushed – in anticipation perhaps – and my cock at full fighting length and girth – in obvious anticipation.

I felt the bed move and noticed that Tara had laid out her boy toy who lay back, his impressive boner in his hand, waiting expectedly, I assumed, for the gratification that Tara was to propose or impose. A moment later, she was feverishly sucking his cock which, I couldn’t help but notice, had increased in size by half. Although I could only guess since I could only get a glimpse of it as it continuously disappeared down Tara’s throat, it was perhaps 10 inches long, rock hard, of average girth, with a bullet-shaped glans, surely enough to fill Tara’s juicy cunt. As Tara administered her mildly aggressive BBBJ, Jamie was obviously trying not to cum. He interrupted her ministrations to reposition Tara into a 69-and-go. Her cunt was now fully accessible to his fingers, mouth and tongue. Tara didn’t mind one bit. There ensued a frenzied and mutual 69. A lot of slurping and moaning followed.

I’m not sure for how long – a couple of minutes, I guess – I watched the two of them going at it, while I rather distractedly squeezed Shannon’s tits and she, somewhat tentatively stroked my cock. I gave my head a shake. My cock was telling me I needed to concentrate on the genitals at hand – erm, in hand?

“Come on, Girl, let’s see if we can do what they’re doing.” I laid back on the bed next to Jamie and helped Shannon align herself over me – her pussy in my face, her tits pressed against my belly, her mouth on my cock. She was good – no teeth, effective use of tongue and lips, lots of saliva to lubricate the shaft, my cock frequently at the back of her throat. I opened her deep brown pussy lips and licked from her anus to her swollen pink clit. Then I simply buried my face in that pussy and let my hands roam. I reached over and fondled Tara’s tits. Tara took one of Jamie’s hands and placed it on his girl friend’s ass.

“Finger-fuck her ass, kiddo!” she instructed him. His index finger disappeared up her asshole. So Tara and Jamie did their thing, while Shannon blew and deep-throated me while I explored her twat with fingers, lips and tongue. She was wet and her twat quickly filled with female cum that dribbled down my chin. It was so good that I just let it happen for several minutes. Tara seemed content to let it ride as well.

After a while, Shannon sat back (to rest a wearied mouth, I suspect) and stroked my cock using some spit to lubricate it. Because I wanted to get my money’s worth, I shifted Shannon off me and laid her on the bed on her back, tucking her in right against Jamie. Tara noticed my move and extricated herself from Jamie, stretched herself out right next to his girlfriend and had him take her missionary-style. She winked at me as she guided Jamie’s long cock into her red, swollen, shaven cunt. I aimed my erection at Shannon’s fuzzy pussy. It disappeared into her, her cunt wet and slippery with her own juices. She was tight but obviously had a long, extendable twat. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t seem to get the end of my dick to bump her cervix, but my cock did slide back and forth easily. I showed off a bit by completely withdrawing and then ramming my cock back into her.

Jamie started pumping his cock into Tara’s cunt. She had spread herself wide open with her legs in the air. Given the sloppy, sucking sounds coming from Tara’s twat, she was obviously into it too. Jamie was banging her hard, his hips slapping loudly against Tara’s ass. Tara was moaning loudly. As my cock slid easily into and out of Shannon’s cunt, I reached over and helped Jamie squeeze and fondle Tara’s tits.

Tara’s face was red and moist, and I saw her close her eyes and throw her head back. I knew what was happening.

“What the fuck!?” suddenly exclaimed Jamie. He pulled out of Tara just as her swollen cunt started spouting her love juice all over his cock and lap. “Jesus, don’t piss on me!” he complained.

“It’s not piss, Man. She’s a squirter. You’ve just made her cum, given her a massive orgasm. Look at her, Kid. She can barely talk.” I'm not certain I convinced him.

Indeed, Tara was breathless, barely able to control her orgasm. Jamie knelt there on the bed, not certain what to do next. I pulled my cock out of Shannon and fetched the kid a hand towel. As Jamie cleaned himself off, I consulted with Tara.

“She’s really good. Nice tits and pussy. Wanna switch?” She was stunned.

“No, but curious maybe. And you, well, you’re occasionally a switch hitter. And she is hot!” I added.

We cooked up a plan. Since Jamie was still busy cleaning himself off – he had escaped to the bathroom to use soap and water – Tara pulled Shannon to her and began kissing her, closed-mouth at first, but soon with full tongue and saliva. A hand went down Shannon’s back and crossed over to cup one breast, then fondle the other. I could tell that Shannon was not about to object. Just as Tara’s fingers found Shannon’s pussy lips and clit, Jamie came back. I motioned for him to caress both women and enjoy the show.

Tara soon had Shannon on her back, exploring her neck, collar bones, tits and nipples, belly, and, after a brief detour down those long, slim legs, back up to her labia and her clit. Jamie started fondling Tara, but she had other ideas. She was about to invoke our hastily made plan B.

