Apr. 27, 2016

I was waiting for forever it seemed. Pacing back and forth in my panties. He is finally here. And he brought another couple. Hot, they're hot! I can already smell sex in the air. He came over grabbed me by the hair and kissed me so hard and deep my panties got wet instantly.

All of a sudden there were hands everywhere, touching, grabbing, I felt my juices run down my leg.

I couldn't take it anymore, I picked her up and threw her in the bed, grabbing her wrists and holding them above her head while I kissed her. Licking my way slowly down to her chest, biting, licking, teasing those perfect nipples. I pushed her knees up and started to tease her clit, she's moaning and writhing everywhere.

Fuck she tastes so good and smells so hot! She starts fucking my face grinding against me and then I see her choking on my husbands cock!

Oh she's moaning around it as he fucks her mouth, my face is soaked!

And now there's a tongue fucking my pussy! A hand at the back of my head, ah the smell of sex makes me so wet I start to push myself back against him. This whole thing is so hot it's consuming me.

I feel his hard hot cock inching it's way inside of me, stretching my pussy to fit. And fuck I suck on that clit so hard, wiggling my tongue around up and down and pushing my fingers on her gspot. I'm being pounded so hard! I reach up and kiss my husband so he can taste her juices as she gags on his hard cock.

I'm arched back now, hair pulled from behind as he takes my hot wet pussy. Pounding me so hard and deep I start licking her pussy again.

My juices pouring down my thighs, hers all over my face!

We reposition. Her and I are on our knees with two hot cocks in front of us! We kiss so hard and deep, two pussies making puddles we're so hot and wet! We take turns choking and gagging on hard cock tasting each other tasting them, and then we feel the warm hot cum rain all over us! We kiss, we lick it off of each other, tasting both our husbands cum, and things just start all over......