Written by BRUX - Mr Truescottie

Nov. 1, 2016

Stripped - Burlesque night at Mimi's

With swaying hips, pouty lips and a seductive & sultry glance.

You take center place on the Mimi's stage, to the music you begin to dance.

Smooth gyrating hips, causing the men to lick their lips.

Like an unleashed animal released from its cage, strutting your stuff for tips.


Sending items of clothes flying through the air, to the onlooking men glued to their chair.

As the Mimi's DJ spins today's hottest hits, the room begins to feel thick with an erotic air.

Spinning around and down the stripper pole, living out your fantasy role.

To all present, there's little doubt, you're one hot, sexy girl, who's clearly on a roll.

Sporting a sexy red burlesque corset, lined with lace and a smile on your gorgeous face.

Tonight, you're the object of dreams, or so it seems as everyone's heart begins to race.

You hear whistles and shouts from your audience, as you tempt horny men with your sultry charms.

Leaving little to the imagination, you are full of radiance, as you reach out and grab money from their outstretched arms.

With your hot, soft and sexy body, you will find there’s not much to hide.

Both men and woman in the place tonight, are truly in for a ride, you beam with pride.

Dancing beneath the neon and flashing lights, you find yourself soaring to greater heights.

Before this nights done, you will have more than just bragging rights.

Here at Mimi's Place, on your latest quest for glory and fame.

With your dancing skills, you will have carved for yourself a new name, in this exciting game.

Wanting more than just dollar bills, your goal is to have both the men and women of the LS remember your name.

So, that the day after as a forum post is written, you will discover your newfound glory and fame, because it's true, you have no shame.

As the song winds down, and you are soon done with your pole dance, there is a chance, a slight chance

That you’ll find a sexy man in this wonderful place, who will invite you to give him a private lap dance.

A man tall, dark and handsome, who clearly admires your new found talent.

Waving lots of cash in your face, he wishes to prove that he is also very galant.

And after his amazing lap dance, he and his wife invite you and your man upstairs.

To play with them both, and no I'm not talking about a game of musical chairs...

"Stripped" poem written by


- aka Truescotsman74 to describe his sexy wife April, who stripped for charity on this awesome night