Mar. 19, 2018

Our story starts fireside at a relaxing campsite where two friendly couples are chilling together. They hadn’t been friends long but had hit it off from the start. They’re enjoying drinks and laughs on a comfortable night. The guys are sitting on one side chatting it up bout the days fishing expedition and the ladies were on the opposite side of the fire just chatting about anything and everything. Mrs.F looks up and sends Mr.F a look thats says I’m up to no good. He catches it and nods in acknowledgement. Mrs.F turns her attention back to Mrs.T and continues to chat leaning in closer. As Mrs.T is talking Mrs.F slides the tips of her fingers along Mrs.T’s exposed leg up to the seam of her shorts. At first Mrs.T looks a little shocked at first, but as Mrs.F caresses her leg lightly Mrs.T slides a little more into her chair and shyly smiles. Taking it as an invitation to proceed Mrs.F slides her fingers along Mrs.T’s arm causing goosebumps to cover Mrs.T’s skin. Mrs.F leans in and whispers in her ear “are you cold?” the hot breathe on her ear gives Mrs.T a chill of excitement. Mrs.T nods that she’s not as she shivers. Oh Mrs.F exclaims with a lift of her eyebrow. By this point the Mr’s are noticing the action starting across the fire. As Mrs.F is moving her face away from Mrs.T’s ear she slowly moves her mouth closer to Mrs.T’s, she lightly brushes her lips against hers. At first Mrs.T slightly pulls away, but as she feels Mrs.F’s sweet breath on my skin she leans in instead. At first they kiss lightly and teasingly, but as Mrs.T feels Mrs.F’s soft lips press against hers she opens her mouth and invites Mrs.F’s tongue inside. Mrs.F pulls her mouth away and starts kissing and licking Mrs.T’s neck and whispers in her ear “Do you want me to stop?” Mrs.T bites her lip and shakes her head no. So Mrs.F starts kissing her harder, their tongues teasing each other sliding her hand up to cup Mrs.T’s breast, thumb slides over her already hard nipple making it harder and making Mrs.T moan and arch her back. Mrs.F pulls away and slides Mrs.T’s shirt off and removes her bikini top. Mrs.F cups both of Mrs.T’s breasts and teases her nipples while she leans forward and teases Mrs.T’s mouth with her tongue. Mrs.T slides forward and her legs spread open inviting Mrs.F to continue, so Mrs.F takes the invitation and traces Mrs.T’s jaw with her tongue. Mrs.F slides she tongue along Mrs.T’s neck, down her collarbone and stops to suck on her nipples. Mrs.T moans loudly which causes a reaction from their spectators they almost forgot were there. She looks at Mr.T for approval as Mrs.F slides her hands along the inside of Mrs.T’s thighs spreading her legs wider. Mr.T nods his approval as his growing hard on twitches in his shorts. Mrs.F grabs Mrs.T by the hips and slides her forward on the chair so she can slide her shorts and bikini bottoms off. As Mrs.T’s bottoms fall to the ground Mrs.F spreads her legs open to expose her beautiful pussy to everyone there. Mrs.F wastes no time sliding her fingers along the slit of Mrs.T’s already wet pussy. “Mmmmm someone’s enjoying herself.” Mrs.F grins as she teasingly rubs her finger against Mrs.T’s exposed clit. Mrs.F grabs Mrs.T’s legs and hooks each knee up on the arms of her chair spreading her wide open to be freely played with. She then leans in and kisses Mrs.T again this time while teasing her mouth with her tongue she slides her fingers into her wet aching pussy. Mrs.F slides her fingers in and out faster and deeper sliding in and out to tease her clit and back in again. Just as Mrs.T is about to cum Mrs.F pulls her fingers away she turns to look at the Mr’s and licks her fingers with a devious look in her eyes. She turns to a breathless Mrs.T drops to her knees and buries her face deep into Mrs.T’s dripping pussy, lapping up all the sweetness, teasing her clit with the tip of her tongue. As she sucks on Mrs.T’s clit she starts sliding her fingers in and out slowly and fully at first and then picks up speed. Mrs.F sits back on her legs to admire the beautiful pussy she’s fingering. Mrs.T reaches down and gestures Mrs.F to stand beside her, pulls Mrs.F’s shorts off and slips her hand between Mrs.F legs finding her soaking wet hole and pushes her fingers in frantically. There they were, Mrs and Mrs fingers working each others pussy’s while the Mr’s sat in awe of the amazing show they were getting. Mrs.F leans over and whispers in Mrs.T’s ear “I think they’ve had enough don’t you?” Mrs.T nods her head yes and they invite the Mr’s over. They don’t have to ask twice, both men are by their sides and stripped as Mr.T stands in front of Mrs.T she smiles and shakes her head no and gestures towards Mrs.F. Mr.T looks in surprise and gets a huge grin on his face, he leans into Mrs.F and asks “are you ok with that?” Mrs.F looks at Mr.F who nods approval. Mrs.F bends forward legs spread hands on Mrs.T’s chair arm and responds “hell ya!” Mr.T smacks Mrs.F’s ass on the way by, grabs her by the hips and slowly slides his rock hard cock into Mrs.F’s waiting pussy. Mrs.T then grabs Mr.F by the hand and schooches her bum a little more forward giving Mr.F the perfect angle to kneel in front of her and slide his throbbing cock deep inside her. As their moans fill the night air and echo through the silent woods their bodies create dancing shadows of ecstasy with the firelight. As the Mr’s are pumping in and out of the others significant others the Mrs’s are playing with each others clits and teasing each others mouths almost as if daring the other to cum all over each others husbands cock. As the ladies both cum the men can no longer contain themselves. Mr.T pulls out and blows his load all of Mrs.F’s ass and Mr.F pulls out and blows his load all over Mrs.T’s stomach. Mrs.F leans in and kisses Mrs.T and says “Don’t you just love camping?”

Mrs.T wonders why she ever hesitated in the first place and as a smile creeps over her face Mr.T can tell it’s definitely a scenario that’s going to happen again! As the couples snuggle into their tents for the night they are both secretly hoping that a repeat the next day with more teasingly play and fun will occur.

This story was a fictional piece however we are looking for someone to help us make it non-fiction!