Written by lovingit1

Nov. 18, 2011

I was always curious about threesomes and talked to my wife about it in a joking manner but she always responded that she would have to be really drunk. She was a virgin when we married and had no real experience with another person. I used to ask her if she was interested in finding out what other men were like and she always said, 'no, not really'.

About a year after we were first married (30 years ago), my wife, 20 at the time, 5'3" 105 lbs and I took a trip to a large city and stayed in a nice hotel (with a jacuzzi in a large bathroom) for a night in a small city along the way. That night we went out for dinner then went to the hotel bar where she got very drunk. I asked her at one point if she wanted to try another guy and she responded 'why not'. Soon she was very drunk and wanted to go back to the room so up we went. I stripped her down and we had sex. She was one of the few ladies back then who always shaved off all of her pubic hair which kept me with a constant hard-on. Afterwards I asked if she wanted a pizza and she mumbled yes so I ordered one then I went to the jacuzzi while she lay on the bed totally naked, her legs spread pointing towards the door.

I was still feeling no pain when there was a knock on the door but had forgotten that my wife was still naked on the bed. I got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around myself and opened the door. The delivery guy was a white haired older guy in his late sixties. His eyes flew to my wife on the bed and then I realized that he was seeing my naked wife. I quickly told him to come in before anyone else in the hall saw and apologized to him. He kept saying no need that she was beautiful. I told my wife to get some covers on but all she did was roll over with her ass in the air.I went into the bathroom to get some money, took my time and peeked out. He was standing just over the bed. I asked him if he liked what he was seeing and he said that he had never seen a shaved cunt before so I spread her ass cheeks to give him a good view of her pussy. I then rolled her over and spread her vagina lips so he could see. My towel had dropped off and I had a hard-on again by this time. He asked me if he could feel and started to finger her and rub her clit. My wife, with her eyes closed started to moan. He started to squeeze her tits, playing with her nipples. Suddenly he pulled down his pants and out came a big fat cock. I told him that he couldn't fuck her and he said okay and gave her a few licks on her pussy scooping up my first cum. Then he crawled up her body and started sucking her nipples while his cock banged against her cunt lips. Every once in awhile I'd see the head get buried between lips. My wife's legs wrapped around his back giving me a good view. After about 5 minutes he told me he was gonna cum so I told him so shoot on her cunt. I watched as he pulled back and forth on his cock squirting shot after shot of cum onto her pussy lips while he rubbed it on her clit. What a mess.

Suddenly he got up, pulled his pants up, said goodbye and that the pizza was free. After he left I started playing in his cum with my dick til I added my load then fell asleep. The next day I awoke with my wife in the tub washing herself. She commented on how much of a mess I had made and questioned had she heard someone else there. I said yes, that I had ordered a pizza. We've had a few experiences since then which I will tell in the future.