“Lie back next to Shannon,” she suggested. He complied. “Schootch down a bit!” she added. And she took Shannon’s hand, reached it over to her boyfriend’s cock and began the stroking motion needed to get him hard again. It didn’t take but a minute or so. Then Tara winked at me. I put my hand over Shannon’s and together for a brief moment we gave him a two-handed job. Once he was good and hard, she enacted step two.

“Close your eyes and enjoy!” The guy was definitely compliant. And that was my cue. I was going to try something I had never done. Tara smiled and arranged herself to muff dive the other compliant sub.

Keeping my hand on his cock, I bent over and took the tip of Jamie’s cock into my mouth, then about three inches of it. I could feel him respond. His cock seemed to thicken, and he raised his hips to insert more cock. It was my first “bi” experience. Not sure I liked the “giving” part. Maybe the “receiving” part would be better. I sucked and stroked his cock harder.

At that point, Jamie opened his eyes and decided he wasn’t certain about being with a man either, but he was obviously committed to the stimulation on his cock. “Holy fuck!” he exclaimed to the universe.

Shannon and Tara were now fully involved, pussy to pussy, fingers diddling clits fast and furious. I could tell that Tara was about to come again and Shannon, although a bit passive and very quiet, was moaning a little and constantly shifting her hips to accommodate being fucked by Tara. I watched that scene while I continued to stroke Jamie’s cock, feeling him get closer to orgasm. Since I wasn’t about to swallow, I took him out of my mouth and jerked him off providing mouthfuls of spittle to lubricate the hand job.

Then, “O my God! Fuck! Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” And cum he did. Jism squirted up onto my hand and then his belly and oozed down over my hand, down his shaft, onto his balls and down his ass crack. He grabbed my hand as if to pull me away. I continued to work his cock for another minute or so until he melted into the bed, satiated, sweaty and covered in his own cum. The noises next to me made me shift attention. Shannon was visibly shaking and moaning. Tara was squirting all over that young, hot pussy. I presented my cum-covered hand to Shannon. Tentatively at first, she took my fingers in her mouth, then began licking the cum off my hand.

There was a spontaneous pause. We all sort of just lay quiet for a moment. Then Tara chirped, “Paul didn’t cum, but we three did. Let’s do something about that, OK!” she encouraged Shannon and Jamie. For a second, Shannon thought she might be called on to service me, but Tara took Jamie’s hand and brought it down to my cock. As she double-handed me with Jamie, she moved behind him and gently pushed his head down toward my package. Suddenly, my cock was in Jamie’s mouth, his hand on my balls. In my head, it was contradictory, conflictual, confusing. But my cock disagreed. And, when Tara and Shannon joined in, kissing me, offering a tit to suck or kiss or even pink, moist pussy lips to savor, I could feel my orgasm mounting. I thought maybe I should come clean – no pun intended.

“Damn, I’m gonna cum!” Tara pulled Jamie away and pushed Shannon down instead. The four of us barely had time to react. I sprayed her face and hair with cum, saving a final spurt for her mouth. She swallowed. My orgasm had been strong, and it took me a moment to realize that I wasn’t gay, but my cock simply liked to dance to its own beat – once again, no pun intended.

We relaxed for a while after that. We sipped wine or drank a beer, not bothering with our nudity. It was the young buck Jamie who would set us off again. He began to kiss Tara and fondle her. I thought I may as well see if Jamie had suppressed my basic instincts towards tits and cunt. I pulled Shannon on to my lap and within a minute, I was inside her. She slowly bounced up and down on my cock.

Tara laughed and drew her young cock to the bed. She propped herself on her knees and Jamie took her from behind.

While Jamie came inside Tara’s pussy within a few minutes, I let one of the rare advantages of age take its course. My cock was hard. It was buried deep inside a young, wet cunt. No three-minute wonder here. I was gonna take my time. I fucked her slowly making certain I filled her twat with each stroke downward. She moaned loudly and occasionally reached down to reinsert my cock or rub her own clit. Tara and Jamie were busy making out, his long cock finally somewhat limp, a situation that didn’t seem to bother Tara one bit. She stoked it, swallowed it, sucked on it until Jamie decided he’d had enough. About 10 minutes in – inside my young tight cunt, that is - I could feel my orgasm building.

“So, now I get to collect on the final part of our bargain,” I stated to Shannon, pick with horniness. “Now, I deposit some spunk in your nice tight twat.” And I did, spewing cum inside her and over her nice dark bush and belly. My cum dribbled down her pussy to her ass. Both she and Tara used a couple of fingers to scoop up some jism and have a taste of my ablutions.

It was well after six when the young couple, now freshly showered, slightly red faced but with cash in hand, left Tara and me. That night, the two of us made love again, slowly, deliberately. Tara came twice and squirted once (three sheets in one day!) and I filled her cunt with whatever cum I could muster.

Glenn arrived pretty much when expected. He found Tara and me, naked in bed, cuddling to recover from seven or eight orgasms each.